Cloth Diapers for a Big Toddler

Updated on April 04, 2011
K.G. asks from Fort Wayne, IN
4 answers

Can anyone tell me what a good cloth diaper for my toddler would be? Currently we are doing a prefold with an insert and a snap cover from blueberry its fine now but when she gets bigger its not going to work and she is only 21 months old now. weighing in at 32# and is 35.5 in tall. I have been looking online there are only two diapers out there that goes up to 45# but there are no reviews on it for the big size . Kushie and fuziebuns I have used the all in one for the bumgenius but she out grew that buy 9 months. So if you have any favs that you used through potty training please let me know. thanks

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answers from Dayton on

Have you looked at GMD toddler sized prefolds? They're much bigger than premium prefolds and fit much longer. Flats can be folded to fit pretty much any size (though you will definitely need at least 2 to absorb the waste from a toddler that size - I just match the two squares and fold them up together). For bigger covers, Thirsties large sized covers are a bit bigger than the blueberry or thirsties duo - but they only come in velcro. Many WAHMs will make fleece covers in whatever size you like. There are also WAHMs who will make custom diapers or covers to your measurements. You'll have to look/ask around a bit for those, though. With some simple sewing, you could "upcycle" wool sweaters from good will into pants or soakers to match measurements. Fuzzibunz sized diapers can be found as big as XL which is at least a full size bigger than the OS can go to. You might also look into Happy Heiny's pocket trainers. They come in training pants sizes and can be snap or pull on/off, and have a pocket so you can customize the sizing. I haven't tried them but they sound like a possibility. You could also try Snap EZ for life. They make diapers for special needs individuals in sizes through adult. I'm not sure I've heard any good reviews for them, but they might be worth a try.

Good luck!


answers from Provo on

I know your pain well. My son is 17 months and 32 lbs. So I know your pain, sooooooooooooooo well. I really like Bummis Super Whisper covers. They have a large that goes to 36 and then the extra large is 32+. Honestly my son is going to be in the large for quite some time.
I love the fuzzibunz. I wish they made them with hook and loop closures so I can get the more "custom fit" but they work well, and will last my son for however long he needs to still be in diapers.
I also LOVE Thirsties Duo!!!! I at first didn't think they would work well with my son and I stopped using them, but then I bought new ones (I sold the ones I had) and I LOVE them. Again, they will last for quite a while.
Check out my blog, I started this blog with large babies/toddlers in mind
***I'm also going to be reviewing a couple new diapers soon!!
My guess also is that your daughter will grow length wise instead of out, so the diapers will probably be fine for a bit longer.



answers from Columbus on

Same here. My son grew out of the OS BumGeniuses around 1 year old and out of the OS FuzziBunz around 20 months. I hadn't considered looking into buying larger sizes as he was starting to show some interest in pottytraining so we've just started using disposables. He's since lost interest though so maybe I should invest in some.

Good luck!


answers from Kansas City on

I use a Fuzzibunz Perfect Size Large, and Happy Heinys Size Large on my 3 year old. He is 45lbs and well over 40 inches tall. He only uses them at night time because he is day trained already. I also have a 21 month old who is 30 lbs and she still wears Fuzzibunz Perfect Size Mediums, they fit better then the Fuzzibunz OS which are about too small for her. I love Rumparooz, they have a really high rise so even though they are a one size diaper, they will fit her for a long time.

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