Cleaning Crockpot Shell

Updated on March 10, 2011
S.M. asks from Zanesville, OH
7 answers

Any tips on how to clean a stainless steel crockpot? I put too much water in and some broth boiled over into the outer shell. Obviously I can't soak it, but I've tried a couple of spray cleaners, and even scrubbing it with a steel wool pad, but it's not helping at all. It's burnt on pretty well, and it looks horrible. The manual just says to wipe it clean with a damp cloth, but that's not going to do it!

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answers from Roanoke on

Bar Keeper's Friend works wonders!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Try a baking soda paste ( just mix it with a little water) and let it sit for a while. Then rub it with a lot of warm water. It worked on my SS cook top when something burned really bad on it. It did leave a little shadow of scratches... but I don't really see them now.

Also - I clean my SS w/ baby oil... works like a charm.


answers from Detroit on

No help on how to clean it, BUT in the future, buy Reynolds Crock Pot Liners. They are bags you put in the pot and cook in. They keep your crock pot almost spotless while your meal cooks.



answers from Denver on

For horrible burnt on spills I use Oven Magic, I think that's what it's called. Its the stuff you spray in the oven to clean the racks and works great on grills. I use it on pots and my flat griddle pan and the metal shells under the stove coils. Also you could try rubbing the spill with a baking soda/water paste and letting it sit for a day, the spray it with vinegar and rince it off after it stops fizzing. That sometimes is the best. :)



answers from Chicago on

Other than the actual crock pot that cooks, I just wipe the outter shell..I have some permanent stains in the core but oh well.....Try Oxiclean with a scrub pad and dont' and gently wipe. or use some comet with a sponge and be gentle as to not scratch it.



answers from Columbus on

Try the Mr. Clean magic sponge - cleans everything! Or the products for smooth top stoves - very non abrasive cleaners There is also a spray I have used on my broiler pan - dawn power dissolver. It has even lifted paint out of our laundry room sink....


answers from Lafayette on

if you have tried everything else... i have an idea... i've never used it on anything like a crock pot shell. but on stains and things i have a tough time getting out, i will use "The Works" toilet cleaner. just a little bit on a rag and it usually helps out a ton. but you might want to try everything else before that, because the toilet cleaner is some pretty powerful chemicals.

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