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Updated on June 26, 2008
M.N. asks from Avon, OH
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We are having our third child in December and my husband and I have decided to try out cloth diapers. I was just wondering what brands people have used and any suggestions you have as well.

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answers from Columbus on

I started using cloth diapers on my 18 month old about 5 months ago and after A LOT of research I got the "BumGenius 3.0" and I LOVE IT. Don't let anyone tell you its too much work because it's not. they wash (in cold water w/ very little soap) completely clean and its great not worrying about running out for more diapers. Try it, you will probably prefer cloth once you get the hang of it.



answers from Cleveland on

Hi, I'm expecting my third and making the transition to cloth, too. Congratulations! I am using cloth at night and naptime for my 3 year old. And it's working out great. The most economical way to go about it would be prefolds and plain old plastic pants. I have heard so many good things about Bum Genius and I have a friend who uses them. I'm trying to save up for a stash of those as well. Dappi makes a nice breathable totally waterproof plastic pants cover if you're not too concerned about how cute they look. I have ordered diapers from Green Mountain Diapers (they have a TON of information on their website, so at least go nose around to learn), Cotton Babies, and Punkin Butt. It really isn't hard and my daughter likes the way they feel better. Good luck!

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answers from Toledo on

I am a disposable girl myself :o) but my sister decided to do cloth and she LOVES the Fuzzi Bunz brand. They also have really cute covers for the general cloth type you get in the store (gerber) so you don't have to use the pins. Hope this helps. Good luck



answers from Toledo on

I use BumGenius one-size diapers with my daughter and love them! Initially they were a bit too big, (she was pretty small when she was born) but at about 1 month we had her in them. They grow with your baby so you don't have to buy multiple sizes. My daughter is 14 months and we are still using the same ones we started with. They are super easy to use and clean. They seem a bit pricey to start, ($18/each) but you more than make that money back within the first year, and you aren't contributing to landfills!I purchased 18 to start.I would recommend a sprayer for your toilet to spray off the poo and a good biodegradable detergent (like Allen's Naturally available at Claudia's in Toledo). Check out or to learn more about the diapers and sprayer. Good luck!



answers from Columbus on

Hi M.! I use Bum Genius 3.0 pocket diapers. They are adjustable from 7-35lbs so I don't have to continue to purchase more as my now 8 month old grows. I really love them. I do still use a disposable at night because the cloth diapers have a tendency to leak.

Washing them is not as bad as I thought it would be. I wash every other day. I throw in a downy ball filled with white vinegar when washing them to help with odor.

Then dry them on low heat.. It's really alot easier than I thought it would be!

Good luck!




answers from Lafayette on

Hi M.! Congratulations!!! I definately wanted to respond as I am very passionate about cloth diapers. I used disposables with my first 2, but am using cloth with my 3rd (now 19 mos. old) and due in the next couple of weeks with #4 and will use cloth with that one! I have tried lots of different kinds. What is best for you will depend on why you are using them. If it is only cost, then you probably want to do prefolds. These are not the most convenient, or easiest, but they do work great. My personal favorite for ease of use and easy washing is Fuzzi Bunz. There is a website that gives you tons of info on cloth diapers. I got so much info from them. I order my diapers from Jennifer (the owner of it) is wonderful and so helpful, too! Please feel free to contact me if I can help in any other way. I know you will love cloth diapers. I just wish I had started with my first child. They are wonderful!!!!




answers from Fort Wayne on

My Dear M., are you and your husband out of your mindS??? haha really I used cloth diapers for our first and second and by the third there is no way I would continue to use them. You will have to constantly make sure your baby isn't wet or dirty and the urine is so ??? that it causes all kinds of skin irritations if you don't keep a dry one on her/he. Plus you have the extra time of washing and drying etc. when your time is needed maybe for the other children. Good LUCK K.



answers from Canton on

Not sure how many brands are out there. My daughter was allergic to cloth diapers. I used Curity for a time and when she became allergic to them, I switched to disposable and used the cloth ones for rags. Curity is a brand that has been around for an awful lot of years.



answers from Elkhart on

Hi M.! Good for you for thinking of using cloth. It's REALLY not the big hassle that people who use disposables want you to think it is. We love using our cloth "pocket diapers" so much and many other parents we know have also happily made the switch!

I have two boys (Henry is 15 months and James is 2 months), and both wear Fuzzibuns brand snap-up "pocket diapers". I bought them on ebay after doing A LOT of online research, reading customer reviews, etc. I got them all in bright colors, and people are always asking me about these adorable diapers.

They use a microfiber insert (or two inserts if you want to double up for the nighttime). WE LOVE FUZZINBUNS! Yes, the up-front cost is definately higher than many other cloth diapers, but when you consider the length of time your child will spend in diapers, they are worth it.

We really factored in the hugely negative environmental impact with disposables when we made our decision. But I also like the benefits of the diapers' cuteness, their ease of care, their rash prevention qualities (water is wikked away from skin by the thirsty microfiber), and the easy, adjustable snaps that help get the right fit and prevent leakage so well.

Many of the diapers we bought were used, but the quality of this product is so high that it was impossible to tell. No staining or fading at all.

After the first couple times of learning how to properly prep and wash these diapers, it's super-easy and isn't time-consuming. Seriously. I run my own business, have a large home to keep up, I entertain people frequently, have an active lifestyle, and keep up with my two wee ones. Washing diapers is NOT a big, time-consuming problem at all. The disposable diaper companies and their proponents just want you to think that it is, and have gotten the message ingrained ito people's minds for so long that people believe it.

I definately encourage you to do your own research and decide which cloth diapers work best for you. The price range is huge, and there are even homemade cloth pocket diapers available on ebay which are made to be just like Fuzzibuns as well as other popular premium cloth brands.

With cloth, I bet your baby will have fewer diapers rashes (mine have NEVER had them), and they will look adorable!

Good luck and congratulations on expanding your family!



answers from Indianapolis on

We love the one-size-fits-all pockets. We have bumGenius, Happy Heinies, and WonderWorks (WonderRoos). There are others as well. Most of ours we bought used on

A good way to figure out what you like is to do this:

They send you one of each type and then you can either send them all back after trying them and get all gut $10 back or you can keep them for the cheaper-than-if-you-bought-each-kind price.



answers from South Bend on

Oh please. You are not out of your mind, you're being considerate of your baby (human beings shouldn't have to wear paper underwear filled with chemical goo) and the earth that your baby will have to live on! If you have three kids what's a few extra loads of wash a week anyway? Go for it, my MIL cloth diapered 4 kids born over a 5-1/2 year span. If it does seem like an overwhelming amount of work, you could check into diaper service, which I think is generally comparable in price to disposables and super easy since they do all the washing for you. That's what I am doing now--my family signed us up for 2 months as a gift (best baby gift ever)--but I just ordered some from Green Mountain Diapers and am going to start washing my own. Their website is very helpful, you can ask me in a few weeks how I like the product. I don't really have a brand preference, but I find prefolds and velcro wraps very easy, and do order prefolds online so you can get "Chinese" or "diaper service quality" ones, not the flimsy gauzy ones you find in stores. Best of luck and congratulations!



answers from Columbus on

M., I know you have already rec'd quite a few good responses, but I just want to chime in as well that you should definitely go cloth. I purchased BumGenius one size diapers. They were a splurge, but so much better than messing with prefolds that you have to fold and pin, etc. The BumGenius are easy, go on just like a disposable, and wash so easily. For me, the biggest reason to go cloth was the social responsibility I felt for the environment. I try to do my part, and I just couldn't stand the thought of contributing so many disposible diapers to landfills! For that reason alone, its worth it.



answers from Cleveland on

I used both Fuzzi Bunz and Kushies for our daughter. I ended up liking the Kushies ultra because they come in two sizes (10-22lbs and 22lbs+) so you don't have to buy a ton of extra diapers. Fuzzi Bunz come in three sizes (small, medium and large) and you really need to buy three sets of these to use the diapers all the way to potty training. They are all-in-ones (AIO) so you also don't have to go through the trouble of folding a prefold into a cover or restuffing the insert into the pocket after the wash. They are bulkier than Fuzzi Bunz, but by the time the baby gets to be 2 or 3 months old, you won't even notice the difference as they will fit so well. Kushies are also much cheaper. Fuzzi Bunzs are around $15-17 a pair and Kushies are about $8-10. I have a rotation of around 25-30 Kushies right now and we do the wash every 2 or 3 days. You can order Kushies online at Wal-Mart for less than $8 a pair and get them delivered to your local store for free shipping.

This site is also great for buying gently used cloth diapers from other cloth diapering mamas (it also neat if you want to try out one or two diapers from a brand).



answers from Dayton on

Ignore the woman who said you are out of your mind - I just switched to cloth and prefer it much more. The work isn't that much and I love not spending $50 at Sam's on diapers and wipes. Also, as many of the sites say "these ain't your mama's cloth diapers!"

When I did switch, I did a lot of research on it and wanted to make it as easy as possible. I think the pocket diapers do that. I haven't found the ideal one yet, but Bum Genius, Happy Heiny's, Bum Wear, and Wonderoos(Wonderworks) seem to work well. I'm still looking for a great one size pocket diaper with snaps instead of velcro (I'm afraid the velcro will wear out after one baby).

I'd suggest getting one size pockets b/c then you don't have to buy 2 or 3 different sizes of diapers. I do have to qualify that with I never used these on tiny babies, but the posts I've read say they work well at about 10 pounds and up.

The pocket diapers are nice because they have the cover, absorbent core, and a material to wick wetness away from the baby's skin all together.

A good place to see reviews of diapers is They have a reviews link at the top of the home page. Let me know if you have any other questions - I haven't been doing this long, but I actually have been really happy we switched to cloth. Good luck and congrats on #3! PS My kids are 3 yrs, 19 months, and I'm due in February. Sounds like we're in the same boat!


answers from South Bend on

Hi M.. I'm glad to hear you are going cloth. It is a bit more work & money initially, but I think it is worth it in the long run. I haven't seen anyone who mentioned Mother Ease. That is the brand we use. Some friends of ours recommended them to us. Here it their website:
Well, I hope having one more choice doesn't make the decision even more difficult for you! But I can only speak about what I use & these are it.
They are a one size fits all & are adjustable so you don't have to buy different sizes of the diapers, just of the covers & you only need about 4 of each size for those. They have plastic snap closures, so no need to mess with diaper pins. They come with washing & care instructions.
I usually wash diapers about every 2 to 3 days. It's not bad really. I take one day off a week & use disposables, just for a break.
The only thing about these is they are bulky & your baby will need bigger size clothes to fit over them. :) Also, I suspect that using cloth has slowed down our sons progress of rolling over (also because of the bulk), but he finally has begun to roll over at nearly 6 months!
I hope you find something you really like!



answers from Indianapolis on

I have heard good things about Fuzzy (Fuzzi?) Bunz diapers. I use disposable diapers because of cost. I know that over time, cloth diapers definitely save money, but it's a higher 'start-up' cost than we can afford at one time. Plus, we have to pay to do our laundry and we barely have enough money to cover that (actually don't as we have at least 10-15 loads of laundry that need to be done). Otherwise, I would definitely give them a try.

God bless,



answers from Youngstown on

Kissaluvs and fuzzybunz are the two that i have tried and most of my friends have used. kissaluvs need covers and snap to close, fuzzybunz have absorbant inserts and are lined on the outside with a waterproof barrier (no cover needed) with velcro to close. both are great, some sites let you buy an assortment to try out. go to , it is a friend of mines site or if you sew / will forward you to

good luck



answers from Indianapolis on

I am using cloth with my third and love them. I use Bumgenius. has the best pricing and if you google "coupon codes" you can get a $10 off coupon for first time users!

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