Cleaning a Britax Boulevard Car Seat Cover

Updated on July 10, 2011
C.A. asks from Petaluma, CA
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So I just wrestled with my daughters Britax Boulevard car seat cover and FINALLY got it off to clean it. I read the label and it says to hand wash!! I was wondering if anyone has had any good experiances washing the cover in the machine. What cycle did you put it on, did you line dry it? My daughters bottle "exploded" on the car seat a few months ago, we thought it was all cleaned up until the heat started =o) Also, as I was taking the cover off, the styrofoam on the side impact protection broke at the crease. I thought it was there for padding and comfort, but the directions call it an energy absorber or something like that. Should I look for a replacement, or do you think placing it back together when I put the cover back on will be sufficient enough since the cover is so snug?
Thank you!

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So What Happened?

I washed it on the "hand wash/delicate" cycle and it turned out fine. As for the foam, I bought a new piece for $3, plus $10 shipping. When put in reference to the bike helmet I thought I should replace it (thank you!). Thank you everyone for your ideas, it turns out it's $80 to replace the I'm glad it was ok.

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I usually handwash mine and then put them in the gentle spin cycle of my (front-loader) washer to wring out some of the water, then hang it up and it dries overnight.

The foam is EPS (expanded polystyrene) - the same kind that's used in bicycle helmets. You can call or email Britax to ask about whether it can be just stuck back in or post your q on a forum like this one (host and many regulars are chid-passenger safety techs)

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not sure about he boulevard but I had the marathon nd I washed that thing over and over again inthe machine on cold and then (Shame on me) even tossed it in the dryer a few minutes to get some water out then laid it over a chair outside

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Yes - after my daughter threw up all over her car seat, I hosed it off and then threw it in the washer with detergent and color-safe bleach, then line-dried it. I have a front-loading machine, which I think is somewhat better for washing delicates - but I actually used the "power wash" cycle (toddler barf is really gross!) and it was fine. Good luck!

I'm not sure about the foam, but I'd try maybe gluing it back on with some gorilla glue.

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I have taken my Britax cover off a few times. I wash it in the washer on gentle and cold. I hang it in my shower to dry and it has always worked great. It dries really fast. Hope this helps.



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I've washed mine (I have two Boulevards for two kids) numerous times in the washing machine and they are still perfect. My styrofoam broke the first time, though, and I had taped it back together but today as I was taking the covers off to wash it broke into three pieces so now need to buy new ones. I plan to call Britax first thing tomorrow. I wonder if there is a sturdier alternative to styrofoam? Seems awfully flimsy for such an expensive car seat.

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