Christmas Outfit for Size 5 Boy

Updated on November 30, 2011
C.S. asks from Fort Lauderdale, FL
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My biggest pet peeve is that boys clothing starts to look just like their Dad's at size 2T! Why can't boys have nice Christmas and Easter clothing also? I know that I should have started looking before Halloween and bought by then - but with all our family here for T'giving, I just started! I'm trying to find a cute Christmas outfit size 5 for my little boy. NOT a suit - but a Christmas sweater or vest or something like that! Any ideas, or websites you can direct me to. I love the Greendog stuff at Macy's but it is all sold out:(

Thanks! C.

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So What Happened?

I had never heard of Janie and Jack so I looked online! Super, super cute boy clothes but expensive! So, I looked for an outlet store and it turns out they have one at Sawgrass Mills Mall - which is about 5 miles from my house! Major, major happy dance. We got the cutest "Nutcracker" shirt and khaki's with little nutcrackers embroidered on them along with matching nutcracker socks! I really couldn't have been more pleased and the prices were about 70% off the regular price! The really nice ladies in the store told me that I will be able to buy online through size 12. Happy days are here again!!! Merry Christmas to ALL and thank you!

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answers from Tampa on

I just bought a nice holiday outfit at Walmart, size 6 for my son..It was pants, a nice shirt and a sweater vest..I don't need the vest but whatever...It was only $20 for the outfit..Look online even..

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answers from St. Louis on

Children's Place had some really cute Christmas vests and Old Navy did as well.



answers from Charleston on

Check out some of your local children's clothing shops - they have cute holiday appliquéd or smocked boys outfits that definitely don't scream "DAD"! Gymboree also usually has a few cute Christmas sweaters that don't look too grown up as well.

I'm in the same boat with my 4 year old son. I hate suits on little boys. It looks wrong and uncomfortable on a kid. Why rush being forced into that? ;)



answers from Miami on

The Children's Place or Gymboree can be put together so cutely! My friend just did the greatest pictures of her 9 and 6 yr olds with TCP clothes.



answers from Oklahoma City on

We got ours a pair of slacks, shirt, vest, and tie at Walmart. We got him a sweater with a pair of corduroy pants at Sam's club.



answers from Miami on

I know that feeling. Like some people have mentioned here Wal-Mart around this time has cute sets which include pants shirt & vest. The other option I can suggest to you is buying separate things that you like from other stores & create your own put together outfit. This year I got my boys nice argyle sweaters from The Childrens Place, & nice fitting black corduroys from Old Navy. I also got them black Timberland leather dress shoes from for a nice price. So now they have a outfit for Christmas pictures, Christmas day & after the holidays.


answers from Dallas on

Walmart has nice sweater, button down shirt, and lsacks sets for $19.99


answers from Dallas on

Just found some really cute greendog sweaters on Ebay. Check it out. I typed in Boys greendog Christmas sweater and it pulled up a ton.


answers from Spokane on

Crazy8 . com has an entire Holiday line!



answers from Philadelphia on

Every year for Christmas my MIL gets my son and his cousins corduroys, a plaid button down shirt and a sweater vest at Kohls.


answers from San Francisco on

Gymboree, Old Navy, Gap, Children's Place, LL Bean, Land's End, JC Penney, those are the places I always had the best luck/selection for my son (and he NEVER wore a suit, lol!)

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