Cloth Diapers for Night Time Bedwetter (7 Year Old)

Updated on January 06, 2011
J.K. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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My 7 year old still wets the bed (my older children were 6, 8 and 12 before they stopped wetting) and the night time pullups leak every night. I was trying to find cloth diapers for him. The adult ones are too big and the baby ones seem too small. Any suggestions? I figured cloth would save money and maybe help him to stop quicker. Thank you so much!

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answers from Gainesville on

You could also check into Ansty Pants. They come in larger sizes and are designed like a pull-up and have cool colors. Def use double hemp liners and microfiber but never put either next to his skin. They are far too drying and will irritate his skin. I do have some liners-maybe punkin butt? that have a soft top that you can put next to the skin and it seems help the absorbency for my daughter at night. I put that one next to her skin then a Thirsties Fab Fitted diapers and a hemp liner between the diaper and the cover.

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answers from St. Cloud on

Just a thought..... Have you tried chiropractic care for this??? I did daycare for 5 years and one child (he was 4 or 5 at the time) had a bed-wetting issue as well. When he would go in and get adjusted it would get better for a period of time. The mom always knew when he was out of alignment because he would start having night-time accidents again. She'd bring him in and they'd stop for a period of time again.

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answers from Charlotte on

The cloth pull ups will not help your son stop wetting his bed any quicker, but will probably save you some money. My son is also 7 and still wears pull ups (cloth pull ups). He is very wet in the morning. Make sure you have a water proof mattress pad/cover and have him pee right before bed (I'm sure you do that). I foget the name of his cloth diapers, but just do a google search and many will come up.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Depending on his size, he may be able to fit into an xl Fuzzi Bunz. I use those for my 3 1/2 year old at night. The Fuzzi Bunz will come with its own microfiber insert, but you will also want to get some hemp inserts and double them up. You put the microfiber in closest to his body (for fast absorption) and then the hemp (for volume absorption).

I think it will depend, again, on how much he weighs. If you go to and look in the Fuzzi Bunz section they have a weight/height chart.

Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

You could get custom ones made. I had a couple snap trainers from Ladder Hill Designs ( But she also makes pocket diapers for night, where you can add inserts to meet your child's absorbancy needs. Just email her and let her know his size and weight. Maybe she can help you, and he could even pick out the prints he likes. And yes, you'll save lots of money. The upfront cost may seem like a lot, but think about how much you spend on pullups in a month, and you'll realize the cloth are way cheaper!! You can also sell them when you're done with them. If he's still wetting at this point, I'm not sure if it will help him stop sooner, I would talk to his dr about that if you haven't already.

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answers from Minneapolis on

We have the same problem....same age too. We bought the cloth nighttime pullups from One Step Ahead and then I bought some doublers that he puts into them to help absorb the extra fluid. Also, we started out using the plastic pants over them. Get them from Target. I think they say size 2-3 but they are big and they fit him just fine. Good luck

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answers from Albuquerque on

Cloth is the way to go: environmentally, financially and to help your kids FEEL wet at night and start to wake up. I never had a leak in Mother of Eden's Overnight Undies. They come in a range of sizes.

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