Circumcision: Skin Growing Back?

Updated on August 27, 2010
C.K. asks from Mulga, AL
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My little guy was circumcised in the hospital and he is 11 weeks old now. I noticed that some of the skin seems to be trying to fold back over the top and is a little red underneath when I push it back to clean it. I did everything the doctor said to do... kept it pushed back, vaseline , waited until it healed to bathe him and all of that. I don't know if it is growing back, and what I should do about it until he has his next appointment. Any other moms experience this with their little one?

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answers from Tampa on

Hi C.,

I had the same issue with my little guy. The skin had grown back to where it didn't even look like it was ever done. We had to have him re circumcised when he was about 4-5 months old. He was in incredible pain the day of the procedure but was back to normal the next day. From what I had read in a magazine, it happens more frequently now as some doctors do not take enough skin the first time

Good luck!


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answers from Fayetteville on

Hi C.,
I also dealt with this with my son. His got to the point that it started to look infected so I took him in. Turns out that just like the other posters described the skin just needed to be pulled completely back. I was not very good at doing it because I didn't want to hurt him, but try to pull it back all the way until you can see the little ridge. Clean it every diaper change. The doctor said most of the time you would only need to clean it like that once in awhile, but for him I was supposed to do it every diaper change. And still for that first year every time we had a doctor appointment the doctor would have to pull it back himself because I hadn't done it all the way. That always hurt him. So I encourage you to do your best at getting it pulled back now and keeping it pulled back to avoid that. He is two now and it is not really a problem. I still try to pull it back to clean it but it isn't sticking any more. My next son had no problems at all with his circumcision, so I think it is just some that do. I hope that helps.



answers from Little Rock on

My son's grew back slightly. In my opinion it looks like he will grow into it. I doesn't look funny or anything & it doesn't seem to bother him & I have no problems keeping it clean. What I am appaled by is, different docs giving different advice. My son was born in 2007 & his doc told me NOT to touch it at all. Specific instructions were given NOT to push the skin back, so I did what I was told. My husband, needless to say, is not very happy. GOOD LUCK!!!!



answers from Tulsa on

this happened with my DS1, but we caught it to late. It's adhesions, just keep pulling it back. My son is now 19 month and I try to peel some of it back, but the Ped said he would grow out of it too. She originally told us to pull it back every diaper change, but I couldn't do it very well cause the poor kid would just cry! So make sure you pull it back now before it completly adheres!


answers from New York on

We are dealing with the same thing with my 13mth old.. We are actually heading to the pediatric Urologist today per our pediatrician to have to corrected.. Poor baby. I don't know who is more / going to be more upset.. Me or me.. </3



answers from Oklahoma City on

My story is similar to Miriam's. I just never pulled the skin back far enough each time. Once I figured that out we did ok. Pull it back everytime you change his diaper and give him a bath. Put vaseline on the area also each time. I never even knew it could grow back till we had a checkup and the pediatrician pushed the skin back and it looked so pink and tender. I took much better care after that. We did like using the vasiline in a tube much better than the jar kind.

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