Cleaning a Pack in Play

Updated on April 22, 2009
M.S. asks from Holly Springs, NC
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I just bought a used Pack in Play. It Has been used. The cloth is dirty & netting. How do you clean it?

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So What Happened?

I used a power washer. Used bleach water & pet order remove soap. It looks great. Thanks for all of the tips.

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answers from Raleigh on

You have already received some great responses, but I thought I would add that you can buy a bottom sheet for the pack n play. We bought the thickest one Graco makes (I think it was $10), and we have never had to clean the bottom of the pack n play. Just thought I could save you some trouble the next time around! :)

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answers from Greensboro on

When I bought a used pack n play I took it outside with a bucket of warm water with laundry detergent, just like I was about to wash the car. I scrubbed down every last inch of the pack n play. The I hosed it all down and let it dry in the sunshine on the grass. If there is an odor, the grass will get it out. I also machine washed the bassinet netting, the carrying bag, and other small parts inside a pillowcase. I also dried them that way. Hope this helps.



answers from Charlotte on

Here's how I cleaned mine before giving it to a friend. A bucket of hot soapy water and two sponges or rags. I used a rag on either side of the netting so I didn't push too hard against it and stretch or tear it. I just leaned over it and used the rags together, scrubbing against each other if there was a dirty spot. Then I just used the rags on the other surfaces and let it air dry for a day. I used a wet rag on the bottom piece also, but make sure the rag isn't soaking wet, just damp. Myer's cleaner has a good soapy cleaner that isn't harmful or full of harsh chemicals. Good Luck!



answers from Knoxville on

You can set it up and wet it with a garden hose.Once it's wet take some laundry soap and scrub it.It should come clean fairly quickly.Hope this helps you :-)



answers from Nashville on

Wait untill a warm, sunny day. Place the pack and play outdoors. Spray is down with a mixture of water, laundry detergent and color safe bleach. If necessary, use a scrub brush to loosen any dirt. Spray with garden hose to rinse. Repeat until clean. Leave outside until dry.



answers from Raleigh on

Take it outside on a sunny day. Spray it thoroughly with a good cleaning spray. Rinse it thoroughly with the hose till the water runs clear. Leave it in the sun till it dries. It may not look new, but it will be clean. You could probably do this in the shower too.



answers from Charleston on

I poured bleach into a bucket with water when I was washing my daughters getting it ready for use when I was pregnant with my son. I wiped it down then rinsed it with water in the bath tub as it was the middle of winter and I couldnt use the water hose outside. Took it a couple days to dry but the bleach didt fade the color any. I didnt make it very strong though like 10 parts water to 1 part bleach cause I was worried about the bleach making holes in the thin parts of the fabric.


answers from Memphis on

Melaleuca's Sol U Mel kills the bacteria/germs on contact, does not harm anything and deorderizes also. We washed ours with a good all purpose (non toxic) cleaner...sprayed it with Sol U Mel and did the set it in the sun trick. It felt very clean even though it looked very used.

The bleach leaves residue (like it does on dishes washed with Cascade) - and definitely don't spray it with Lysol (one of the top four suspects of SIDS). Tests have shown toxins on toys and furniture from disinfectant sprays like Lysol even one week after using it the room - not even directly on the toys and items.




answers from Knoxville on

I would get a bucket with hot water and anti-bacterial cleaner and scrub it down. Then use a shop vac to suck up any excess water and put it in the sun to dry.


answers from Johnson City on

The new steam cleaners are pretty good for this. If you don't have one, ask around, someone else might have one you could borrow. Mine has an attachment for areas other than floors. For the pack and play I would simply use distilled water, It worked great on a used stroller my Mom has for the Grandkids. After cleaning it with the steamer we simply wiped the surface area with baby wipes, and set it in a room that gets full sun for a few hours to dry free of any moisture. The thing has been through 11 gandkids so far and cleaned up GREAT!



answers from Raleigh on

I would take it outside on a warm sunny day, spray is with Simple Green spray cleaner and use the hose with a jet sprayer to wash it. Then let it dry in the sun for the rest of the day.

I have done this with carseats and strollers too.

Good luck! A. F.

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