Chronic Vomiting Concerns

Updated on November 16, 2006
K.M. asks from White Lake, MI
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Hi everyone. I have a 16 mos. old son who has started vomiting for no reason. This has been on and off for 5 weeks. It is always at night (between 7pm-11pm) and there are no warning signs. After he vomits he recovers immediately. He might do this every other night for a week or go 10-14 days between episodes. He had a really bad cold/cough for awhile so we chalked it up to the extra mucus, etc.. but he is better and it is still happening. I am waiting on a call from his pediatrician this afternoon. It is really frustrating and obviously awful for him. The nurse mentioned something called Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. Has anyone had any experience with this or anything close to it? Thanks!!

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So What Happened?

They put Anthony on Prevacid and so far the vomiting has stopped. Thank God! Hopefully it stays this way! Thank you for your help!

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My son did that(vomits). I elevated his bed and kept a food diary. I found if he ate certain combinations of food it happened. Like a heartburn that made him throw up. The elevating the bed helped keep his stomach acids down (this was a suggestion from our family doctor)and keeping him away from the food combinations has helped alot. Plus I would put a X in the food diary everytime he went poop. This was the biggest culprit. He was not constipated but if he did not go that day and then he ate a large almost always happened.

Of course asking your family doctor is always the best bet..I still hope this helps you.




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Hey K. have an xray of his throat . My newphew did this and they found a quarter logged in his throat (he went to surgery).They didn't know why he kept voimting either. since you son is at the age he is putting things in his mouth the same thing might be happening. Just a thought.



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i would be wondering about gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) it's actually a lot more common in children-toddlers than a lot of people realize, it doesn't always have stomach pain associated with it either so... here's some tips for bedtime; nothing to eat (nothing very heavy anyways) within 2 hours of bedtime; ( i think a bottle of milk should be ok) but i'd wait to lay him down just a little bit to make sure its all settled... and check and see if maybe he's burping up extra stomach contents... my daughter did that a few times when she was about a year old. also i wouldn't be overly concerned if it was just one episode of vomitting here and there but if it's repeated episodes through out the night and day then the worry of dehydration becomes a factor. keep us posted as to how he's doing and what the pediatrician thinks is going on... Thanks and hope everything gets better soon!!



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My daughter was vomiting alot when she was a baby and she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, which is a chronic disease where they build to much mucus in their lungs and have trouble digesting food properly in some cases. With your son having a cold too, I would definately have it checked into. Another sign of this disease is very salty sweat, and in some cases diarhea like stool. Hope it isnt it but thought i would try to help cause I went through alot of hospitals before we had diagnoses.



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Does he get a special bed time snack? Is there something that he's been exposed to at that time of night? It could be an allergic reaction. My daughter has multiple food allergies and before we knew what they were, that's always how it happened ~ she would just throw up out of nowhere. You may also want to check him for hives or extra itchiness or extra tiredness. Take note of what your son consumes and see if there's any correlation between certain foods and the vomitting.

That may not be it, but it's one possiblity. Best of luck to you and your little ones!



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HI K.. My son did the same thing when he was 3 and the dr.s didn't know what was going on either. But finally my dr. did blood test and my son had bactria in his blood. He was pumped with meds for 5 days and it cured it. Not trying to scare ya but that is what it was. Blood test wouldn't hurt. Please let me know if you find anything out.

your new friend,



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Hi K.,
Well first I'd like to say that I'm sorry that you and your son are going through this. My oldest(now 7)had similar problems. It started when he was around 1. He too would vomit for no known reason( he would be sick for hours to 4/5 days in a row, they came quarterly like clockwork). At first we thought he was allergic to his formula, then we too thought he had cyclic vomiting syndrome. I did all kinds of research on the subject and he had exactly the same symptoms as most cvs kids. My son would vomit to the point of needing sometimes to be hospitalized, he would get dangerously dehydrated, acidosis, etc. Different things seemed to trigger him getting sick: sweets, overheated, too much excitement. I still to this day have to watch him closely during times when those things are pronounced(eg:birthday party's, holidays, etc). But, it wasn't until he got old enough to really tell me how he felt that we now believe he has dibilitating migraines(which the doctor told me I so sweetly passed down to him, except he get's them worse than me)there is no real test that he can take to find out if he has cvs and/or migraines, but now that he's older I'm able to stop his episodes before they get too bad. What I started doing, much to the happiness of his MD, was write down everything he did and ate on the days that he was sick. I still have it, 'Williams Sick Journal'. Arm yourself with as much information as you can, and know that you are not alone. Please feel free to email whenever you want, sorry I wrote so much but you'd be surprised with how much more I could have said on the subject. Stay strong.

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