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Updated on April 26, 2009
A.B. asks from Dallas, TX
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Hi ladies. I have been trying to cut down my under-the-sink clutter by cleaning more simply and with fewer designer chemicals. Plus I just found out that clorox wipes are not biodegradable (you already knew this right?) and since I do use disposable diapers, I thought I would cut back other places. So I started using bleach water in a spray bottle for most of my cleaning and I like it way more than I thought I would, and it takes care of about 80% of my cleaning needs, but I have two sticking points. One is wood furniture, what do I use on it? The other is the shower walls and toilet bowl. I don't even know what the stuff on my shower doors is, hard water stains, soap scum, whatever, the stuff I would use tilex or CLR on, the bleach doesn't take it off easily and then the stuff under the water in the toilet bowl. I heard somewhere that vinegar works on some stuff, but how do you use it, how well does it work and how do you stand the smell? Thanks for any info advice or product suggestions.

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Simple Green that has been diluted per the bottle instuctions works great and is safe for wood. It is also really cheap!

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You can find orange oil with no chemical additions and that will clean your wood. My MIL just outs on clothlike paper towels and cleans and dusts with it like Endust with orange oil. You can also put some of the paper towels in a ziploc freezer bag a heavy duty one and put some orange oile in there with them and close it up and kind of mush around so the oil gets in all the paper towels and you have made your own wipes like the ones in the store. You can actually do this with any cleaner to make your own wipes, like vengar, which I use to clean everything and even make baby wipes this way too. HTH



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I use Melaleuca products and they work great!!! And no Melaleuca is not an MLM!! I don't spend any extra money. I know my family (children, pets, myself) are safer. I know it's helping the environment. I spend less time in the grocery store (5 or 6 isles I no longer have to go down). There are no harsh chemicals, cancer causing toxins and no I'm not "choking" when I clean, it helps with my allergies, it will help clear up excema and asthma. There are so many benefits, I could keep going.

If you'd like to talk about it - please feel free to pm me or give me a call.

Good luck with your search!




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I use vinegar for EVERYTHING!!! I normally do half and half water and vinegar in a spray bottle. It cleans glass with no streaks better than anything else on the market and my wood floors are so shiny! For tougher things, I use it full strength. The odor of the vinegar disappears within the hour and you kind of get used to it. My 1 year old "helps" me clean... she likes to walk in whatever I have sprayed on the floor. Since it's just vinegar, I don't have to worry.



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I am new to this amazing website. I just found it on accident. It is a great resource.

If you are still looking for chemical free cleaners. Check out my website:

I have spoken to over 200 women and 30 kids. I lead 2 1/2 hour green cleaning and speed cleaning workshops. I live in Lewisville. Let me know if you want more information about the products that I endorse and would be interesting in attending a workshop.

Some of the cleaners that were suggested on this thread are green, but they contain chemicals and are not safe for the family. I have been using green cleaners that are safe for 15 years and I know what products works and what products dont.




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Method wood cleaner from Target works wonders on wood. I never bought into the whole green cleaning thing but this stuff is the best thing I have ever used on my wood!



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I use Shaklee organic products. they are super highly concentrated to there is much less land fill waste. most of the get clean products have NO odor at all and they work great. I don't sell it but I use it and love it plus its safe to use and not a chemical like bleach. the H2 is an all purpas cleaner and you can use it for windows, kitchens, bathrooms... and many more uses. I even use 1/2 cap full of the H2 concentrate with 1/2 capfull of the shaklee fabric softner in my carpet cleaning maching to safely clean my carpets and they look and smell so fresh and clean. you can check out the product ino at

A. J


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I use a LOT of clorox (NOTHING kills germs better) for bathrooms, kitchen, etc.

I use a LOT of vinegar. The BEST glass cleaner and soap scum cleaner.

I don't buy into all the "green clean" organic stuff the MLM'rs sell. I stick with clorox and vinegar.



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I use the the ones from sprouts, all natural and one if for the wiping almost anything down including glass, one for the toilet. I use a separate natural wood spray for the furniture and for mildew, just scrub and if it doesn't go away, you might have to redo some grout or sealant.



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Hi A.! About 2 years ago, I went totally "green" and replaced all my household cleaners with toxic-free ones. At first I simply made all my own cleaners, which really isn't difficult to do. Here's a list of my favorite ones:

I now purchase eco-friendly cleaners (and other household and personal products) from a company called Melaleuca. I LOVE their products and it's actually turning into a home business for me... woo hoo!!

Hope this helps!


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