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Updated on February 02, 2010
S.L. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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Has anyone used the cloth diapers, Bum Genies? Pros and cons?

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answers from Albuquerque on

We use Bum Genius. I loved them when Owen was small. Now, he can undo the velcro in a second, so we have to put a pair of brothers undies on top the diaper to keep it on. We have bought a few Fuzzi Bunz simply because he can't get them off, but they are harder to get on a squirmy baby.

The Bum Genius is great because it has an extra fold over the inner leaks out the top and they fit a new little guy perfect. The bad thing is that the velcro wears out and can be undone easily and they only get so big...seem tight on really chubby thighs.

Fuzzi Bunz are made in the states and work great. You have to buy different sizes, but there isn't much difference between the medium and large, we didn't use these when he was small, so I don't know about size small.

Good luck.

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answers from Albuquerque on

Congrats on your new baby!! I cloth diaper and use a variety of brands/styles. I like Bum Genius okay. I have the one-size 3.0. What I like about it is that I can use it through many sizes and that I can stuff more inside for nights. What I don't like about it is the aplix (velcro) doesn't hold up very well. Also, they can leak until you have really figured out how to put them on to best fit your baby's body type.

I highly, highly recommend the website It is a forum for cloth diapering moms and is very helpful and informative. I think you can read stuff without registering, but the whole thing is free and they are very good about not sharing your info.

I saw your post about wipes as well. I use cloth wipes but not in a wipe warmer. I wet my wipes as needed for uses.

Good luck!!!!



answers from Phoenix on

S., congrats on your adoption!!!! And yeah that you are considering cloth diapers. I have done it both ways and can't believe how easy cloth really is. My sister and I use a website called Comfy Bummy. I feel that it has the best prices and if you get their newsletter they will let you know about sales they are running. Here is that website I have used the "chinese prefolds" and did not like them much. I have used the 'all in ones' and like them for going out and about because they seem to be slimmer on the baby's bum but they take longer to dry. My every day use is the "kissaluvs", they are "shaped" and I use them with or without pins. I really love the Bum Genius whisper wraps. They are super quiet and soft. I also use the diaper liners, they are great for the poopy mess and can be washed and reused a couple of times. My advise it to buy a couple of the ones you think you might like and then if you don't like it as well try another style. Good Luck!!!



answers from Tucson on

I use BumGenius 3.0 mostly exclusively, with a Happy Heiny, some WHAM-made ones, Haute Pocket, and one more I can't think of. I prefer the one-size pockets, because I don't want to buy anymore and these are supposed to last through potty-learning. I love them so far..I've had no problems and they are easy to care for. I've used prefolds in the past and I hated them. I too also recommend, and there's a local WHAM that runs a cloth diaper business and she has classes every so often showing the different types of diapers out there.
Her name is Trish and she's at



answers from Tucson on

We use Bum Genius. One of the best decisions we've ever made. We had one girl who never wore cloth and started our son at about 14 months. We're expecting number 3 and we figured that if we were just buying the cheap brand disposables, we're saving over $2000. So imagine if we bought the name brand!
They are really easy to put on and a size adjustable, so they grow with baby. We do have to change quite often because he leaks a lot. But that is more us being lazy than the diapers themselves.
They are EASY to clean and really take no time at all. We rinse out poop (or whenever he is in a pooping routine, I know which change is the change before he poops, so I just stick a disposable on him until he poops and then switch back. Saves a lot of headaches).
We have about 26 diapers and then we also have some prefolds for when we run out of the regular kind. We throw them in the wash every 2-3 days. First I do a quick cold cycle to keep stains away and then run it on an extra hot cycle.
The biggest issue we had was diaper rash. Trevor never had diaper rash till we switched to cloth. We were using Tide Free and Clear. Then someone on Mamasource said to change detergents. We now use Seventh Generation with no problems. I put the detergent in with the cold cycle and nothing during the hot. If the diapers are extra stinky, I will add bleach or vinegar to the hot cycle, but no detergent.
I also hang the diapers to dry since someone on Mamasource said that the sun bleaches the smell. And it WORKS. We haven't had an issue with smell since I've been line drying.
There are lots of tricks you will learn with cloth diapers.
But they are easy and well worth the up-front cost.
Good luck with your new little bundle of joy!



answers from Las Cruces on

Hi S.! Congratulation on your baby boy. I haven't had any experience with cloth diapers because I am a mommy to be for the first time, but I know a fried whose 10 month old baby boy has used them since the day he was born. She did alot of research before she decided which kind to use, then she started making her own and even sold a few. She really likes using them. For more info., she recommended you go to I hope this information helps.




answers from Phoenix on

Hi S.,
First, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby boy! How exciting for you! And way to are already making good choices for him. I started cloth diapering about 2 yrs ago and I am currently cloth diapering my 8 month old (since birth). I have pretty much tried every cloth diaper out there in the last few years. I recently opened Diaper Style and offer free in home consultations (mine or yours) where you can see and feel all the different diapers. I also will go over use and care, proper fit, etc. I am available by phone or e-mail to help find solutions to any issues you may have.
I love cloth diapering! I think you are making a great choice. Good Luck!

S. Dugger


answers from Phoenix on

I used cloth diabers, 27 year ago.
They are cheeped the paper, and much better for the enviroment. also less in the land fills
Kay F.


answers from Salt Lake City on

BumGenius cloth diapers are really popular, but don' fit my daughter well. For us, Tiny Tush provides a better fit and there is still lots of room to grow even at 22 pounds. There are tons of articles and information at



answers from Phoenix on

I use Bum Genius One Size pockets with both of my kids. I love them on my son (2 years) and they work fine on my daughter (2 months) but they are much more bulky. Money-wise, they are great and will save you a ton since they are one size. I also like swaddlebees pocket diapers because they are so trim. I like cuddelbug cloth ( AI2 diapers because they can be used as a cover or a diaper. Basically, you just have to experiment a bit :). Happy Heiny also has a nice one-sized diaper. Are you on the forum You can find tons of great information there. Feel free to message me with any questions.

Oh... and I HIGHLY recommend getting a bum genius diaper sprayer for spraying them off. When my 2 year old poops, it gets the diapers really clean and we don't have any staining, even when I get lazy and don't sun my diapers. I bought mine from a local mom who sells cloth diapers...



answers from Phoenix on

Hi S., Congrats on the new baby. ALL new moms and dads should be a reader of the BEST baby blog on the internet. Check it out. She has so many reviews on the cloth diapers. Also, she is all about saving money for parents. Save this site to your favorites and read it daily. Can't stress it enough. Be sure to look through the past blogs. She has done reviews and shows pics of all the cloth diapers and her personal experience with useing every type. Good Luck.



answers from Phoenix on

i love mine. if you buy them new they have a 1 year warranty. very hard to beat! i bought in store at wildflower diapers in scottsdale.



answers from Seattle on

I've used cloth exclusively on my girls- however, I didn't start using them on my first until she was one year old. I use Fuzzi Bunz, which are very similar to Bum Genius. The main difference between the two is that the FBs have snaps instead of velcro. I prefer the FBs to the BGs because my older daughter could undo velcro very early on (and loves to be naked, so she was always taking them off!), but couldn't undo the snaps for a very long time. However, some women use BG diapers and don't have a problem with their little ones pulling them off. And I must say, one plus is that when they start resisting diaper changes when they get a little older, the BGs are easier to get on because you don't have to mess with the snaps.

I actually would recommend either one of them, and you may want to pick up some of each to try them. I'm pretty sure you'll end up loving both- they're great diapers!

Pros: I have saved, literally, thousands of dollars on diapers. They're much softer on the bum than disposables. My oldest has very sensitive skin, and they got her diaper rash and yeast infections under control super quick. They are VERY easy to wash, and come clean beautifully if you follow the wash directions. I love the colors they come in- they are so cute! They last forever and stay in great shape. I've actually bought a bunch of my used off of, and they're also really in good shape (and I think those went through multiple kids). And of course, they are environmentally friendly.

Cons: Velcro does wear out, sometimes you have to replace it. The manufacturer will send you replacement velcro if that happens (I have not had the snaps come off on the FBs). You have to wash the poop off in the sink or toilet, which can take a time or too to get over the gross factor. I got over it very quickly, and it's not really bad at all. Definitely not gross enough to deter me from using them!

Hope that helps!

:-) T.

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