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Updated on July 17, 2007
S.C. asks from Forest Park, IL
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Hello All,

My family moved into this house not too long ago and the blinds on the windows need some serious cleaning. Now, I suspect these things have not been cleaned for years and so there is a soot-like film on them. Now I can wipe each individual blind but then the strings start looking muddy. Does anyone have a suggestion how to get them really clean? I am interested in suggestions for a good cleaning product as well. I use Pine-sol for just about everything, but if you have a better suggestion I am open. Thank you.

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I have the foe wooden blinds, and I clean them with a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and hot tap water. I love the out come of this.
I was thinking that if your blinds are that dirty, perhaps you could make the mixture in your bathtub and let the blinds soak in there for a while, then wipe clean. Let air dry.
Good luck!!

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Hi ,

I have wooden blinds and I myself use white vinegar and warm tap water every few months its a pain but who better to clean your own things then you yourself. Depending on what type of blinds you have you can take them down and spray them with your cleaning solution outside and then hose them down and air dry .

Hope this helps .



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I'm not sure if it is in your budget, but if it is, maybe think of having a professional service come to clean the blinds. I cannot recommend one personally, since I haven't used this type of service, but I know there are companies out there. I did a Google search to be sure and some came up. Some mention the words ultrasonic cleaning. I'm not quite sure how this type of cleaning works, but it sounds pretty impressive:) Here's the address of the company I just found on-line

I hope this helps.




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if they are plastic blinds clean them in the bath tub
i spray them 1st with scrubbing bubbles
i have sometimes even done them on my patio and rinse withe the hose
dont forget to each side

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