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Updated on November 22, 2010
R.W. asks from Herndon, VA
7 answers

Hi moms! We have always had a small, artificial tree in years past, and every year, one or more of our very active children have knocked it over. We are considering getting a real tree this year, but I'm worried about the weight of a real tree, and getting knocked down.

My question is: Does anyone have a live tree stand that is exceptionally good at not falling over? (Of course, a good stand doesn't replace supervision, but realistically speaking I have three children, one a baby, and I can't watch all of them all the time.)

Any suggestions on which stand to get? Anyone have one they love?

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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answers from Cumberland on

Several times we bought our tree at a church-it came with a certificate of adoption and was already named. This gives the children a greater interest in the tree and it's well being and care.There isn't a tree stand in the world that will hold up the Christmas tree if a child wants to pull it down. I always secured the tree with fishing line-virtually invisible-tied to the tree ane then to a hook on the wall or ceiling-this helps-a lot. Making certain that the tree is sawed off flat will also help with stability when it's placed in the stand. Remeber to water it everyday-get the kids to help you.Good luck and have a safe Blessed and Merry Christmas!



answers from Washington DC on

Most of the tree stands out there are okay, but will wobble. Have you considered tying the tree UP? We have an artificial tree and every year we tie it up because between our two boys, two dogs and various daycare children, that thing would tumble daily! :) We use picture hanging wire, wrap it around the top section and find something to tie it to for stability. It has worked every year.

My parents did the same thing with their real trees every year because we weren't the calmest of children and always had a house full of dogs, too.


answers from Kalamazoo on

THE BEST tree stand is the ones where when you buy your tree, they drill a hole up the bottom of it. Then you use the compatable tree stand with the spike in the middle of it. Plop you tree on the spike and your good to go!!!!



answers from Orlando on

A real tree is going to be much heavier and thus harder to tip over. There are so many stands available, and all are pretty much the same. Just make sure that it's suitable for the size tree that you get. Last year I had to get a new stand and got one at Target, and got the smaller stand for up to 6'. The tree I got was also 6' and it worked great, although I didn't have much concern for my daughter knocking it down. In that case, I would just get a larger sized stand. They really are pretty sturdy. Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

You buy the stand to match the height of the tree. That said, we have a tree stand we have used for several years and no problems of it falling over. it is a full bottom stand--large circle probably a foot to 15 inches in diameter--and is good to 8 feet. I do not trust the stands with "feet" since they can slip if you do not have carpet.



answers from Washington DC on

Hi R.,

Here is an idea that worked for my parents when we were younger-

Buy a sturdy stand and a piece of 3/4 inch plywood. Cut the plywood down to about 2.5 feet by 2.5 feet. Then screw/bolt the four legs of the stand into the plywood. It is cumbersome to store each year but that stand won't be tipping over any time soon, no matter how big/tall your tree is.

Good luck and Merry Christmas,



answers from Richmond on

Put some bricks/rocks in the bottom of the stand and tie the tree to the wall w/a small eye hook. It's worth the small patch job to not worry about a child being trapped under a tree, all of your ornaments being broken (glass everywhere) and water all over your floor!

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