Christmas Presents Ideas for Nieces Age 11 & 9?? - Bondurant,WY

Updated on November 22, 2010
2.B. asks from Jackson, WY
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I am trying to finish my christmas shopping early. I only have two nieces and always like to try to get them some special or something they really like. What is the big thing for girls this age this year. They are growing up so quick and I still think of them as these little tiny girls. Having problems finding something age appropriate. What are your girls this age asking for?

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I have no idea what "the big thing " is for girls this age, even though I live with one. Here are a few other ideas, though...

Find out from their parents what they're reading these days. Books are great presents. So are book store gift cards. If they enjoy art or crafts, supplies are a great gift, because they will always need more of them. My 9 y.o. is learning to cook, so she'll be getting a cute apron, some kitchen tools of her own, and a kid-friendly cookbook this year. Rachel Ray has a great kid cookbook.

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answers from Los Angeles on

From my daughter: age 11
big girl jewelery
a phone in her bedroom (home phone, not cell)
books: series: Series of Unfortunate Events, Nancy Drew, Harry Potter,

From me: mom of girls 15 and 11:
One of the gifts I give my girls is Mommy and Me date day once a month. On the numerical day of their birthday, each month, we have a special date, just her and I.

Have fun!

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answers from Jacksonville on

My 9 year old wants an ipod touch. lol
a new charm for her Pandora bracelet;
a Pillow Pet (really! She does!! She wants the panda one, but I think the dolphin one is WAY cute!);
a new bedding set;
to paint the walls in her room teal and brown;
and some xray vision toy thing she saw on TV

She's hyper focused on the ipod though.
My son (was 11 last Xmas) got an ipod nano last year. He loves it. Of course he wishes it was a touch, or a phone... but he listens to it all the time, and watches videos on it in the car.

I think for the older girl, a Pandora bracelet and a charm would be a very nice gift. Especially if she is "girly". My daughter, turned 9 this summer, received one for her birthday from an aunt, and she likes it alot, but rarely wears it. She is not a very "frilly" girly-girl type. If your 9 yr old niece is girly, she would probably love one, too.

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answers from Chicago on

Discovery Girls magazine subscription, nail polish, hair accessories, arts & crafts kits, itunes cards if they have and ipod, gift cards to movie theater with theater candy, comfy pjs & slippers, jewelry, scrapbooking kit



answers from Denver on

my daughter is 10, so right in the middle of this! Peace sign anything is huge now, do your nieces have iPods- iTunes gift cards are great if they do, pillow pets (probably the 9 year old more but who knows), jewelry does start to shift from little girl-ish to teen-ish.

I would check out the Justice website ( This is a store for pretty much this age group- the tween set. This is give you a great idea about the trends.

Books are great, too, but they tend to read SO much in school that it's hard to know what they haven't read yet. A gift card to Amazon would be fine, too. But it sounds like you are trying to get actual gifts.

Funky pajamas are popular too (fun to show off at sleepovers!).

Good luck.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I have a 9 year old who wants squinkies and pet shop toys! She is also really interested in crafts and scrapbooking! I hope that helps a little!!



answers from Chicago on

My aunt actually bought her grand nieces a charm bracelet when they were all about 7 (or so) & then every year adds a charm to it. The girls (now freshman in high school to sophomore in college) still anticipate what charm they'll get each year.



answers from Kansas City on

Anything from Justice Girls store is huge and right now they have 40% off going on, they even have really fun PJ sets and funky slippers or Snuggies and warm fun blankets.
Silly Bands are popular with all my girls friends, and my girls are 12 and 9
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez is pretty popular for music and I think Miley Cyrus has a new CD coming out as well.
The movie Ramona and Beezus is really cute for girls that age, and a family friendly movie too, so is Marmaduke.
There's a new apples to apples Disney Board game that looks fun too.

Girls this age even still like Zhu Zhu pets
Justice carries a wide variety of things from fingernail polish to clothes, perfume, posters, etc.



answers from Tulsa on

curling iron for the 11 yr old and the 9 yr old I vote an easy bake oven or bead crafts for both of them.



answers from Johnstown on

You can't go wrong with jewelry for either of them. Necklaces and/or earrings if they have their ears pierced are always a plus. Are they artistic? What about art sets? certificates to pick out something on their own.



answers from Denver on

Magazine subscription? My daughter liked the American girl mag., and likes girls life (at 12, I think it is a bit old for her, but I am way conservative).

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