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Updated on March 08, 2008
E.H. asks from Dallas, TX
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I am looking into taking a couple of classes at Baylor hospital, where I'll be delivering. I have heard from a couple of people that delivered at other hospitals that they were actually able to take some of the classes for free while they were in the hospital after the baby was born. Has anyone had their babies at Baylor that can tell me if this is true there? The ones I am interested in are the breastfeeding class and the basic baby care class.

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Hi E. -
If I understand this right, you want to take classes at the hospital the couple of days after you have delivered? If so, I wouldn't suggest it. You will be SO tired. Plus - you are going to want to have the classes before you deliver. If you are breastfeeding, you can use what you learn in the class and when the lactation consultants come in, they will refer to that class.

Also - if you register to take the classes, you get a discount at the Simply Mom's store for each class you take (2 classes, 2 discounts on 2 separate items). I bought my breast pump there and used my discount. :-)

I delivered at Baylor (I never heard of any classes while I was in the hospital). I took the breastfeeding class and the labor and delivery class. I loved both of them. My husband went with me to both (he was afraid he would be the only husband at the breastfeeding class - but he was definitely not). And, there is also a FABULOUS mommy & me class up there taught by Melissa Espey-Mueller. She is AMAZING. It's on Monday mornings from 10:30-12. She covers everything - and takes suggestions for class topics. You can take your baby (of course) and it is such a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Melissa also teaches a labor and delivery class and that was fabulous as well (she's just a great teacher).

If you have any questions about the classes, let me know. I can also get you Melissa's number if you would like.

Best of luck!



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I gave birth there and there was no mention of classes during my stay that I recall. Definately research and go to classes well before giving birth. You don't know how long your labor's going to last and what condition you're going to be in in after your delivery, etc. My point is, chances are you are going to be focused on other things. Baylor does provide lactation consultants so be sure to ask for one to consult with you. There is also a boutique there that I think can help you out too. Give them a call. Also, I highly recommend that any women thinking of breastfeeding should go to a couple of La Leche League meetings before giving birth. You can ask all sorts of questions and find out all sorts of information. I found them to be a way better resource than any physician or class.

We took Bradley classes with Linda Worzer. They covered everything and I would highly recommend them. THey weren't free though. If you're looking for something like that, they are great.



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I don't have any information about the Baylor classes, but I just wanted to recommend to you that you take them ahead of time if possible. I remember being so tired and overwhelmed in the hospital right after my son was born, I think it would be really hard to focus on a class. My son had to be in the NICU briefly and at the hospital where I delivered they required that the parents have infant CPR before releasing babies from the NICU to go home. I remember being so glad that we had done that before my son was born because between breastfeeding, trying to get some sleep and get my strength back to go home and take care of my new baby, there was no way I had the energy or time to take a class. Just a suggestion based on my experience. Best of luck to you for your upcoming delivery!




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Hi E.,

First congrats on the new baby!

I did not know hospitals charged for breast feeding classes.

You may want to contact La Leche League for breast feeding classes. They were wonderful. I knew I was going to breastfeed my kids (and all 4 of them were, and I'm still nursing my 15 month old).

I would contact Baylor to find out what they offer to new mom. I know some hospitals do this for free, or the cost isn't much.

Some of my favorite books to read for my first pregnancy is the Vickie Iovine Books, and the What to Expect Series. :) Good luck!~

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