Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances?

Updated on February 15, 2011
K.G. asks from Fort Lauderdale, FL
9 answers

Hi Moms,

We just redid our kitchen and got all stainless appliances.. I was already warned about fingerprints but like the look of stainless the best. What's the best thing to clean them with?

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answers from Roanoke on

I use a dry microfiber cloth for fingerprints. Just rub in small circles, and they disappear. Occasionally I dab a little Bar Keeper's Friend on a rag and rub it away--and keeps appliances very shiny :)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Stainless steel wipes or stainless steel cleaner. Everything else seems to leave smears for me.



answers from Appleton on

Glass cleaner and a soft cloth like an old Tee shirt. Old towels may scratch the surface. My Mom had a stainless steel refrig and we had to be very careful not to get fingerprints on the doors. From a young age we were taught to touch only the handles and if we got finger marks on the refrig we had to clean it.



answers from San Francisco on

I use a wet rag, and 409 or Fantastic. Spray the appliance with the Fantastic, wipe with wet rag, and then dry with a clean dry rag.

You don't need special cleaners. Be sure not to use a product with bleach.



answers from Tampa on

Sprayway stainless steel cleaner - I find it at Publix.



answers from Green Bay on

I have found the best and easiest way to clean stainless steel is with a microfiber mit that is specifically made to clean stainless. All you do is wet the mit with water and wipe off the smudges and when it dries which is almost immediately the appliance looks great! Very easy and my mit has lasted over 6 years now.
I just wanted to add that I paid lees than $10 for the mit. I see on-line that you can purchase some mits that are over $50 which I don't think is necessary.


answers from Los Angeles on

Olive oil and a soft cloth. Learned this on HGTV.



answers from Denver on

I agree with the mit. Also, you can use a little baby oil on it (or one you set aside for that purpose) occasionally to polish it. I have not had good luck w/ the stainless steel cleaners...


answers from Minneapolis on

I have cans of Stainless cleaner (spray on, wipe off wth a paper towel) that I got from Sam's Club in a 3 Pk. We have a stainless counter on our small center island, and most of our appliances are stainless now (still need to replace our oven) my hubby's long counter top in his work garage is a stainless counter we go thru alot of it. Easy to do..spray and wipe. Its readily available.

I do home loads of fingerprints here, and that stainless island I have is a work top and it makes me crazy when it isn't shiny and clean looking, so I clean it a few times a day!

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