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Updated on November 10, 2013
A.S. asks from San Antonio, TX
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What are the best and most convenient cloth diapers? There are so many out there....Also, with the gdiapers, can you just put in a diaper doubler instead of the store bought disposable liners? Or do you have to buy the liners? The pants that come with the gdiapers look just like the other brands (fuzzi bunz, bum genius, thirsties, etc.). But are they the same?

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answers from Austin on

I would go to Austin Baby Store, 504 W. Mary

They have a lot of different kinds of cloth diapers in stock and can answer almost any question.

We've been using cloth diapers since my son was about a month old (he's now 16 months) and have really enjoyed them.

Hope that helps!

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answers from Houston on

Gdiapers are very expensive and not really much friendlier to the environment than disposables. They are not the same as the others. A doubler might work, but if you're going to do all of that, I'd personally rather use pocket diapers.

Probably the easiest in my opinion is the Bum Genius one size pocket. Many people will say the AIOs are easier (no stuffing) but I disagree, since washing and drying time are massively increased with AIOs. Bum Genius are aplix (like velcro) and snap down to accomodate smaller babies. They fit my large son almost until potty training. When soiled, I hold one end of the diaper and shake the insert into the wetbag - i never end up touching it at all. I wash, dry, and then take all the inserts and stuff the diapers right then. That way, they are ready to go when it's time to change a diaper.

I use Fuzzi Bunz as well, and love them. But for my husband and mother (and church nursery) I save the BG, since they're aplix and easier than snaps.

Thirsties AIOs are ok and it's cool that they are stuffable, but again, you have the washing and drying issues. I often found that the one we have needs to be washed more than once to get really clean, plus I have to turn it inside out, blah blah blah, and it's really not my favorite. IT's also much bulkier than the BG.

I also really like Happy Heiney's one size diapers (the sized ones are said to leak but the one size do not). They are also aplix, but fit my son still (he wears diapers at night) at 44 lbs. They snap down to fit my little daughter well too (and did at 15 lbs).

HTH! I've been using cloth for well over a year, and use pockets, AIOs, fitteds, and prefolds and pins with wool, so I've used lots of different things! I've experimented with different detergents to find what works best, I line dry AND dryer dry (at different times, but I like using the sun as a sanitizer). So if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message!!!

**ETA I read the other responses, and I'm pretty sure the first poster means the Bum Genius one size, not the all-in-ones. The all in ones (AIO) are the sized ones, where the one size pockets have a three rise snap to grow with your child. HTH!

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answers from Victoria on

This site has alot of information on cloth diapers. hope it helps

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answers from El Paso on

Thirsties is a good cover for the regular prefold cloth diapers you can get (like Gerber--for a good informational clearinghouse of places to look online see any discount store. They are made in USA and comparatively inexpensive and have cute colors to choose from. You also might try wool covers, like Aristocrats, they are more expensive but will last for a very long time and are low maintenance once you lanolize them. It's unbelievable how much they will absorb without leaking. A hint for getting rid of stains: before washing, rince the diaper as well as you can and put it in bright sunlight for a morning or afternoon--the stains will disappear on their own.

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answers from Austin on

We are due any day now and have bought a few pocket Fuzzi Bunz and a few BumGenius one size diapers. My sister-in-law uses Fuzzi Bunz and stuffs them with prefolds (the kind they used back in the day) and she says that helps better with leaks than the inserts that come with the diapers. My favorite cloth diaper website is Lots of info.
I also bought a couple of Snap EZ pocket diapers to compare. I was surprised when I got them in the mail because the small Snap EZ diapers are much smaller than the small Fuzzi Bunz.
When I find which ones I like best, I'll order some more of those.
Good luck!

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answers from San Antonio on

You can lay in a prefold in the g-diapers cover/pants. You don't have to buy the liners. A single doubler prob won;t give you enough absorbancy, but 2 doublers woul. Or you could just use a stuffer. Just make sure that any microfiber stuffers are covered by another fabric , as they can really dry out baby's skin.

Whta are the best and most convienant diapers?
Well that depends. Prefolds with a snappi and a cover are very easy and inexpensive. But maybe not the most convienant, adn you have to change them more often.
I myself prefer Pockets. The absorbancy is very adjustable - I have a variety of stuffers for my pockets.. plain old prefolds, microfiber, hemp and some bamboo. About 1/2 my stash is OneSize pockets (BumGenius, Baby Kanga, Haute Pockets etc) and the other 1/2 are sized pockets. (Diaper Change, Prestons Pants, Blueberry, etc).
A pre-stuffed pocket is the easiet to keep in my diaper bag, and the easiest for DH and grandma to put on/tqake off baby as well.

Have you checked out DiaperSwappers ?? They will have a wealth of info!

Good luck!

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answers from Odessa on

I am a SAHM with a 1 yr. olg girl, Emma and we love the Bum Genius all-in-one diapers. For the first three months we used Kissaluvs with a hemp doubler and a diaper cover, Thirsties, I think. We have been using the Bum Genius since and love them. The all-in-ones are a little more expensive, than the sized daipers, but they grow with the child. They have three different rises that you can adjust.
We use a disposable at night as she sleeps too long for a cloth diaper and would be wet after 12 hours.
I am not familiar with the gdiapers.

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answers from Dallas on

I used kissaloves fitteds with various covers when my daughter was little. Then I switched to BumGenius one sized pockets. I liked the pocket style better as I could double stuff them for night time. But really its just personal opinion. You can buy a starter pack from many places that has a variety of types to choose from.

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answers from Houston on

We have used pre-folds and covers for the past 5 months. I have a 20 month old and it has been great. We use a doubler when we go out for a few hours and have had no real problems.

I tried a all-in-one but it took too long to dry so it wasn't as convenient and with a small stash time matters.

Good luck in your search.

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answers from San Francisco on

We use JSB cloth diapers on our 20 month twin boys and LOVE them. The patterns are so cute, we have had minimal leaks and almost no blowouts, and the customer service is great.

They have a 30 day money back guarantee- meaning you can try cloth diapers with no risk. An individual diaper with two microfiber inserts runs $13- which is a great price. They also have upgrade options with hemp and bamboo inserts. Personally, I like the microfiber inserts the best.

Here's a link for 10% discount:



answers from Houston on

i use gdiapers and i use the gdiaper fillers becasue i like to compost the wet ones. but sometimes i fold upa cloth diaper wheni think he gonna pee. i have heard many people use diaper cloth pads in them just as well.

i love gdiapers! i have been using them for 7 months for my 10 month old



answers from Austin on

I used Fuzzi Bunz for 14 months and loved them. I quit using them, though, because my daughter wet so much it leaked. (I tried to use doublers, but it was so bulky). Anyways, I would definitely use them again for a baby, but not for a toddler. I think I would buy Mother of Eden trickle free trainers (same company as Fuzzi Bunz.) which are like a pull up style diaper. You can get lots of info about cloth diapers - every kind imaginable at There are many cloth diaper forums and ratings.



answers from Corpus Christi on

My children are older but I can tell you that I did use the liners with my youngest and thought they were great. Worked wonders when they pooped.

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