Christmas Stockings- Apples, Oranges, Nuts and Chocolate Question

Updated on December 11, 2008
T.C. asks from Wonder Lake, IL
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I am hoping someone can help me! My Grandparents used to fill our stockings with an apple, orange or maybe it was a tangerine, some nuts although I do not remember the kinds and also chocolate. They would also always put a personalized ornament in each stocking with the year and our names. They have passed away since and unfortunately my parents know there was a meaning behind the whole thing but do not remember what it was.

I have since started with the rest of the family the tradition of the ornaments but completely forgot until the other day about the apples and oranges etc... I would love to be able to start this again with my kids and let them know the meaning behind it. Any ideas of what the meaning is????

Or if you have any special traditions you do with your stockings that represents something special please let me know what it is and maybe I can incorporate it into ours also!

Many blessings to all to have a Merry Christmas!

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answers from Springfield on

Hi T.!
Thanks for the warm fuzzy feeling this morning! I put an apple, orange, small pack of gum and chocolate in each of my children's stockings too! I can't wait to read the meaning and start passing that along also!
Thanks again, its fun to read how simple things tie us all to together!


answers from Chicago on

I'm not sure there is a meaning. I used to get a chocolate bar an apple and an orange. I have given my children ornaments since they were born, so that one day, when they have their own home, they will have decorations for their own tree. I always try to buy an ornament that means something to them. Like the year my daughter did ballet, I got her an ornament that reflected that, etc.



answers from Chicago on

I have no idea what the meaning is, but I know my parents used to put an apple or orange in the bottom of the stocking. It was funny you posted this because I had forgotten about it up until now.



answers from Chicago on

Growing up we always got an orange, nuts and one of those fake books full of lifesavers in our stockings. One year my parents didn't do it and my brother (he had to be about 18 at the time) got so upset that it just didn't seem like Christmas without our orange, nuts and lifesavers. Just reminds me that it really is the little things that matter.



answers from Rockford on

My mom and her siblings used to get an orange and a peppermint stick in their stockings. They got the orange because back then they were like a luxury item and not easy to come by. They would stick the peppermint stick in the orange and somehow be able to drink the juice. It must be some old fashioned kind of peppermint stick because I don't think the ones today would work for that.



answers from Chicago on

So funny because my mom was just telling us last weekend that her fondest memory of childhood was going to Grandma's and waiting eagerly to receive their brown paper bag with an apple, an orange, a Hershey bar and a handful of peanuts. She said that smell she will never forget.

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