Circus Theme Party - Menu Ideas?

Updated on August 22, 2011
A.H. asks from Ontario, CA
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Hi Mamas,

We're doing a circus theme for my kids' birthday party next weekend, but I'm stuck on the menu. It seems all I can think of for "circus food" is junk: popcorn, cotton candy, giant pretzels... We're going to have corn dogs, probably a fruit salad, lemonade, and cake for dessert, that enough? It seems like we should have more! Any suggestions?

(young guests, age 6 & under, and we're going for cheap here!)


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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the responses, mama's! I had thought about the animal crackers, and forgot about it, so thanks for the reminder! I got those and will be ordering some pre-packaged cotton candy for the goodie bags. Renting the machine and then buying all the extra stuff to make it is just too expensive (but thanks to the mom who called me a fuddy duddy, that made me feel awesome about our financial situation and the fact that I can't throw my kids the kind of party I really want to.)

I also like the clown veggie plate idea; I'm trying to think how to organize it, but my brain is stuck on cherry tomatoes for hair, nose & mouth. What to use for the rest of the face (besides black olives for the eyes)?

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answers from Provo on

What a fun idea! I think that is plenty of food. If you wanted to you could give each of the kids a package of those circus animal crackers (the ones in the box with a little string handle) or those frosted & sprinkled animal cookies (the pink and white ones).

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answers from St. Louis on

Oh rent a cotton candy maker, your kid will be the most popular kid ever!!!!! They are actually quite fun to play with as well.

Oh you forgot popcorn. If you are going to be a fuddy duddy and not do the cotton candy how about renting a popcorn machine?


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answers from St. Louis on

Popcorn and peanuts
Snow cones
cotton candy

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answers from Boston on

what about bobbing for apples?? thats clown/circus themed right?? then you can have little bowls of peanut butter or caramel for dipping?? just an idea

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answers from Phoenix on

My friend did this too and I will say hers was junk overload. She had cotton candy, carmel corn, lemonade, chips, corn dogs plus cake. It was almost gross and I am not one to shy away from junk food. I would maybe try to throw in something healthy like roasted corn on a stick or apples on a stick. Maybe you could do fruit kabobs instead of fruit salad. A bit more work, but so cut and pretty! Happy Birthday to your little one.



answers from Los Angeles on

what about a face painter? I know an amazing one if you need a recommendation! She can paint anything on your kids' faces and will travel to you. Have fun!


answers from San Diego on

So, I'm thinking it might be cute if you made a 'carousel' with dinosaur chicken nuggets. Use a cardboard circle cutout, put chicken nugget dinosaurs onto skewers, put a skewer in the middle of the circle cutout and then create a carousel top out of something. I bet a place like oriental trading has some sort of carousel cupcake stand and you can use that for dinosaur chicken nuggets instead of cupcakes;)

Remember bobbing for apples? Well, you can do a modernized (and more sanitary) version, by tie'ing apples to strings and hanging them from a tree or something, tie'ing kids hands behind their backs and letting them each loose on an apple - makes eating healthy a carnival game;)



answers from Los Angeles on

yes! That is plenty. I think you have a fantastic idea!

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