Chronic Diaper Rash

Updated on May 25, 2008
F.K. asks from Anchorage, AK
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Hi all, my son is constantly getting diaper rashes (really red with open sores). Once the doctor told us it was a yeast infection. Nystatin didn't help. Then they told us it was staph infection. We put antibiotic cream on it and it helped only about a week then he got a rash again when he had more bowel movements. We went to the doctor again and they took a sample to test and see if it really is an infection...will need to wait to find out. We are doing everything the pediatrician's web site says to a T, we clean him immediately with warm water, no wipes. we have tried ALL the creams. I've had to miss a lot of work because of this and would like to know if anyone else has experienced this.

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So What Happened?

Hi all, thanks for all the great advice about the rash. So when I was at home, I didn't use any wipes at all, and for the cream, I used Bag Balm and regular Desitin. His rash has cleared up quite a bit and we're ready to go to school. The doctor recommended bringing a big bag of washcloths to school with him and tell the teachers no wipes just warm water with cloth. We'll have to see how that goes! Thanks again ladies!

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Both of my kids have had that same kind of rash. We've always used the Desitin Creamy. It doesn't have the odor of regular Desitin, and is a lot easier to apply. When they've had the open sores, I had to dab the stuff on thick because it wouldn't stay over the sore otherwise. A few days of that, and they'd start clearing up.

Hope this helps,

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I went thru this with my daughter... we went thru all the creams, no wipes, even antibiotic creams but the rash and bleeding always came back... then I was told to try bag balm (it comes in a green square can, is actually used to soften and get rid of cracks in horses/cows hooves) Bag balm was the ONLY thing that worked... it keeps ALL wetness away from the skin and heals what rash/irritation is there and prevents it from coming back. I got rid of all my creams and one can of bag balm lasted longer than my daughter was in diapers. Give it a try. I hope it helps!



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Poor baby! I know my son used to get a rash every time he was on antibiotics. The only thing I found that worked was a product that I now sell because of it! It's with Arbonne International, ABC baby line. However, I would not advise putting any kind of diaper rash ointment on open sores. They hurt so much more due to the zinc oxide. When my son was 2 he had rotavirus(sp). The doctor took forever to figure out what the problem was, but for 3 weeks straight we had diarrhea. He would hurt so badly that he would cry and scream and I could barely clean him up. I broke down and even though it is not allowed in my home, I bought vaseline and started using it. It protected his bottom long enough between each diaper change that it kept his skin clean long enough to heal a little. Once the open sores where healed, I went back to my rash ointment and everything healed.

Are his bowel movements normal or loose? It could be the bacteria from his bowel movements that is causing the rash. I give my kids acidophilus chewable tablets and it helps to avoid tummy virus and intestinal problems. You can find it at GNC and rite aid. That's actually what I used when he was 2 to get rid of the rotavirus.Best of luck and I certainly hope this helps! As the other mother suggested, make sure the daycare is getting him changed and cleaned as soon as possible. Let me know if you have other questions.



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Your son is three? Is he potty training, yet? Getting him out of diapers and preventing feces from touching his sensitive skin might be the key.

One of my sons had this problem during his first year. He had SUCH sensitive skin that every bowel movement - no matter how quickly we got that diaper off him - would just cause his little bottom to bleed. When he loaded a diaper in the middle of the night, I'd wake up to cries of "OWIE" which absolutely broke my heart.

We used antibiotic ointment (Neosporin) on each sore and SLATHERED Desitin all over his bottom every single time we changed his diaper. The ointment was also a painkiller, and the Desitin would protect his skin from being burned by urine or more feces.

We'd also leave the diaper off of him as much as possible and let him run around naked. (I have a carpet steam cleaner and just whipped it out to clean any messes.) The exposure to air really made a difference. We also made a point of giving him bananas at every meal and making DARN sure he wasn't eating anything that could cause "hot poo." This seemed to help decrease the effect the feces had on his skin.

You mention that you work full time. Is your son in day care? Are you certain his caregiver is getting him out of dirty diapers quickly, cleaning him properly, and/or using ointment and Desitin regularly?



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I have a 2 1/2 year old princess. For awhile we had the same problem with her. We found out about this miracle cure and the problem is gone ever since. It is a Brazilian rash cream called HIPOGLOS and it is sold on I think I spelled it right, let me know. I still have some left if you don't mind. It's a true miracle and it was a bless since my daughter used to cry with every diaper change and it would bleed too so bad it was.
Well, I hope it helps you.



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Hi F.,
When my daughter was an infant, I had the same issues! I have a Self-care & Wellness business where I've partnered with a nature-based aromatherapeutic product called Warm Spirit. At the time, I wasn't conscious about using the products on my daughter. This was 5 years ago and at the time I would just use corn starch (the one you cook with)in her diaper but it didn't ease the pain. I now have a 8 month old and everyone in my household uses the products. I use a product called "Special Attention" cream on him. It's a really thick cream pact with vitamins, healing essential oils, eucalyptus, and it's super-rich feeling on the skin. I love it because it not only coats his skin it heals it! I wish I had a picture for you of his bottom! He was 9 weeks early & came home from the NICU with dry patches. I realized the other day that I haven't experienced any diaper rash with him & that since using it consistently, I haven't had to apply it everyday. If you want to learn more about this product go to: or call me direct at (888)425-3037. Good luck with your son and I hope that whatever you do decided to try, that it will comfort him & ease you!
-S. T.



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Hi F.,
I am not sure if this will help or not but my daughter gets bad rashes too. We try not to give her any citrus or anything too acidy...we thought that she would be able to eat more of that stuff - she loves oranges but even now that she is potty trained - even a couple slices hurts her, so we just try to not give her very much. I do put a little A & D on her when she gets too bad.

hope this helps - good luck



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I don't know if this will help, but my 2yo son just finished with a burned tush (from a bm during the night that he slept in because we didn't know he'd made it till morning). When I called the nurse line this is what she recommended: a thin (very thin) layer of hydrocortisone, then put a good, thick layer of Crisco (yes the kind some people bake with) over it. She says this works better as a barrier than anything else because it's so thick that the stuff in the diaper sits between the Crisco and the diaper, rather than between the skin and the diaper. This works better than creams, vaseline, etc. It took about four days, but his burn/rash is completely gone! The hydrocort. was three times a day and the Crisco was with every change. Also, as much as possible, even if only for a few minutes, try and let him run around diaperless...put a large plastic bag on the carpet with a blanket over it or something, or, on these warmer days, let him run outside (when you're home, of course, not at daycare). =0)
Hope this helps, even just a little! Good luck! (I know how tough it is to have to miss so much work for our kids....hopefully it all clears up very soon!)



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I'm glad you have found something that works for you! I just wanted to share that just recently, I had the SAME thing happen, and actually, the only thing that worked for us, was something a girl at the Ped's office suggested. It's a balm called AQUAPHOR. I think it's by Eucerin??? Anyway, just for future reference in case anyone ever needs it. I was so frustrated after having nothing working, but this cleared it up in about 2 days....gone! ;)

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