City Mini Double Vs. Double BOB Stroller

Updated on March 07, 2010
K.L. asks from San Jose, CA
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Hi moms! I have a 23 month old daughter and am expecting my son next month. They will be exactly 2 years apart. I am debating whether to get a double BOB stroller or a City Mini Double. Do you have any comments or recommendations on either of these strollers? I need a stroller that can take paved walkways, pathways, side walks, unpaved soil, yet is roomy and comfortable for all day outtings. My daughter is big for her age (90% percentile) so something that roomy and will last her a while is also a plus. I have a Graco Car seat and a Chicco KeyFit 30 carseat, so something that will also accommodate either of these car seats for the newborn would be a plus as well. I've never seen a City Mini in person, but many of my friends have the double BOB and love them! Thank you for your thoughts.

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answers from San Francisco on

Just noticed that no one has mentioned the Mountain Buggy, I have it and absolutely love it, it has air filled rubber tires, a nice place to rest feet where as some of them do not(a must have for an older child), also has a high weight limit which if you look at the weight limit on the others they aren't as high and therefore can't be used as long, I also have plenty of storage. My two girls are 22 months apart. Check out they have great prices and free shipping on orders over $100. Just wanted to add that one thing I didn't like about the Bob when I was comparing strollers was the annoying extremely long strap it has. I also didn't want something everyone seems to have, at least here anyway in Ca.



answers from Chicago on

we just went thru this. i didn't like the city mini because when we put my 22 month old in it he was cramped and his head almost touched the top and there is no storage. i did like how light it was and easy to collapse. We have the single BOB but what i don't like is they sit so far back that when we went to the zoo we constantly had to take my son out so he could see. With the double BOB the infant adapter bar has to be attached across both seats and isn't easily removed and storage is not great. We finally found the bumbleride indie twin and LOVE it. my son has a ton of room to keep growing, my gigantic diaper bag and all our winter coats can fit in the basket and the infant adapter bar only has to go across the one seat. it's as heavy as the bob so a little harder to collapse and store than the mini but overall we're very happy with it!



answers from San Francisco on

To be honest, I would not get either of theses strollers. Unless you Jog, you DO NOT NEED the BOB. ( it is a hybrid jogging stroller)It is bigger that 30 Inches so it will not go through a normal doorway and it also have smaller seats and a flat canopy. If your oldest child is tall for her age, she will outgrow the stroller before you are done with it.
As for the baby Jogger, it is a better match if you do not want to go out on a trail or unpaved gravel. It is a lightweight stroller and not meant to go on unpaved area's.

What I would suggest is a Baby Jogger City Elite. You will do much better with a stroller with Air tires. Baby Jogger Has the Biggest seat back and will fit your tall child the longest. This is the same for the City mini as well. so if you do not feel like you need something with air tires, go City mini.

Now, to see these stroller there is a place in downtown Oakland that I know has then on the floor. It is, Let's Go strolling. I they are having their big sale today form 930 to 330. I am going down myself to look at a stroller. All my friend have gotten their strollers that and say it has a greeat selection.

Come check it out. I'm sure something will be on sale.




answers from Wichita on

I have the City Mini Double stroller which I bought when I was pregnant with my second child and absolutely, hands-down LOVE it. My youngest is now eight months so we've been using it for a while now. The only problem is that it doesn't fit a car seat but at 2 months old I was putting my daughter in it and would just recline the seat all the way back. It folds up very easily, it is light, and I have not had one issue about getting through doors or maneuvering in small spaces. I can guide it with one hand too. There also isn't a ton of storage space but I just bought a hook that I attached to the bar and I can hang bags and/or my purse and stuff. Plus, I think its a few hundred less than the BOB. It isn't a jogging stroller though so if that is your purpose then I'd go with the BOB.



answers from Salinas on

I have twins and like my Bob for around my neighborhood, which is rural with bumpy roads, gravel... It does fit through my small doorway at home and when the twins are sleeping I easily roll them in the house without waking them. It does not fit through the neighborhood gate on the fence. It would if the gate went back flush with the opening, but it doesn't and the side bar of the gate gets in the way. We love using it at the beach and walk on the beach often, but that's the only time we have taken it with us in the car so far. We put down the third row seat in our Toyota Sienna to fit it. We often comment we needed this car for the stroller.

It will challenge you running with two kids that is for sure. Especially uphill. I walk a lot more than jog with it as I had pictured myself doing prior to buying it. I have to push on the bar a little to lift the front wheel to turn corners more easily. I'm used to it. A four wheel stroller would turn easier. We looked at the Bumbleride and loved it, but it didn't seem right for our rural neighborhood and beach excursions so we chose the Bob. Friends who live in towns near by and do more shopping in town trips like the Bumbleride. It is beautiful and classy. The Bob is more sports like which my husband likes. We see double and single Bobs all over Capitola-Santa Cruz area. Bumblerides in Carmel.

I love the coverage from the sun and wind the Bob provides. Our Maclaren has lousy canopies. The Bob is very comfortable. The baskets and pouches hold my sweater, snacks, cups... essentials for a walk. The brake system is so easy to use.

We love our Bob, but it just fits our life style. There's no perfect stroller that fits all uses or we would all have it. You just have to figure out which fits your lifestyle best. Maybe you could borrow one of your friends to try out.

Good luck. Hope this helps.



answers from Colorado Springs on

I have the double BOB. It is heavier than I thought it would be, but I was mainly using it for long distance running of a minimum of 6 miles. I found it a bit odd and hard to turn/steer. I also have the carseat conversion that goes w/ the BOB. I have never used the BOB infant seat conversion bar if you want to buy it from me! I have never seen a city mini double in person, but I just googled it. It looks like it's good if you aren't a runner. Just based on how it looks, the BOB would handle trails better, but the BOB is hard to steer. I guess I wasn't much help!

EDITED to add that the BOB is also quite large. If you don't have a big trunk it will not fit. I had a mini van and it didn't fit, but fits fine in my Sequoia as long as we have the 3rd row seat removed.

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