Cleaning a Britax Boulevard Car Seat Cover?? Need Advise Asap!! Please Help!

Updated on August 26, 2011
K.H. asks from Denton, TX
11 answers

Hello Mamas,

My little one has had an accident in her car seat. Now I am wondering how to get the smell of pee out of the seat. It just now happened, but with this hot weather I don't want it to stink up the car. Any suggestions on how to clean it or what to use. I looked on their website and didn't see any instructions on how to clean them. Thanks in advance.

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answers from Boston on

Wash in cold water and the foam pad under too if it comes out. Wipe down the plastic part with a very dilute solution of bleach and water. No problem. This will happen again!

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answers from Denver on

This has happened to us ... twice.... Our Marathon manual says not to machine wash, but I do it on gentle, cold and air dry it. I also would add some vinegar (white) and baking soda to the wash to get the smell out.

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answers from Detroit on

I have take n the seats apart and washed the covers.. they do not recommend washing the straps but the covers are washable.


answers from Pittsburgh on

I've machine washed my Britax cover several times. No problem. Washes perfectly, comes out smelling nice and fresh, and it fluff's the nap a little too, making the seat soft like new! I have always hung ours to dry.

Throw it in the washer!



answers from Dallas on

I have the marathon and we too just take off the car seat cove and machine wash it. I do mine on cold and then let it air dry and it looks new =) We have two of them and have washed them a couple of times and everything comes out great. Usually when we do it we go ahead and soak the belts in some Oxi-clean and water at the same time just to get a deep clean throughout the car seat.


answers from Detroit on

The BEST way to counter this would be to steam clean it, if you don't own a steam cleaner rent one from your local grocery (its easy to use)... if you don't want to do it your self you can send it to an organic cleaning business that uses steam cleaning.



answers from Denver on

You can wash it in the machine, even though it says not to. Gentle cycle. If the straps got wet, then spot clean them and use some Fabreeze and lay them out in the sun. Seat belt webbing can lose its structural/mechanical integrity if it gets completely wet.



answers from Seattle on

I have so been there with two kids britax cleans up nicely.. best advice I got was use nature miracle pet stain remover (sold at pet smart or places like that made to clean up pet pee) the enzymes take the smell out works good on throw up.. so remove cover spray with that cleaner if straps need it spray straps.. I put only the cover in the washer on cold and then dry for 10 min or less.. then hang dry.. but I live in seattle so thats why I dry a few minutes.. I use natures miracle on carpet micro fiber couch and throw up all over my car..
best of luck,



answers from Gainesville on

Take the cover off and spot clean it with gentle soap and water and let it air dry. That's what I did when my little one had spilled milk in hers and I couldn't figure out why the car smelled to high heaven!

I suggested spot cleaning because our instruction manuel says specifically not to machine wash.



answers from Jacksonville on

I wash our seat covers on the gentle cycles. To prevent future problems get a Piddle Pad (made by Kiddopotamus). It's a waterproof pad you put in the bottom of the car seat or stroller. If an accident happens, you wash it and hang it to dry. I keep a couple of the pads clean and ready to go so when an accident happens I just put a clean one in the soiled one's place. On a side note, they are great to use while potty training. I get mine from Walmart or Kmart.



answers from Seattle on

I have the decathalon and I take off the seat cover and machine wash it on gentle and air dry it all the time. It has held up wonderful and looks brand new.

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