Cleaning "Electric" Stuffed Animals

Updated on October 21, 2008
A.W. asks from Saint Paul, MN
4 answers

We have a few stuffed animals that have battery packs inside that do not come out. How can I get them clean?

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It is probably not the prefered way, butI just throw them in the washing machin on gentle cycle. They have always worked afterwards. I know I run the risk of recking them, but my dda has CF so I dont take any chances with germs. I would rather reck he doll than have her play wia dirty one.

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answers from Grand Rapids on

A.; rub them with a baby wipe, youd be surprised how clean things can get with a baby wipe, their little car seat, and their seat belts get soooo dirty i tried everything, apolstery cleaner everything one day i was fed up and wiped it with a baby wipe, cleaned it, so i would think stuffed animals would come clean too, but be wary you might have to use quite a few of them, hahaha any way its worth a try, ive cleaned a few car seats with it, and their straps ive not tried it on stuffed animals though, but if all else fails a dry cleaner person should be able to tell you or help , but that gets very expensive, but in some cases its worth it, D. s mom of 3 boys, and lots of messes,

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What I did with my son's stuffed animals (with batteries and without) is to put a few in a big garbage bag with some baking soda. (Make sure the battery area on the toy is zipped, or closed as tightly as possible.) Shake it up a lot. then, stick the vacuum hose in to suck out all the powder. It cleaned and freshened them without damaging them at all. (If there was a stain on one, I just did a little spot cleaning and let it dry before the baking soda bag.)



answers from Minneapolis on

There are safe, nontoxic, surface/fabric cleaners marketed specifically for cleaning stuffed animals. Go to, and type in stuffed animal cleaner.

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