Claritan Am/zyrtec PM for 6 Year Old?

Updated on September 15, 2010
S.E. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi Moms,
My daughter's pediatrician recommended she take Claritan in the morning and Zyrtec at night during this high allergy season. She's never been diagnosed with a particular allergy, but she does get the "allergy shiners" under her eyes and is prone to getting colds/sinus infections that can turn into respiratory issues this time of year and we think it might all start with the congestion that comes from allergies. Anyway, 2 pharmacists we've spoken too were surprised at this combo as each drug is a 24 hour drug. One pharmacist was alarmed. We try to find drug alternatives when possible, so the idea that we are overmedicating is scary to us. But this is what the doctor suggested. Anyone else out there giving their kids this combo? Thanks!

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answers from Chicago on

I was told that if my son's allergies are really bad, I could give him a half a zyrtec in the evening and half in the morning. At his age, a half is the full dose. The zyrtec/claratin combo is because the claratin does not cause drowsyness. I'd still probably get a second opinion though.

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answers from Atlanta on

I try to dodge meds at all costs and combining these two really sounds a bit much. We have done away with all allergies in our home by detoxing our house so we don't have so many things breaking down our immune systems. It's really simple and can be inexpensive if done right. In the mean time there are a couple of natural things (simple foods) that can be taken. Elderberry extract builds the immune system and will do away with simple allergy symptoms. I told my kids it was what Mary Poppins gave Jane and Michael. It tastes good too..Local honey is also good. One teaspoon in the AM should help. A good absorbable multivitamin will assist as well.

If you want any specific information, let me know. I'd love to help.


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answers from San Francisco on

Before starting 1 or both meds, you should really have your child tested. Our son had bad allergies this spring, worse than past years, so we decided to do an allergy test on him. He was fine on most everything except for rye grasses his # was 6 (top of the scale) and this was causing his puffy red eyes. We had patch seeded some of the lawn in the backyard, who knew that was the culprit. Any once you know you can limit/minimize the exposure to the things she's most allergic too. I personally wouldn't be comfortable giving both. I would start with one. Google side effects for both in kids. Our friends son got put on Zyrtec and in a few days he was an emotional roller coaster. Our son did fine on it. If you start with one and wait to add the second only if it's necessary then you will be able to know if she's having a bad side affect to the medicine and which medicine it is.

Have you taken her to an allergist yet? I would ask for the referral, one to find out what she's allergic to, and two to confirm that the 2 together is ok.

Let us know what you find out.

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answers from Dallas on

We have given our child an allergy combo. We have not done those two at the same time but they were basically the same thing. Before you do this try going to an allergist and find out what the problem is. Chances are there is a better med for your daughter if you know what her main allergies are. We went through so many meds before we found out he has a specfic allergy that triggers all the others problems. We also went to an ENT and had his adnoids removed. A Blessing. Now that we know what his main allergy is we can now give him meds only as needed not as a "try and see" method. Go to an allergist it is your best bet if your daughter has been have lots of problems. I wish we did sooner. It would have saved a lot of time and my soon would have felt better sooner.



answers from Las Vegas on

we don't use a combo ONLY Zyrtec at night right before bed.. works really well.. our son is allergic to dustmites and when he doesnt get the medicine, sneezes in the morning upon awakening... but when he does get it.. NO sneezing... I say go with one.. also.. Zyrtec isn't as harsh as some of those allergy meds which can leave you sleepy................ best of luck



answers from Detroit on

The kids Claratin has a shorter time span from what I hear; I was told Claritan in the morning because it doesn't make you drowsy and then benadryl at night for my kids. Talk to your doctor about the concerns from the pharmacist; in fact, when my daughter had issues with constipation, the doctor told me to buy miralax and the pharmacy wouldn't sell it to me for her w/o a prescription. Your doctor can prescribe OTC meds and your insurance will usually cover it. Good luck!



answers from Honolulu on

NO... don't do that.

Listen to the Pharmacists.

There is NO need to give Zyrtec Night-time... because that is just to make the child be able to sleep... it causes drowsiness etc.
So, you do NOT have to give it.
I wouldn't.

And yes... Claritin is 24 hours....

Zyrtec, is not preferred by some...

The difference in "a.m." and "p.m." formulations is, that daytime formulas does NOT cause drowsiness.

My Husband and I to a certain extent, get like your daughter... it is just non specific seasonal allergies. We take Claritin for adults.
Sudafed... is a SINUS over the counter med. NOT for children... unless there is a child specific formulation... but do not just give it, unless you know specifically.
Your child seems to get sinus irritations as well... per the allergies. My Husband reacts that way, too.
And yes, the Neti pot is great... for the nose and allergies. Even Doctors do it.
My daughter is 7, and will use it and even asks to use it when her nose is acting up.

all the best,



answers from Tulsa on

I always trust a pharmacist over a doc when it comes to medications.

God bless the docs, they are really trying to do what's right, but they are not professionals when it comes to medicines. Pharmacists are the experts.

I would never go to a general pediatrician for allergy stuff anyway, I would go to an ORL, or ENT, doc and then see what they say. They will most likely do some testing to find the particular allergy and treat that allergy.



answers from Chicago on

What dosage did the doc say to give her? Reason I ask is I know that the Zyrtec 24 hr says to give anywhere from 1/2 teas to 1 teas daily. My son has bad allergies and I give him 1 teas daily. If the doc said to give her 1/2 teas each time, I think that would be fine. But if the doc said to give her 1 teas each time, I think I may ask another doctor their opinion - expecially if you are concerned.



answers from St. Louis on

I have never heard of giving both drugs within the same day. Our pediatrician recommended one at a time. With my daughter we had better luck with the Zyrtec for her allergies. I recommend making an appointment with an allergy doctor. I got tired of our pediatrician recommending different drugs to try on my daughter so we seen a allergy doctor and an ENT. We found out she was allergic to all sorts of trees, grass, pollen and a few indoor allergies. With the ENT we found that she had slightly enlarged adenoids too. With finding this helpful info on her the doctor prescribed a nasal spray and the Zyrtec that has helped her tremendously.



answers from Washington DC on

My now 9 year old has been on Claritin and Singulair during high hay fever and pollen times. He also has had the nose spray prescribed. He's been on these since Kindergarten, so maybe 5.
I would start with the Claritin. See how that helps. Ask the pharmacist of there is anything else she can take that is not as strong as Zyrtec, which didnt' work at all for us anyway.


answers from Dallas on

Our family of 3 has awful allergies this time of year. We live on a heavily wooded lot and back up to a huge wooded park area. Cedar Elm is an issue for us.

I just got out of the Dr today with my 15 yr old with allergies that have turned into ear infection. She usually has a sinus infection with it as well. Hopefully all will be ok, started on antibiotics (this is rarely used for my healthy child) and a new Rx of Allegra. We had all been on Claritin and Sudafed.

Just yesterday, I was so miserable the lady at grocery checkout at Market Street told me I needed some local honey. I checked it out and found a very small market out in the country around Fairview. I bought some local honey and the lady at the market said bee pollen was more concentrated and does help a lot of people. I was so miserable I bought that too.

I am not I was 90% better. Still some issues but 1 dose (1/8 tsp) of bee pollen and I feel SO much better. It does not taste too bad, it does lave a bit of an aftertaste but not too bad.

I told the pedi about it today and she agreed that it does work for a lot of people. I've been on Claritin and Sudafed over 2 weeks and 1 dose of the pollen had helped SO much.

I am no Dr. but ask your pedi about this option.



answers from Boston on

You should have your child tested. Her allergies sound like my 3yr olds he takes zyrtec at night and and a nasal spray in the morning. I have never heard of giving zyrtec and claritin together. When my 3 yr old was having difficulty in march sinus infection after sinus infection that were not from colds but allergies the allergist added flonase and it helped a lot and my oldest had a lot of difficulties this spring when the tree pollen hit early and high and the allergist added flonase for him too. I would definately consider asking for a referral to an allergist. Are you sure the dr didn't state either/ or they are so similar and are both 24 hr. I know you can take other meds like benedryl while taking either zyrtec or claritin becasue they are long lasting while benedryl isn't.

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