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Updated on September 21, 2009
A.H. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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My daughter is almost 11 months old and has had clogged tear ducts since birth. One fixed itself on its own. One month ago, we went to a pediatric eye specialist and they did a probe of the duct. This helped, but it still appears clogged. When I called today, they said to try the eye drops we were given after the probe for 5 days, but if that didn't work we would have to schedule surgery to have a stint put in. Has anyone had experience with that? Also, will they have me come in prior to the surgery to look at it to make sure survery is needed? I appreciate any advice or for anyone to share their experience with this.

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My daughter had the same thing on one eye. I had her to the doctor several times. He had me use regular saline solution .... finally when she was about 17 months old, it just cleared up. I don't know that I'd let them do surgery on her unless she was having constant infections.

If you want to good pediatric eye doctor, go see Ann Ranelle - she's the absolute best in the metroplex....she saved my eye a couple of years ago and will not do anything unnecessary. She's very patient, has small children and is wonderful with kids especially. I trust her completely. She's in a practice with her father off of Camp Bowie.



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My 8 month old daughter also has a blocked tear duct. We went to see a specialist a couple of weeks ago, and she said to wait it out until she's 11 months. At that point, if it is not cleared up, they will do the surgery. We do have a follow-up appointment with her so the duct can be checked prior to surgery. I know the doc told us our daughter will have to be "out" for the procedure. Your daughter's doc should check to make sure it is still blocked before scheduling surgery... Good luck!


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I had it done on myself years ago...exact same kind of thing. They finally put the stint in and I had it in my eye for a long time--maybe 9 months or so? I can't remember exactly, but after they got it out, I haven't had any problems with it since.

Good luck!!!



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Two of my 6 kids had this. My one daughter had to have the surgery 4 times, the last time they had to break the little bone in her nose that sometimes blocks the tubes that help drain. They even did the tubes that are stitched in, nothing much was working. She improved after the 4th surgery, but she still has problem with one eye but it is managable. And if she went into surgery again it would be way more invasive so we felt it got to the point where it was managable. My other daughter only required one treatment & it took. So all kids are different.

My daughter never hurt after her surgery. Infact was begging to go to McDonalds each after we left the surgery center. Its not a highly invasive procedure, they just need her still to put the tubes in.
It will be fine if she needs surgery, just know you need to do what it takes to fix this when she's young. My first daughter, unfortunately, didn't have her first surgery till she was 2 yrs old because of bad advice of a doctor who kept telling me to wait it out....mean while the new doctor was mad that I had waited so long because its better to do it when they are younger....which was proven with my other daughter.
Best of luck!

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