Cloth Diapering Mama's

Updated on May 02, 2007
K.W. asks from Argyle, NY
9 answers

Are there any other cloth diapering mama's out there?

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answers from Buffalo on

I do too! He's my first cloth baby, but the 3rd I birthed! Sorry this post is so late. I just joined and was searching like you!

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answers from New York on

yes I use a combo of bum genious 2.0 and indian prefold with a bummis wrap. I use them on my 8 month old and my 26 month old.



answers from Syracuse on

i use cloth diapers as well but i cant seem to find any services in the area. i wash but hand unfortunatly. im a stay at home mom so im 24/7 as well.



answers from New York on

Hi K.,

My daughter is 4 and a half now but we cloth-diapered until she was fully daytime toilet-trained. It worked out really well for us. If another baby should come along, we will definitely do it again.



answers from Jamestown on

Yes, I do. But I also EC'ed with my son.




answers from Denver on

YEP! We happen to use a diaper service - so are using chinese prefolds and prowrap covers that they provide. My daughter is almost 1 and we have been delighted by cloth diapers. My husband didn't like them in theory before our daughter was born and now he tells everyone he meets about how much he prefers them to anything else. We use G diapers when we are on long trips away from home. Were you looking for answers or help or just comraderie?



answers from New York on

Yes I do... my girl is 29 months and starting to potty learn! I use Kiss-a-luvs with wool soakers that I make or buy. I also use cloth wipes with homemade solution in a wipes warmer. SOOOOOO cute with the big bottoms... I will miss this stage!



answers from New York on

We cloth diaper, here, too. LOVE IT!!! I used disposables with my first three kids back in the late 80's, but I was a young mother without much to do on back then. I also didn't nurse those three, I didn't know any better, I've matured and learned a lot in the past nearly 20 years till I had these little two presently! Anyway, yeah, cloth diapering is so darn easy, I guess I'd always thought it'd be hard to do. One load of diapers every two days, and I don't have to pay for disposables OR contribute to the pollution of this earth... what a wonderful thing that is, to have cloth against my baby's soft tush! Well worth the initial investment of the diapers and some covers. Well, well worth it. Do you cloth diaper too?



answers from New York on

I use them when we're home during the week. I have a washer and dryer so I just wash them myself. When we're out and about I use disposables, however, and my husband and babysitter also use disposables when I'm at work (I work Fri-Sun). We use Chinese pre-folds with Bummi super-whisper wraps. I also use reusable wipes (I just cut up a high-thread count sheet) and water for clean-up.

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