Christmas Gifts for 5 & 6 Yr. Olds and Baby

Updated on November 15, 2011
C.D. asks from Bremen, GA
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Hi to All ~~ I cannot seem to come up with ideas for Christmas gifts for my grandkids three are 5 and one is 6, the other two babies under 6 mos. Usually I come up with all kinds of ideas, and sometimes I have a theme. But every idea I come up with I find out they already have it. The parents don't want any electronics. And I'm trying to stick with wholesome things. Something different and that they would really enjoy and be happy to open. I don't have a lot of money to spend, about $50.00 per child. I also plan to make something for each child, which I've already started, like nightgowns, hats, aprons, little gnomes, fairy houses which are almost finished. Please help me think of one larger gift. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thank You All in advance.

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answers from Atlanta on

The older ones are at the age where they are excited about learning to read....maybe some books? Also, we love when the kids get things that will get them outside and active. Maybe a lawn game, a scooter, etc. Also, if any of them are girls, hair accessories are always fun.
As for the babies, clothes are always a big help to the parents, as they grow out of clothes so quickly that first year. Or, if you want to think ahead, something they can sit on and push around will be fun for them in a few months.

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answers from Honolulu on

this place/store, has great things their parents would probably approve of:

It is pricier, but you can find things for $50 or under.
All well made quality things and different and unique.
Not electronic.
And, made of wood etc.
They have things for all the ages you need.

Or this is also great:

Personalized things for kids, are also very useful and cute and fun.

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Do they have scooters? My kids 7 and 9 want Razor scooters.

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answers from San Francisco on is where I shop for my wholesome gifts.

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answers from Boca Raton on

I agree with Amanda.. My son is 5 and LOVESSSS his Razor Scooter.. There about 40.00....

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answers from Los Angeles on

If you are looking for nice, quality gifts that will last, please take a look at my Discovery Toys website. Our products are fun, educational, high quality, and they come with a lifetime warranty. We have toys and games for children of all ages.

You can view the toys at

For the 5 and 6 year olds, some of my favorites are Marbleworks, Playful Patterns, Friendship Island, From Time to Time, and Short Vowel Fun. These will teach them great skills while letting them play, explore, and expand their creative thinking, problem solving and imaginations.

For the babies, Go Go Caterpillar is my absolute favorite! My baby daughter also loves Super Yummy, Tangiball, and all of the infant plush toys.

Since money is tight, I can even help you get some of your toys for free. Let me know if you'd like more info. I really hope you'll check it out!

Happy Holidays!

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answers from Washington DC on

Can you give them experiences instead of things?

My parents give my kids a trip for their birthday. The trips range from a day outing to two nights at the beach. It is SO much better than stuff.

My parents also go OVERBOARD at Christmas. My daughter will get her American Girl doll from my parents this year (we went for the Kindle Fire for her big gift from us), and I'm not sure what my boys will get from them yet. I don't mind electronics, because it's what they like.

Maybe Wii games?
Scooters? Board Games?
Arts and crafts?
Jewelry making kits?
Magic Kits?
Science Kits?
Water toys if there is an indoor pool somewhere?
Movie kits (a DVD, popcorn, candy, and a ticket to a movie)?

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answers from New York on

What about gift cards to the local movie theater? This is a gift I love my kids to get, this way the next time a kid friendly movie comes along they know that they can go see it. Or buy passes to a local museum that they may not ordinarily be able to afford. My kids have all loved going to our local aquarium and science museum. If any are boys I suggest legos since you don't want electronics. My son loves legos. Also you could go to a craft store and get easy crafts for them. My dtr used to have a rock tumbler that she liked. And of course - books! Good luck!

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