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Updated on April 29, 2008
L.C. asks from Kingston, PA
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I stay at home with my almost 5 month old son who is quite large for his age. We haven't been to the doctor in a while, but he is somewhere between 17 and 20 pounds, I'm sure. I've been trying to research cloth diapers lately and just wanted to get some perspectives from other moms. I started looking at G diapers, but they're just so expensive! I do laundry every day anyway, so I don't mind that factor, just looking for a more eco-friendly approach to dealing with baby poo that won't break the bank.

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answers from Scranton on

I use BumGenius 2.0, which are 1 size adjustable with pockets for adding extra absorption when necessary. I love them and cloth diapers take poo far better then any disposable. Washing them is no big deal. However, I do use disposables when we're out and about because they travel better. Good luck, and thank you for caring enough about the environment to look into these. Bonus,you will save lots of money in the long run!

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answers from Cincinnati on

I did cloth diapers every day for 17 years with all 8 of my children. I bought regular old Gerber cloth diapers. I made my own baby wipes (had one daughter who was too sensitive to use regular wipes). I never used diaper inserts. I just changed them when they were wet and they potty trained really easily. I just taught people who would be caring for my children how to use pins and we never had a child get stuck. If you really want to save money, cloth is the way to go and you don't have to buy the fancy ones.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Hello L.,
I have done cloth diapers with both my children (now 5 yrs and 3 yrs). Our system, which works well for us, is I bought a bunch of wraps (new & used) off of the internet and Ebay. My favorite daytime wrap is Bummis Super whisper wrap with velcro closures but Prowrap velcro closure wraps are a close second. I use cotton prefold diapers and bought unbleached diapers in toddler size. I use the dry pail method until wash time (we bought a big metal foot pedal trash can and line it with a cloth laundry bag which is washed too). My favorite nighttime diaper is Fuzzi bunz (all bought used on Ebay). I stuff them with the prefolds and gradually added more inserts as my child wet more through the night. If my child pooped in the diaper, I knocked as much poop off as possible into the toilet and then threw the diaper and wrap into the diaper pail until wash day (did not treat them any different). To wash my diapers & wraps: I use ERA stain fighter (I tried the natural detergents but they left a residue on my diapers and made them less absorbent) half the amount the manufacturer recommends. I also fill a downyball with white vinegar for the rinse cycle. I prewash, then wash on the hottest setting, then rinse and spin. I put the cloth diapers in the dryer but hang all the wraps to dry (the wraps last longer this way). I have hung the cloth diapers in the sun to bleach out some stains but air drying does make the diapers a bit scratchy. I also cut pieces of fleece fabric as liners against my children's skin to wick moisture away and reduce their rashes. If your child develops rashes the culprits may be: not rinsing the detergent out enough from the diapers - hence using half the amount of detergent, or you haven't changed the PH from the urine in the diaper - hance the rinsing with white vinegar, or your child is in a wet diaper too long - hence the fleece to wick moisture away when you can't change a diaper immediately after wetting.

Some non-cloth diaper parents mention concerns with more rashes, carrying too many items when away from home, paying too much for cloth diapers, and too much time doing laundry. I have found non of these are true. We started cloth diapers from birth with both children, we had a period of overlap with diapering when both children were in cloth diapers, and we had grandparents, aunts & uncles, and babysitters all using cloth diapers. In fact someone had to re-teach me to use a disposable diaper for my cousin's sons changings. My children had diaper rash but no more than other non-cloth diapering children, we carried 2 or 3 pre-bundled cloth diaper & cover changes when we traveled during the day and a plastic bag for wet or soiled diapers. We bought (new & used) all our diapers before our children's births and we can re-sell all the covers and some of the cloth diapers (some of our diapers are getting a bit ratty) when we are done having children. My mother even gave me some of my old baby cloth diapers that she still had in her attic. In the time I had done a load of diapers another parent would have had to go to the store and buy a new bag. I was able to play with my children while the laundry ran and they helped me hang the wraps to dry and push the buttons on the dryer for the cloth diapers. Both my children help to fold diapers too. My son who is in undies during the day but in a nightitme fuzzi bunz diaper for bed can get-up in the morning, unsnap his diaper, throw it in the diaper pail, and go potty and put undies on all by himself. I love cloth diapers and have absolutely no regrets. And we never have a stinky poopy trash can of used disposable diapers (most parents don't realize that disposable diaper manufacturers tell the consumer to throw any solid waste into the toilet before disposal).

It is easier than you imagine and once you start you will wonder why you didn't do cloth diapers from the beginning.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Hello, My son is now 8 months old & about 20lbs. We have been using cloth diapers since his birth. We occassionally use disposables as well. Usually only when I didn't realize he was low on diapers & we run out before the wash is done. That said since his birth we used less than 1 pack each of newborn, size 1 and size 2 diapers. He is now is size three disposables.
As for cloth...I tried bum genius, fuzzy bunz & happy heiny. I though happy heiny was the best of the pocket diapers. They were the only ones that didn't leak for him. Our leaking problem was mostly during sleep (naps & night time). My son is a side sleeper & the pocket diapers do not have absorbant sides (the same as disposables). The diapers that work best for my son are prefold diapers with diaper covers. This is the cheapest way to buy cloth diapers. Pocket diapers are very expensive & create larger loads of laundry. You have to wash the "covers" after each use. With the prefold/cover method, you can use the covers multiple times before washing is necessary. So the majority of your wash is just the cloth diaper. I buy my diapers & covers from Karen has high quality prefolds (which is important b/c they absorb more), she is very helpful & she has everything in stock & ships immediately. She will also send you an informational packet about your diapers.
My son is now in the green regular size diapers with medium bummis whisper wrap covers. Since your son is only 5 months old & already 20lbs I would buy the toddler size diapers with the large diaper covers. For night time I would recommend buying the aristocrats wool cover and stay dry hemp liners. Also, buy snappis to hold the diaper together (this is instead of is awesome!). Buy 2 diaper pail liners (you need 2 so when you are washing one you can still have another in the diaper pail). I use a kitchen trash can w/lid for my diaper pail. Buy atleast 2 wet bags for you diaper bag. You can wash these with the diapers too.
Cleaning my diapers....I toss the wet only diapers into my diaper pail or bag. Poopy diapers get shaken off into the toilet. For those super messy poopy diapers I have a diaper sprayer that is attached to my toilet & I spray the poop off before putting it in the pail. To keep the smell down I put 1 -2 drops of tea tree oil in the bags (you can buy this at GNC). On wash day I take all the bags to my laundry room. I use less than 1/2 of a cap full of arm & hammer vegetable detergent (green bottles) & toss my diapers & bags in. I wash on hot using the extra heavy cycle. THen I dry them in the drier or on nice days hang them out on the line. The sun is great at bleaching out stains. In the winter every other wash cycle i will wash the diapers with oxyclean. I wash my diaper covers with my diapers.
I love cloth diapering & recommend it to every one I know. I think it is much easier & definitely much cheaper than disposables.

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answers from Philadelphia on

The initial investment in cloth diapering is expensive. Your little guy will be on the move soon, so my advice would be to go with the pocket diapers and keep a couple of all-in-ones on hand for the diaper bag, daddy, grandparents, or sitters.

I have been cd'ing since my son was 7 months old, and he's nearly 23 months old now. We use Bum Genius AIOs (velcro closures - just like a sposie), and I have a mixture of Fuzzi Bunz and Mommy's Touch pocket diapers. Both brands are made in the USA, and both are pocket diapers. They use snap closures which seriously intimidated me at first, but now I love them (mainly because my son can't take them off yet!)

Personally, I recommend the MTs, because they open on both ends and the insert falls out in the wash - you only touch it when it's clean. Also, I've never had them leak. I HAVE had FBs leak - through the fabric, not the leg holes.

Also, I bought mine as seconds (imperfections that only the diaperer will notice) - if you decide to buy, ask if they offer them, because they're seldom advertised. I got cute prints that way. If you're interested, let me know - I'll try to look up where I bought mine.

Also . . . my son is nearly 26 lbs and wearing 18/24 month clothes, but he still fits a medium diaper. We haven't even exhausted the snaps yet - I anticipate not needing to go larger before toilet training.

Oh - the inserts: I highly recommend the Cotton Baby microfiber insert. The ones that come with FBs are the only others I've tried, and they do not hold much. The CBs are VERY absorbent, and you can fold/snap them to a shorter length (I still do that, and position the foldover end in front for my son) to cut down on the "bubble butt" look. Also, with boys at least, you just don't need as much absorbency up the back. There's still enough cushion for falls, and the fit is just better.

Good luck, whatever you choose! (You will find that what you choose will be the most comfortable thing for you, and that is why everyone offering advice will be very opinionated in what they do themselves.)

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answers from Philadelphia on

i'm so glad to see so many committed cd'ers on here!

i used fuzzi bunz with my second and wish i had discovered them in time for my older child. they were fantastic! the initial start up cost was pricey- BUT when the time came i resold them on ebay (also sold the hemp inserts i had used with them) and made back almost ALL of what i had spent!!! how can you beat that? fb's were the only diapers we used aside from mom made adorable ones i bought on ebay. we only had a couple of leg gusset leaks, but they were likely my fault for going too long between changes.

i totally encourage you to go for it. it was totally worth the inital outlay of cash (trust me, dh was screaming about the expense... but of course changed his mind when we got the money back 2 years later.)

also, i also recommend looking for fb "seconds" on ebay. that's how i got ours. and fb had great customer servie- when i lost a snap in the wash, they sent me a new diaper without me having to even mail them the old one. they were wonderful.

also, look into cloth wipes, which can be anything, and make your own wipe solution to keep in a small squirt bottle.

i bought a cool diaper set intended for cd users from here (and she sent the recipe for wipe solution too!):

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answers from Sharon on

Heres were I got mine about 3 years ago
You'll need a diaper cover of some sort and what I did was buy cheap microfibre towels from walmart to place inside as a liner. You can get them in like a 12 pack and theyre absorbant. Dont use fabric softner asd they wont be as absorbant.
I also bought thises grips called a snappy and theyre wonderful instead of pokey pins and keep they're diapers up!
You can buy or make a bag to put them all in when they're soiled and you can also buy or make a small one for soiled ones when your out.
Also you can buy a speical water hose that attached to your toilet to rinse of the soiling. I've just use my shower hose as its right next to my toilet.
One friend of mine used sportmans wash found in the sports hunting section at walmart to wash her cloth diapers in as it elimates scent.
I did it for a while when I had two in diapers and it saved me tonnes of money until we moved in a house were we actually had to pay for our water. Our bill was $20 extra dollars a month with cloth diapers. I think its because by then my kids were 2 and 3 yrs old and the stink in there diapers was so potent nothing would get it out so I had to wash several times. It wasnt saving me anything by that point and it was less hassle and the same price to buy the disposables.
Also, there is a waddle factor! My boys had a hard time fitting into some of their toddler clothes with the diaper on cos it was bulkier.
You decide whats best for you and which factor of cloth diapering is most appealing to you. Good luck

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answers from Philadelphia on

My mother bought me the old-fashioned, pre-folded cloth diapers, and then I picked up more at Wal-Mart and Target. They are about $10 or $15 for 12 diapers. I used them with the big safety pins, plastic pants, and flushable, rice-paper diaper liners that I think I got from EcoSource. Diaper liners you put inside the diaper over the fold; they don't hurt the baby's skin; you flush the ones with BMs down the toilet and wash the ones with urine. They go through 2-3 washings. This system worked even before my daughter had solid BMs.

Hope this helps!

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answers from Philadelphia on

Yea for you for looking into cloth diapers!!! There is going to be an initial investment, but depending on what kind of diapers you choose, it can be minimal. Here are some websites to check out: and (online community of mamas who use cloth diapers, you can find info as well as diapers there) and are all diaper stores that have info.

There is also an informative website that is great. Good luck mama, you will never regret using cloth!!!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I just want to say "hooray!". It's been a while since I diapered a baby, but I used mostly cloth when my now 20 yo and 18 yo sons were babies. Back then, I used the basic cloth diapers, pins and rubber pants. There were a few velcro diaper covers out at the time, but the first ones weren't really great. The diapers often slipped and wadded up in the old covers. There are such great options out there now.

We had one funny incident the first time my hubby spent an entire day alone caring for our firstborn. When I arrived home late at night, I checked the baby in the crib and found that he had been duct taped into his diaper! Thankfully, hubby had the good sense to keep the tape off the baby's skin. Of course, I was a tad upset and very curious. I woke up hubby, and he sleepily told me, "I was afraid I'd poke him with the pins." It does make a great duct tape story, though. (Incidentally, that child grew up and started a little side business in his high school making duct tape roses for prom corsages. Strange idea, but they sold like crazy. Coincidence? Hmmmmm.)

Anyway, I just wanted to say good for you for using cloth! I'm really encouraged to learn that so many young people are eco-conscious.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Not sure if FB, BG are made still in the USA. Swaddlebee's has another line called Blueberry Something and I do believe they are made in China. Kinda thinking Margarite is also having her Swaddlebee's line made there too but not certain at this point.
Happy Heiny's are made in CA in the USA. I do know this for sure. Linda Byerline is a friend.

Pockets are great for many. I chose natural fibers since my youngest son had big issues with microfleece.

Cloth diapers in no way cost more than disposable if you are using them for more than one child, buying used, keeping it simple instead of wearing only Elbee's or Fussybutt's. The Washing Water Claim vs. Disposables is no longer an arguement that can be made by the big disposable diaper companies. Energy Star Product sealed that arguement -- they need a new angle.

G-diapers -- G = Greenwashing IMO. The Gels in the insert are the gels in the disposables = the same health hazards in dispoable diapers. Please don't let a huge marketing campaigns confuse you that these are eco friendly. Do the research of the product and have an understanding about what your putting on your baby before using G's would be my suggestion. I personally feel G's have been a bad blow to the developing Cloth Diapering movement.

Diapering info resources that I like to point to:
I have feelings pro and con about and being the best source for your info. I have been a member of diaperswappers since the previous board and if you want solid information and experience the the resources I have posted are my picks for the best info.

If you want to do some prefold's to keep your budget in check, you will definately want DSQ quality -- Gerbers work but are not your best investment choice. I personally loved prefold's and pins, with pullups. Pullups are bulletproof but they ran a second fav spot to my Nikky covers.

Wipes -- you need to do wipes if your cding. Easiest budget friendly item around.

Routine is your key imo to a successful diapering experience. Once you get past the frustration and set backs and learn how to best work your diapers you will be surprised that you did not try sooner. Today's diapers are so easy, cute and even art -

Good luck! I hope you find bits and pieces of several systems that work for you. Don't put all your $$/eggs in one basket. Need to save some $$ for the diaper addiction that could develope. :)

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answers from Erie on

Everyone else has good advice! I'll contribute this:

Avoid the Gerber prefold diapers found in most baby-supply stores. They aren't horrible, but could certainly be more absorbent. Chinese unbleached prefolds work very well, though you need to wash them a several times before they reach peak absorbency. (I ordered mine online; if you have a natural baby supply store nearby look there.) Avoid their covers, too; sticky and scratchy, and they don't breathe.

It's cheaper to go the prefold-cover route, but easier to convince relatives of convenience with pockets and all-in-ones. Have a mixture of both; prefolds for home and pockets or all-in-ones for going out!

Some great info i found useful:

There are also a few good diapering communities on Livejournal if you're a member. Peruse FAQs and ask lots of questions, you'll get good answers!

It's a little overwhelming at first, but you'll get the hang of it. By your next one you'll be a pro!

Good luck and congratulations on your decision!



answers from Harrisburg on

Yay, for cloth diapering! I know what you are going through having a large little guy myself. He was born on Dec 22nd and as of last week weighs in at 17 pounds.

As for cloth diapers. I am working on a SAHM budget, too. The first thing I've done since I had no experience with any particular brand was to find some second hand ones (if this grosses you out, I understand!) I looked on ebay, craigslist and freecycle. I found MANY on all three. I actually got a huge bag from freecycle of some different types of diapers. On craisglist I've bought from two people now and I'm very happy I did. I now know that I love Fuzzi Bunz, Mimas(ebay), Kushies and Snappi-but I've found I personally do not like Dappi, they are a great price but not my preferred method.

I also use G diapers. I use them when we go out so I don't have to change the whole diaper but I use them with a twist. I use them with a cloth soaker instead of buying more of the flushable inserts. This way I only have to carry a small wet bag for the soakers and the occasional dirty diaper. I actually love the G diaper system even though the flushing can get interesting! And since you can re-use the outer shell you don't need to have an many on hand as you do with other cloth systems. I only have four but this works for outings at this point.

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message. :)



answers from Allentown on

Hi, L.!!! Congratulations on your decision to cloth diaper! I wish someone told me how EASY AND FUN it is w/ my first! The money & painful diaper rashes that we would've saved is too painful to think about! :-)

I think since your little guy is such a little monster, you'd probably be best off with a one-size pocket diaper (Happy Heiny's, Rumparooz & a bunch of other brands make them). The diaper adjusts sizes by snaps & velcro & you just stuff the pocket in the diaper (which is between a layer of fleece, which wicks moisture from baby, and a layer of PUL, which is waterproof). You can use pre-fold diapers or special stuffers (often called stuffins or doublers) into it to adjust how absorbant you need it to be.

Pockets are my fave for night time! They do an awesome job!!! Once your son is on solids (or if he's formula fed) you'll probably want to get some BioSoft liners too since those act like cheesecloth--the liquids pass through but solids stay on it so they can be easily flushed away (with out splashing at you!!!).

Depending on how many you buy, you'll only need to wash a few times a week. I'd suggest getting atleast 18-24. You'll also need a wetbag or two & a pail liner or zippered pail bag that can be hung up (like Happy Tushies

You might want to look into the idea of having a cloth diaper party! You get 10% credit towards whatever you want!!! A company based out of ME called Everything Birth offers them. The owner's name is Crystal & she's very nice! Her sites are: & . You can tell her A. Patterson referred you if you want to. The parties are a great way to touch & see everything & learn about the different options & decide what's best for you & your friends can look at 'em too!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to message me!

Good luck!!!!!!



answers from Kansas City on

Not sure if this is an option....I purchased "green" diapers. They are disposable BUT biodegradable and chlorine/bleach free. I found them at Whole Foods Market and most health food stores and they are avaliable online. They were cost effective and convenient. Not sure if this is even an option for U, but thought I'd mention it. My children are both tall for their ages and fitting them in these diapers was no problem. I believe they go as large as 4T??
Best of luck to U!



answers from Allentown on

my 6 month old is 19 pounds and i've found that the one size are the way to go. our favorite are the bum genius 3.0.

you can e-mail me if you want


answers from Pittsburgh on

A local woman sells them and gives free informational classes:

Another PA woman sells a very large variety and has great tips on her site:

Setup cost is as low as $100.

Our baby will be a premie and in the NICU for a month, but we can't wait to start the cloth once he/she is home!



answers from Philadelphia on

I use a combination of g diapers and as eco friendly as possible 'normal' diapers and am also considering cloth diapers. The best part of g diapers and cloth ones (beside the environment friendly side) is that you don't have a stinky diaper bag that needs to be emptied. The down side is, if you have to change a diaper outside of the house you have to carry around a stinky diaper with you. For those times, I use a biogradable plastic bag until I get home. I have heard lots of great things about cloth diapers and encourage you to try them. Good luck and kudos to you for making the effort.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Hi L.,

There are quite a few mamas in the Pittsburgh area who make cloth diapers. Here are some websites for you to look at: and I'm sure if you email them, you will get lots of good advice. You can also buy them 2nd hand on ebay and probably craigs list.

Good luck and kudos to you for thinking of our environment.


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answers from Philadelphia on

the maternity wellness center in mt airy sells 'bum genius'
i've had friends who swear by them - they're perhaps pricey to start but they'll last until baby becomes a big guy - adjustable in many ways.

good luck!



answers from Altoona on

My first step would be to talk to any older members of you and your other half's families. Perhaps grandparents or your parents still have cloth diapers left over from when you or you huny were little. I know my parents did when I had my little girl three years ago. Other than that I would try second hand shops, like Goodwill or Salvation Army, and if all else fails, try looking for "burp cloths" you might have to use two in one sitting to keep him insulated, plus that plastic pants to keep his clothes clean, but they worked out ok for me.


answers from Pittsburgh on




answers from Philadelphia on

I think cloth diapers are a nice idea but they are expensive. If it is a matter of money of diapers if you belong to sams club or bj's it may be cheaper to buy their brand diapers. Other ideas are to look at walmart or target they sell cloth diapers and mey be reasonable that the g diapers. Another thing to do is see how much the g diapers are then go figure out how much you spend in a month on regular diapers. if the g diapers are reusable,then it may be cheaper in the long run to buy the cloth diapers.

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