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Updated on February 19, 2012
J.K. asks from New York, NY
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I'm thinking about having my son's 4th bday party at Chuck E. Cheese, but am not sure I really want to pay for the packages they provide. Does anyone have any experience with just bringing a bunch of kids and their parents to CEC, buying a bunch of tokens for the kids and food for everyone, and just having our own party? We'd likely have up to 15 kids plus adults, which makes me a little nervous in terms of getting enough space. I was thinking of calling and seeing if I could buy a cake there the day of the party. Thoughts?

We're in NYC and would use the Harlem location up on 125th. Has anyone been there for a party before - organized by CEC or otherwise? I'm also open to hearing other ideas for 4 year old bday parties in NYC (Upper West Side, preferably) that won't break the bank!


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answers from Dallas on

We are going to do that next month for my babies 5 th b'day. Im going to have them do it. Here in Texas you get a 2 hr party and lots of entertainment and goodies for the kids. We are estimated at paying around 300 and that's cheaper than a house party would cost us ( food, drinks, beer, jumping house and decorations)
Plus, I don't have to clean it up or entertain them! My baby gets to be the center of attention and she loves that place! Win win in my book!

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answers from Philadelphia on

Our chuck e cheese is dirty, crowded, obnoxious.... all kinds of not nice words.

I would do a nice party at home. I could be wrong though and your chuck e cheese could be different.

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answers from San Diego on

I am in California but I have been to several bday parties at CEC where CEC didnt organize the party. The parents bring their own cake and purchase pizza and tokens for the kids. The parties I have been to have been scheduled at off times so space is not an issue. Either weekday afternoons or at opening on Saturdays. I was just looking into the actual price to have them organize the party today. Its expensive. Thinking about having my son's 5th bday there. He really wants to do the ticket birthday booth thing so I think I am going to have to fork over the money.

Good Luck!

We have also had christmas parties the last 2 years there for the kids. I would just call and see what there policy is. They are already going to make money with food and token purchase.

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answers from San Francisco on

If you can find another venue for your party where YOU and relatives or good friends provide the food, cake decorations (for instance a chruch or recreation hall), you will be SO much better off. All those party places have really NOT so nice food and charge WAY too much. Even if you want to BREAK the BANK, do it with good food and good cake, not bottom of the barrel cake and food for a high price.

Also, you will be able to provide nice food and drink for the adults that attend.
More parents will stay and enjoy the adult fellowship. The kids will have better food and no time won't be hit up for MORE quarters/tokens. I promise your child will have a much better birthday party and so will you and dad.


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answers from Atlanta on

I would pay a visit and see what the layout is, if they have signs about that sort of thing posted, etc. I finally had to take my oldest to Chuck E Cheese here last fall, and it was as awful as I expected! I usually love kid places that other adults hate, but I cannot stand that place. The one here smelled like pee and had several big signs saying that you were NOT allowed to bring your own birthday party stuff in without arranging it with them first -so make sure you've cleared all of that if you must have it there.

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answers from Sacramento on

Our son went to a party there that wasn't party of their official party area. The mom just went early and saved a couple tables. However, it was also a small group.

I think you'd have a hard time getting enough space on a weekend, but if you aimed for a weekday, it shouldn't be as much of a concern.

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answers from Jacksonville on

We had my son's fifth birthday there and with coupons it only came to about $150 for about 20 kids. There was even enough food for parents to have some. Kids never eat as much because they are to busy playing. :)
We brought in cupcakes, and no one said anything.
They have the best coupons!!!!



answers from Portland on

I went to a kid's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheeses that was organized as you suggested. The mom brought the birthday cake. She purchased pizza and tokens for the kids. It went smoothly. There were long tables available for seating.



answers from Dallas on

I don't think that I have been to an party at CEC that was organized by the restaurant. I have looked into pricing and I think it's ridiculous. $16/kid for 2 hours. - 2 slices of pizza, drinks, setup, and I think it worked itself out to 15 tokens per kid. And the cake is extra money. If my daughter's school class all came that would be almost $400 and that doesn't include adults or family. I would much rather have it separate from the organized parties. Granted one time the restaurant would not give us extra plates to use for the cake (it was extremely rude) so you may want to consider callng and just asking if you had a small gathering and needed anything extra what would they offer. Everyone keeps mentioning the long tables but whenever I have gone the long tables are for the organized parties and are mostly reserved so you will be out of luck if there isn't an empty one. Good Luck!


answers from New York on

We did the non-organized party thing at CEC and it worked out well. Cheaper, too. Just make sure you check out the place a week before, at the time you want to go, and be sure that the place isn't completely packed - that there will be free tables for you. (And even better, go online in the weeks leading up to the party, and hit up the CEC website for the free token certificates kids can use...) You can save a LOT of cash doing it this way. Have fun!



answers from Phoenix on

I wouldn't do the package, it's a rip off. To be honest,though, I'm not really a fan of those types of parties, because the kids don't even interact or play with each other, they just gather to eat & then spread out to play for the 2 hours.


answers from Chicago on

I don't blame you on the package's they have to offer! They charge waaaay too much! Yes, you can just go there and take a cake with you as if it was any other day and buy your own tokens and have the kid's play. I actually think thats a better idea! I have my son's 6th birthday party there and we invited 16 kid's, all the parents r.s.v.p'd and yet only 8 of the kid's showed up and yet I still had to pay for the other kid's that didn't show up, we also purchased extra food because we knew the parents were going to stay since i asked them to in the invite. We spent $450 which I think is alot! And they only give you,as I recall an hour and 45 min's and then they rush you out which made me furious! But go to the website and download as many coupons as you can and use them, I wish I would of done that! You'll end up saving alot! Good luck!

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