Chronic Colds/cough Since October

Updated on December 20, 2010
K.M. asks from Seaford, NY
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My son started nursery school this September three mornings a week. He is 3 1/2. Since mid October he has been sick constantly. It started with a sore throat which turned into a cough. That went away then he got a cold and starting couging again. This last time he got an ear infection and is on antibiotics. Yesterday he was coughing all day and all night. Wondering if you can share your stories... Were your children sick a lot when they started school? How long did it take them build up and immunity? I feel so bad hearing him cough and having it wake him up all night and not being able to do anything other than the usual, vaporizer, raising his mattress, etc. Nothing is helping. Any advice is appreciated.

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answers from Dallas on

I've been reading a lot on immune boosters since my nearly 3 year old started Mother's Day Out...probiotics every day, vitamin C, Vitamin D3, flaxseed oil and a multi vitamin help us stay healthy. When she does get a cough/cold I mix a couple drops of eucalyptus oil with a tablespoon olive oil and rub it on her chest, back and feet, then put socks on her. I also put a couple drops of the e.o. in her cool must humidifier and run it for naps and bed time. And I have Sambucus for kids to give her when she starts to get also boosts the immune system. Recently I started putting a hand wipe in her lunch box and I carry one when I pick her up, wiping her down before she gets in the car. So far it's helping, she hasn't had anything worse than a little cough and a runny nose and they're usually gone in a couple days when she does get something. I'm hoping next year is better for us..

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answers from Chicago on

My daughter had colds contantly in kindergarten. Preschool actually wasn't bad because the school does a good job keeping toys cleaned and making kids wash their hands frequent. I think I counted 9 colds for her in kindergarten. Now, in first grade, she's only had a couple of them. So much better. Hopefully his immunity will build up.

Hyland's Cough and Cold is a good, homeopathic medicine that claims is okay to give the younger ones if you want to help ease the coughing a bit more. Poor guy.

I'd ask at his preschool what kind of cleaning procedures they follow. Kids should be washing their hands when they enter the school, before and after snack, and any time they touch their face or blow their nose. They should also be taught to cough into their elbow. Toys should be cleaned and disinfected at least once a year and then any time one goes in a mouth or a a cough or sneeze happens in the vicinity. Snack tables should be cleaned with a disinfectant before and after snack, too.

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answers from New York on

Both my son and I have had coughs that lasted 6-8 weeks.

The doc thought it might be allergies, even put him on zyrtec. Coincidentally, he got sick again and the cough went away. It seems to be a virus with a cough that is just insanely long.

I agree with the Hylands Cold and Cough - there's also just a cough one. My son wouldn't take it, but I used it with great results (it was actually the only thing that helped).

Good luck!!

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answers from Las Vegas on

I definitely think that once they start school, they are exposed to even more germs. Also, have you considered that your son might have allergies. In my child's case, he is allergic to Dustmites.. We didn't know this for awhile because at first, we assumed it was a cold.. But then, when the colds/sore throats kept up, we took him to the doctor. She said, he is allergic to dust mites. in which case, we lined his mattress, box spring and pillows with plastic coverings that you can buy for such things. Also, she prescribed Zyrtec.. which has helped a lot. The coughing could be a sign of postnasal drip (caused by possible allergies)
you might want to take him to an allergist..
good luck

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answers from Tulsa on

have him checked for asthma. he may be a cough varient asthmatic like I am. I never wheeze only cough and it doesnt matter howmuch cough meds I take it wont go away unless I use an inhaler. and I am also cold induced asthmatic and since this started in october I bet that is what it is. and docs have a hard time descerning between cough varient asthma and bronchitis. I have gotten a bronchitis diagnosis when it was my ashtma.I would go to a diffrent doc and get an inhaler it would go away. the hospital I used always gave me an inhaler when I walked in. they trained a pa one time I went in she said bronchitis. 2 days later I walked in and said the meds arent working its my asthma and she gave me another med. and 2 days later I walked in same doc all 3 times and said now will you treat me for my asthma she did and I was fine after that.

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answers from New York on

oh it just gets better and poor son (also 3.5) is now on inhalers twice a day for coughs. Every time he gets sick, he develops a terrible croupy cough. He did a 2's program last year and was sick a lot, then was fine all summer, and now we're back to being sick all the time. And the kicker is when the teachers send notes home saying "please don't send your child to school if they are coughing and/or have a runny nose." Well, we may as well just yank him out of school then, because it's always something.

One thing I would recommend, which I'm sure you do already, is beef him up on tons of vitamin C any way that you can. My son loves OJ so he drinks tons of that. Also, wash those hands every chance you get and teach him not to put his hands/fingers in his mouth, and to wash before eating. I keep those antibactierial handwipes right at the table and wipe his hands before he eats. I know the best method is soap and water but we do what we can.

Good luck, it's so frustrating, isn't it??!


answers from Dover on

My experience (both me and my daughter) is it sounds like allergies. Allergies cause post nasal drip and sore throat, leads to coughing and ear infections. It is worse during change of seasons.

My daughter is now on Clariton and will need to be until sometime in Feb. I am now on Singulair (only way to STOP, rather than just postpone, the cough).



answers from New York on

For my son's first 3 years in daycare/pre-k, he was sick from October - April with congestion/cough pretty much constantly, with a couple of stomach viruses thrown in each year. Now he is 3 1/2 and in his fourth year of daycare, and, knock wood, I see a big difference this year.

Good luck! It's tough.



answers from New York on

The environment may not be as sanitized and the other children are sick as well. You have the right to speak with the school about this, so they can do more on their end. Teach your son the importance of washing hands, not putting his hands on his face. Send him to school with an aromatherapy hand sanitizer; has essential oils in it that are anti-bacterial, anti-viral.


answers from New York on

I am experiencing the same thing. My son is always sick now since mid October. I see his classmates coughing and runny noses all the time. They still allow them in class. I try really hard not to send him when he looks like and feels sick. I work full - time and if I have to pay a sitter when he is sick so he does not get others sick I do. I wish other parents would to.



answers from Philadelphia on

I had the same thing. My dr told me it was allergies but my allergy attacks don't feel like this. I drink warm drinks, that helps me. I think for that reasons soups are extra yummy. I don't know if you can give a cold med t his age, at a certain age I her peds are saying no meds. I think they are crazy. Anyway I hope your son can get some relief soon!



answers from New York on

I have 3 kids - 17, 5 and 4. Myy oldest was ALWAYS sick until he turned 9. Then it was llike a switch was thrown - in the past 8 years I can count on 1 hand how many times he's been sick. Now my 2 youngest are in Pre-K and Kindergarten and have been sick 4x each. I asked my doctor what could I do and he said 5 -10 febrile infections (plus just the regular colds I don't bring them to the doctor for) are to be expected in children aged 4 to 10. Which makes sense to me after my experience with my oldest.

All you can do is lots of handwashing, have plenty of tissues on hand and be prepared for lots of snuggles during sick times. They eventually grow out of it once their immune system is fully mature :)



answers from Eau Claire on

My little girl is 4 and she's only been to preschool like 2 weeks of the year! It seems like everytime her nose stops running she gets sick all over again. My other daughter who is 6 didn't get this sick, but my 4 year old touches everything...she's very messy. In the last couple of weeks she's been feeling better, although we just got over the stomach flu.
I think it will get better, just be patient! It's hard to be home with a sick kid all the time though, huh? My pain is with you. Mothers unite!

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