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Updated on January 21, 2008
M.D. asks from Houston, TX
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looking for multicultural church with childrens activities as well as opportunities for them to be envolved with music and outreach, volunteering.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for your suggestins. We are still looking for a church home. We are a bi-racial family and are having a challenging time with our search. To be quite honest, neither one of us fit into an all black church or all white church. It is very diffcult to find an environment with a rich ethnic mix. Recently we were invited to visit a church and my husband to meet us after work. He was not allowed into the building because he was 'late'. You bet we will never go back nor would recommend it. So it's frustrating for us because the kids need somewhere they can feel comfortable and participate in place of worship consistancy. So we're still praying about this.

Any more suggestions would be appreciated.


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Hello M.,
Lakewood is a great church with Pastor Joel Osteen. Ed Young's church on 290 and Spring Cypress called Second Baptist is smaller with a awesome childrens activities.




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Hello M. D,

I attend The ROCK church- Reflctions of Christ's Kingdom. It is the best church I have ever attended. Our vision is that of bible centered, community building, and spirit filled with a special emphasis on mulitculturism. You can visit us on the interenet at or or visit us 24 hours a day on just look up Dr. Dana Carson! Let know what you think! Blessings!



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Visit Christ Embassy Houston and know more. They are located at 16205 Westheimer rd, Houston, Texas 77082. They have lots of great activities including missionary and bible study groups. They broadcast on KHCW-39 every saturday at 6.00 a.m. Their website is Write to the Houston address to request the daily devotional, RHAPSODY OF REALITIES, for free.



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M. D,

The Bridge Fellowship is NOT your typical boring church! They have ALL KINDS of activities and programs for all ages, denominations, groups, etc. They are on Brooks off of 6. Their kids program is OUT OF THIS WORLD! I participate 2-3 times a month in their program and trust me when I say, I have NEVER seen anything even close to them! Check them out!!

Jim E.



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Epiphany Lutheran Church in Jersey Village is an AWESOME church to go to, especially if you have children. Our children's ministry director, Valerie Bean is a wonderful person. She teaches hand chimes and bells to the kids, we have children's church, choirs, VBS, and I can't say enough about the school!!! My son, who struggled in public school to only bring home C's and D's now never brings home less than a B. The number is ###-###-####, if you'd like more information. Please join us sometime!



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Higher Dimension church has just moved to the Katy area and is a phenomenal church for kids, adults just everyone. There are alwas lots of activites and things going on for the young kids all the way up to young adults. Currently church is being held at Beck Jr. High which is at Fry & Mason. IF you are not in the KAty area there is another location at 9800 CLub Creek which is between Bissionet & Beechnut. This truly a multicultural church and the vison of the church is to help families take their lives to the next level. The church's website is

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