Chronic Ear Infection in Otherwise Healthy 17 Month Old. How to Make It Go?

Updated on April 09, 2009
J.K. asks from Brea, CA
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My son never even had as much as the sniffles until he was 15 months old. I was so happy about that. Then, in February, he developed a fever and cough with mild cold symptoms. I took him to Dr. after his fever did not break for 3 days- and found out that he had a very slight ear infection in both ears...Dr, perscribed antibitotics. Since then we wnet back to Dr for recheck of ears...infections still persisted. Another antibiotic coarse. Back to Dr. after about three weeks again for another of the ears is worse and one is still the same, not better. Dr perscribed another (3rd type) of antibiotic. We just finished that round and are waiting a few weeks before another recheck...If it doen't o away- they will probably send us to an E.N.T. Dr...and possibly talk about tubes! I had tubes twice as a kid and was plagued by ear infections all the time! I don't want him to go through this! Besides, I am worried abaout speech development..this is such an important time for speech development and the worry is that if they have fluid in their ears then they may not be able to hear as clearly, thus speech being adversely affected. I am looking for what worked for you...any homespun ideas/ advice? Thanks in advance!

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amoxicillan never worked for my kids, i always had to get a prescription for Keflex, its stronger and for my kids it worked. My middle son used to get ear infections like crazy , and this helped alot. Ultimately though , he did have tubes in his ears and after about a year they fell out on their own and since he has been 3 years old has not had another ear infection. He is now 10

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Hi J.:
If your son,hasn't had problems in the past,with ear infections,that tells me something has changed.Does he still take a bottle periodically? If he does,is he laying down flat with it?If so,this can clearly be the problem. When children allow fluid,especially milk to roll back into their throat,(normally occuring when they fall asleep)The Eustachian tube, a canal that runs from the middle ear to the back of the nose and throat, is shorter and more horizontal in young children than in older children and adults. This allows easier entry into the middle ear for the microorganisms that cause infection and lead to otitis media. The result is that children are at greater risk of acquiring ear infections than adults.This can create a collection of germs,and can cause ear infections.If his problem hasn't been a chronic one,I wouldn't go as far as putting tubes in his ears.My goodness,what did they do before tubes were invented? I think these doctors go a little over-board.I'd take your son and get a second opinion.I wish you the best,and your darlin son a speedy recovery. J. M

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My son now 2.5 had chronic ear infections from the time he was 13 months old. For him, nothing had changed in his routine and I was very scared. My son's Pedi was not worried and isn't about sugery at all, but we had 5 in 4 months and it was getting exhausting seeing my son in pain ALL the time. For me, the thing was I had seen (like you) how tubes can be effective but, also like with my half sister how they can make things worse...she ended up having three surgeries to correct the damage tubes did to her ear canal.

So, I demanded a referal to an ENT who after one round of Keflex (and very upset tummy) explained he would not do tubes because my son's ears were fine. Just the build up was too much for his little body to handle with the constant runny nose. It was allergies and he needed to be tested and treated for that first. SO, long story short...we are both hayfever people who need regular allergy meds and inhalers!! I was so glad I got the opinion of someone who deals with the kind of stuff regularly.

There are some drops from Hylands that they sell at Whole Foods that are great for relieving the stress of ear infections that my ENT recommended during the bad bought. It helped so my son wasn't always crying and hitting his head. But, really demand to see an expert and get a second opinion if that feels right.

Today, my son's speech hasn't been effected and he's a chatter box! And, boys are sometimes later in that area. But, I am one of those Mommy's that doesn't mind the co-pay if it means I get answers.

Good Luck.

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I know you had a bad experience with the ear tubes but my understanding is that the new tubes they put in ears are more effective than they used to be. I took my son to a fabulous ENT doctor, Ashley Sikand, who is opposed to tubes unless absolutely necessary. Unfortunately after a year of chronic infections and no permanent relief from antibiotics, my son got the tubes. He was just shy of his second birthday. Immediately after the surgery he was smiling and happy again, his speech became clear and he seemed totally relieved. He has not had a problem since and after one year last week, he had the last one removed. His ears are totally normal and the doctor said I should not expect to see him ever again for ear issues. I just wanted to let you know that there are positives to ear tubes too but only if they are absolutely necessary.



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Was he recently vaccinated? If so, some of them can cause ear infections. Don't believe me? Grab a PDR and look at the side effects for the vaccines. Also, no dairy as it can create more mucous in the system and make ear infections worse. AS far as a homespun recipe as you call it... soak several whole pressed cloves of garlic in some olive oil overnight in the fridge and use them as ear drops in the morning.

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