Christmas Gifts for Kids - Phoenix,AZ

Updated on October 19, 2010
C.L. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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Hi all,

I am thinking of Christmas already. It is just around the corner. I was wondering if you can provided sugesstions for what a 7 year old girl would like or a 6 year old boy. They kids are my sisters boyfriends and I don't know them that well. But it is christmas and every child deserves a gift. Thanks for your help.

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answers from Chicago on

I always go with books. art stuff is always good too if the parent will allow it. It's amazing how many parents take stuff like that and put it away never to be seen again. Games that they can play together are also good. a favorite gift that I give out quite often is a movie pack. go to your local dollar store and get a popcorn tub (they sell them at dollar tree) inside it put some packages of microwave popcorn, some candy and a couple cans of soda. then attach a gift card to blockbuster or a video store. kids love these.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I can recommend some great toys for them that I have available through Discovery Toys. They can play together, with their parents, with their friends, or on their own:


Money Money:

Wiz Kidz:

Mosaic Mysteries:


Happy shopping!
K. - got kids? I've got toys! Make your holiday shopping easy by choosing Discovery Toys.



answers from Phoenix on

I have 5 and 6 year old sons. They've never been into Star Wars, Bakugan, or Pokeman. They do love LEGOS (City theme), all sports (bases & kickball, pitching machine, football, etc), board games (Amazon has fabulous deals on great games that are very well made & not found at many stores).

I work at Gap/Gap Kids....and we have some Charm It charms and charm bracelets. Many moms and girls around that age LOVE these a lot!



answers from Minneapolis on

My son is 6 and he loves pokemon, bakugan and hot wheels. Maybe ask your sister to find out what the kids like. For the girl maybe some barbies and accessories for them.

You can't go wrong with books and art supplies. My son loves the crayola model fusion.

Also outdoor toys for next summer, which you can probably find now on clearance. Water toys too are great for any age.



answers from Washington DC on

Do you know the kids and what they like? I think these ages are tricky because they can be so picky. My daughter is 7 and is into a lot of arts and crafts and technology. My son is 5 and still likes Batman type toys (Power Rangers, Transformers, etc.) but also is getting inot technology stuff. They all love to play their DS games and Wii games, and outside toys are ALWAYS a hit! Scooters for bigger kids (bigger being older than toddler) are always a hit!



answers from Washington DC on

for the girl you could go with alot of things: clear/light colored nail polish, lip gloss, flavored chap stick, a soft fuzzy pillow, a diary, funny slippers, etc.

for the boy - star wars clone wars, ben 10, Captain Underpants books, fuzzy pajamas



answers from Dallas on

if you don't really know them - gift cards. My kids love getting them. It feels like a shopping spree:) About $25 each should suffice.

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