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Updated on June 04, 2010
*.M. asks from Tucson, AZ
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Im looking for a really good way to clean my carpets without spending a lot of money........i wanted to do steam cleaning but don't know if its worth it.....any ideas?? The carpet is really; really dirty!!!

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THANKS EVERONE.....I ALSO FOUND THIS ON THE NET.................For cleaning your carpets, cleaners with the Carpet & Rug Institute Seal of Approval will give an effective and safe clean. Since these products have already been vigorously tested, you can rest assured that you are not using your own carpet as a test subject.

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Hi Josie,

With the economy the way it is I've seen whole house (approx 5 rooms) steam cleaning for around $100.00. I'd call around to the professionals in your area and see if anyone is running a special or look in the "thrifty nickle" type papers or on craigslist. Steam extraction is really the best way to get them clean and if you try to do it yourself you will probably spend that much money anyway....


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answers from Albuquerque on

Honestly, I think you should just buy a steamer! For about $200 you can get a Hoover Steam Vac from Best Buy and you have it around for weekly or monthly cleaning, or spot cleaning, as needed. We bought our first Hoover (for closer to $300) four years ago, along with the $40 Best buy warranty. Over the four years, the warranty came in handy several times. They fixed its minor repairs. and then, when the hose attachment wasn't working very well a couple weeks ago, just before the warranty ran out, they just replaced the whole steamer. So I got a new one, bought a new warranty for $40, and I LOVE it. I never stress about the kids spilling drinks on the carpet, or the dog having an accident, etc., because the steamer is amazing! Plus, you get so much more use out of it than paying for "professionals" to come just once.


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answers from Phoenix on

If you decide to go with a company I have been very pleased with Sears carpet cleaning. They do a great job. You can also find coupons in the mail most months. I ahve used them for several years now. Other wise i would suggest renting one of the carpet cleaning devices from the grocery store.

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Well, the cheap way is usually the worst way to go with really dirty carpet. Call Norma of Clean and Fresh Carpet Cleaning: ###-###-#### and let her know Chris referred you over. She and I network together, and I've used her at my home...she's really good at what she does and you may be surprised at her competitive price... plus she has access to natural, green, chemical-free house cleaning products. OOPS just found that you're in Tucson...she doesn't cover that city.....SORRY...

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