Cleaning Flat Top Stove

Updated on December 30, 2010
I.*. asks from Columbus, OH
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I can never seem to keep the top of our flat top stove clean. There are marks from water boiling over when we are making pasta then it burns on. I can't get those marks off. My mom gave me this product called Earth Brite. She said it can get just about anything off, I just scrubbed and scrubbed until I left like my arm was going to fall off and some of the marks are still there. Does anyone know how to get them off?

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answers from Santa Fe on

I have a flat top stove as well and have used a blade (that came with the stove) to clean off hard to clean spots. I also have found that the Mr. Clean Eraser works well. They also sell cream cleaner made just for the glass top stoves. You can find them at Lowe's or Home Depot. Using the cream provides some protection from scratching as well and is recommended.

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answers from Seattle on

I despise my flat top stove (ours also cracked from steam escaping out from under a pot... aaargh. It costs as much to replace the top as to buy an entire new oven/range).

Even wiping it down each and every single time it's used doesn't keep it clean, plus you have to wait until the durn burner cools which takes 30 minutes on ours or you just burn your fingers/ ruin your sponges/ set papertowels on fire. Stupid stupid stupid stove.

The specialty cleaners work great for the seared on black. So does turning them all on high for a few minutes, turning them off, and pouring gin or another hard A with low sugar (vodka, everclear, etc.) on them. Obviously beware the fumes... since they're pure alcohol. But I also find being a little buzzed makes me despise the chore slightly less. :)

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answers from Dallas on

I have a Kitchen Aid flat top and it is solid white. I've had it almost 2 years and it still looks new.

My trick... I use the CeramaBryte EVERY time I use the stovetop, as soon as the unit is cooled down. I LOVE the yellow scrubbies that are sold along side the CeramaBryte at Home Depot. (these scrubbies are especially for glass/flat scratches) They are awesome. These scrubbies work well with cleaning the debris off the glass oven and toaster oven door.

I also spray the cooktop with vinegar when I am done to keep it nice, clean and shiny.

So far, it has withstood my hubby making his famous popcorn almost daily and my 16 yr old cooking.

I have never used the razor scraper....never had to. I did have to use the razor scraper on my old GE Profile unit.

I cook with high end All-Clad Stainless and I also use a lot of cast iron.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I don't have a flat top stove but since it's boiled water that doesn't come off easily, could it be hard water deposits? Try soaking those areas with a cotton ball soaked in vinegar. It's what we use to clean our coffee pot to get the calcium deposits from the hard water off of pot and to clean the inside too to make it start working new again.

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answers from Bloomington on

My stove came with the house so I didn't have any of the specialty cleaners or scrapers that everyone is talking about. I use baking soda and vinager and a green scrubbie pad and with a little elbow grease everything comes off the stove top. Rinse it off good and it looks great. (the green scrubbies that I use don't scratch it either.)

I have gotten better about trying to wipe things up immediately though. I will wipe mine off quickly even while it is still hot. As long as my sponge is pretty wet it doesn't seem to hurt anything.

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answers from Detroit on

I keep the scraper in a drawer right beside mine. The cleaner for them is great I take a wet sponge and apply a fairly thick coat of it then cover it with plastic wrap and let it soak for a few hours then scrub it with one of the sponges that have a scrub side that is safe for this type of surface then I rinse it off it it still isn't gone I repeat. I love the way they look but they are a pain sometimes. I also find if I wipe it up right away or as things are cooking it makes it much easier. Water is the worst! Good Luck.

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answers from Alexandria on

I use Weiman's glass cook top cleaner.
I have purchased this at walmart and at Target. Relatively inexpensive at $4-5 a bottle. It is a thick cream. You rub a layer of it on the whole cook top, and let it sit. Then you rub it off. It's like waxing a car! Let it sit a while, wipe it up. It gets all the nastiness off without too much muscle power and leaves the top shiny clean!

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answers from Lafayette on

I have tried a few different products to clean my glass top stove and the BEST thing I have tried is Shaklee's Scour Off paste. Here is the link if you'd like to check it out:
I use it along with their micro fiber sponge. I just get the sponge pretty wet, add a little of the scour off and most scrubs off with little effort. If you have something really burnt on, then you may need a little more arm strength but I have been completely happy with it. It is made out of all natural ingredients (cherry pits), so it is completely safe for you and your entire family. One container will last you 1-2 years! It is awesome stuff. You can also use it to replace any scouring cleaners. It works great to clean the inside of your stove, around your sink (esp. if you have hard water like I do!), in the shower, tub, glass shower doors, rust stains, etc. I have some before and after pictures on my business facebook page if you'd like to see by searching: Waterways Music Services: Shaklee Independent Distributor. I have a friend who's daughter was using red marker that bled through the paper onto her light colored counter top. She used the scour off with little effort to remove it. I really love this product and can't say enough about it. (can you tell? lol) If you aren't familiar, Shaklee is the #1 natural nutrition co. in the US and has been around for over 50 years now. I actually grew up with their products as my mom has been using them for over 35 years now. I got away from Shaklee when I went away to college but after becoming a mom myself over 2 years ago, I wanted more safe but effective cleaners, so I got back into using Shaklee and am so glad I did. I would be happy to tell you more if you are open to it. I hope this is helpful to you and good luck! :)

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answers from St. Louis on

I use CeramaBryte cleaner & a scrubby which came with my stove. I also use the scraper diligently!! It's the only thing which totally cleans those marks!

& then we have the actual pitting which I destroyed the top with.....all from the batch of fudge which boiled over! I was soooo frustrated with myself!! I should have changed pots & burners as soon as the fudge boiled over.....but, no, I didn't & will regret this until we buy a new cooktop. Aaargh!

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answers from Augusta on

I use a razor blade to scrape off any stuck on stuff then I spray windex or a multi purpose cleaner let it sit for a few minutes then scrub it with a sponge.
I also use the scotch bright cooktop cleaner. it works well but you have to take a damp paper towel to buff out the streaks. You can get it at walmart.

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answers from Toledo on

Hi I have a flat top stove and a product from Shaklee called "scour off" all natural and works like a charm without hurting your stove top. let me know if you're interested. S.

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answers from South Bend on

I use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on mine. It does have lots of toxic chemicals in it though (most people don't realize that), so use gloves when using it.

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answers from Columbus on

I love Shaklee's Scour Off!!!

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answers from Indianapolis on

We bought a house with a glass-top stove. I have always used gas, so I'm still getting used to electric and I make a lot of messes:( The previous owners left behind a bottle of "Cooktop Magic" cleaner and it works amazingly well! You just poor it on and rub it in with a damp sponge then buff it off with a cotton towel - no rinsing needed! It even got off some stuff that was still on the stove when we moved in :P
I know you aren't supposed to use scrubbies, but I did use a magic eraser once when there was something I just couldn't get off.



answers from Indianapolis on

The Mr. Clean eraser works well for me... It still may take a little elbow grease but should come clean.

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