Cloth Diaper Store

Updated on February 14, 2010
K.L. asks from Wylie, TX
5 answers

Does anyone know of an actual store anywhere around or close to Dallas that carry cloth diapers, covers, AIO's, etc...?

Thanks for the information.


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answers from Dallas on

Peppermint in Richardson



answers from Dallas on

Peppermint in Richardson no longer has it's store front, but they still accept online orders. I think the only 2 store front in the metroplex are Babies Bottoms and More in Farmer's Branch and The Nesting Place in Grapevine. BB&M has a much bigger selection. The Nesting Place only carries Bum Genius and GroBaby dipes.



answers from Minneapolis on

I don't live there, but here are some things you could search for:
Natural baby store
Natural foods store
Natural home store
Natural toys
Eco friendly kids store

If you google these with your city, I imagine you will find something.



answers from Dallas on

Hi, my name is E. and I run Babies Bottoms and More in Farmers Branch. I have the store set up in my garage so I'm able to work from home and be a stay at home mom too, but it's set up like a real store so you can come in and see and touch all the diapers. We're open Saturdays from 1-4, and also Tu/Th by appointment. If you have any questions you're welcome to give me a call at ###-###-####. I've cloth diapered my 3 kids and I personally try all our products. We specialize in helping parents find the best cloth diaper system that fits their lifestyle, since there are SO many options out there!



answers from Dallas on

Babies Bottoms and More in Farmers Branch has a store operated out of a home with limited store hours. See Green Baby Diaper sells some products at Firewheel on Saturdays. See

Also I lead a diaper circle in Plano and have samples of various diaper types. You can contact me at [email protected] luck!

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