Christmas Party Attire

Updated on December 13, 2008
L.I. asks from Lake in the Hills, IL
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Quick question-- I have my husbands christmas party and the dress is dressy casual. I have a few awesome tank tops that i can wear with nice black pants. They are not skinny straps and would look very nice and classy but is that ridiculous to wear a sleeveless shirt in winter. I dont want people to stare at me but i dont have the money to go buy a shirt for one day. I do have a back up long sleeve shirt but I would rather where a tank top because i feel more comfortable in it. I guess my question is, if you were at a party in Dec. and saw someone wearing a tank top with thick straps would you think they were crazy??? Thanks once again for your help

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So What Happened?

ok thanks so much!! Those 2 responses were all I needed. Thats true all the dresses they have in the stores are tanks or short sleeves Thanks again!!!!

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I don't think that's ridiculous. Women wear all sorts of dresses/gowns etc for parties and not all of them have long sleeves. I have been to plenty of business Christmas parties and you will not be looked at weirdly for wearing sleeveless tops.

Enjoy the party :)



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I went to my office party last night and several women were wearing dressy tanks and sleeveless shirts with black pants. Every one of them looked great and totally festive. Go for it.



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All the department stores have out tons of sequined and satin tanks for holiday attire. I would go for it! I have had a hell of a time finding something I wanted to wear out for a party...I almost went with the tank instead of a dress.
Have fun and Happy Holidays!



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I think it's totally acceptable to wear a dressy tank in the winter. Many dresses are similar anyway. As long as you wear a skirt or long pants & look dressy head to toe, you're good! Have fun!



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I would throw a black sweater or shirt over it until you felt friends tease me that I have "summer black" and "winter black" clothes b/c that's all I really wear - I would not think twice about you in a tank but you might want something to cover up if the temp is not warm when you first get there - before coctails...ha!


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Hi L.,

Why not wear the tank beneath the Long sleeve Shirt, then if you feel comfortable take off the shirt.

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