Christmas Trees: Any Hypoallergenic Real Ones? Any Artificial Ones Without Lead?

Updated on October 22, 2010
X.C. asks from Natick, MA
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My preschooler has a recently discovered bad mold allergy. Real christmas trees are known for being full of mold. So we've been thinking of an artificial tree, but there are so many stories about the lead content and how its especially bad for kids under the age of 6. So does anyone know of a REAL Christmas tree species that is supposed to be more hypoallerginic than others? Or does anyone know of where I can buy a lead-free ARTIFICIAL tree? I've looked all over online and can't find anywhere that has lead-free artificial ones.
Help please! :)

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answers from Dallas on

I've read this too. The study was done on pre-cut trees. We cut our own real trees, from tree farms. We've never had a problem with mold! We have noticed a very musty smell, when we bought a tree from home depot, or a grocery store. They are wrapped in plastic wrapping when delieverd and hold all the moisture in. A tree in the open air, should not have that problem. Lead, is actually the least of my worries in artificial trees. The chemicals in those, are horrendous. My husband wanted a fake tree one year and we just about gagged, at the chemical smells. We get our live tree about 2 weeks before Christmas and keep very little water in the stand. My husband has very sensitive sinuses and respiratory issues and we've never noticed a problem with the tree, from the farm. The pre-cut trees really gave him a hard time.

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answers from Austin on

Lead content is now tested and not allowed in Artificial trees any longer.. If you purchase a new tree you will be fine.. I saw beautiful prelit trees at Costco this week.

Our daughter is very allergic to live trees, we still have not found a tree she could tolerate..

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answers from Wichita on

I dont understand how lead in a tree would be harmful to your child anyway. Are you letting them chew on it? Our daughter knows to leave the tree alone, it's just pretty for looking at, and we've never had a problem. We have more problems with getting my 12 year old brother to leave it alone!

My husband works at Hallmark and we have a ton of hallmark ornaments, and she will get daddy and point at the ones she wants him to turn on.

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answers from Dallas on

EcoSafe is kind of a cool Facebook page. If you contact them they may have info for you.


answers from Chicago on

Or you could choose something else to do beides a tree, we do not get one becase of the dog (looks for squirrels in the fake decorative trees) and our son is a nonstop engine. Could you choose a corner and make your own family Paper tree out of cut outs of your family members hands and each hand is a diff color(thier fav color) and you basically would the "hands" together thumb to thumb so they raise up and pinky to pinky so the raise up with fastners you would use for scrapbooking then staple it to the wall at key points against a corner of the room and put your gifts under that. You can use thin cardboard to put on the wall behind where the tree would be and put lights on that so it "lights up" there are TONS of things you can do with it and still keep the traditions alive.

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