Christmas Present for a 1 Year Old

Updated on November 30, 2010
J.W. asks from Phoenixville, PA
12 answers

Hi, just wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions for learning / fun toys to get for a 1 year old little boy for Christmas.

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answers from Raleigh on

I agree with the other mom on the V-tech learning laptop. My son loved that until he was over 2 years old. The other thing he loved when he was 1 was the Fisher-Price Little People Racin' Ramps Garage. He used it with his soft cars, and then matchbox cars. He is 4 and I still can't get him to give it up! Hope this helps!

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answers from Cincinnati on

Last year, my brother bought a Leapfrog puppy doll named Scout for my 10-month-old son. Scout sings songs, and says little phrases like, "My favorite food is ____" and then you go online and select your child's favorite food and download it into the doll, so that he says whatever food you select. It also says, "I love you [your child's name]." By the time my son was 12-months-old, that stuffed dog was his favorite toy, and almost a year later, he still loves this dog. Plus, what's really cool is that as your child grows, so does Scout. He has an "infant" level, a "toddler" level, and a "child" level of phrases and songs to download (free with the purchase of the dog - you don't have to pay for the downloads). So after 1 year at the infant level, plug Scout into your computer and he'll switch up to the next level, which has different phrases and such that you can select. It's a really great toy (they sell one for girls, too - I don't remember what she's called, though) and you can buy it at Target.


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answers from Austin on

Our daughter was given a rocking horse, a Tiny Tikes slide and puzzles for her first Christmas..


answers from Erie on

anything that plays music or talks is always a winner for my 1 year old! he also loves to stack blocks, loves cars and trucks that he can push & make sounds, etc.



answers from New York on

I have a 14-month old daughter. I got her a couple of "rag dolls" that she can cuddle with - no hard parts for her to hurt herself with. Also, the little people dollhouse. I love all the little people sets because the age range is usually 1 1/2 - 5 years so it's something they will play with for a long time! Good luck and happy holidays!



answers from Philadelphia on

Little people. There are plenty of boy friendly ones and they are age-appropriate and they play with them for a while.


answers from York on

Our guy will be 15 months old. We are still keeping it very simple and as inexpensive as we can. Soon enough he will want more and more as he learns about Christmas. So for now....just a few things from "santa". Plus he will get plenty from the rest of the family. Last year when he was 3 mos he only got 2 little things. A lamaze toy and a glow-worm (that he still LOVES). This year it's: a rocking horse by little tikes, a drum by little tikes, and a fisher price doodler. He will also get an elmo lift the flap book. The lift the flap books are a big favorite of his. And elmo's a new fave as well. Have fun!!!! :-D



answers from Salt Lake City on

We got my daughter a VTech - Baby's Learning Laptop. I did my research and this had good reviews.

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