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Updated on November 11, 2006
A.T. asks from Odessa, TX
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Ok ladies, I need some ideas. We have a lot of people in our family to buy for and we have a very small budget this year as we also have our 2 year old to shop for. Last year I was thinking of putting together family night movie baskets with a popcorn bowl filled with candy, popcorn and a movie to narrow down on people but even that can get a little pricey if I am not careful. Anyone have any good gift ideas that are good money wise but also would be good for those "I have everything in the world" people who are always so hard to shop for? Any ideas would be great! Thanks!

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A., my friend Kristi made these ADORABLE ice blocks with classy Christmas ribbon and vinyl letters in such cute fonts. They say things like, Joy!, Wise men still seek Him, Let it Snow... Lindsey and I both got one. She has 14 left and is desperate to get rid of them. They are seriously so cute! They are only $15.00... but she will probably lower it to clear them out (especially if you buy a bulk amount). Anyways, I have them at my place if you want to take a look. That's about the same cost of the movie night gift.



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I have some handmade photo album type "things" that are relatively inexpensive to make... especially if you make them personalized and blank.... they require little if any effort... I can send you a few photos of what they look like but they make great christmas gifts in a snap....
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The movie basket is a good idea...I did that last year for my sister and her boyfriend. Try Garden Ridge or the Dollar Store for inexpensive baskets. And buy the big huge box of popcorn when it is on sale somewhere, then just put one or two packages in each basket. And, try Target or Walmart for cheap movies. Target always has ones for $10 or less up by the registers, and walmart usually has a cheap bin of older movies. I also put in some slipper socks that I got on sale at Target for like $2 a pair. And, I put in some candy, you can buy them when they're on sale...or use your leftovers from Halloween! You could also put in cute little bowls from the $1 section at Target, or from the Dollar Tree!

Also, I have put together some inexpensive, but cute gift baskets with some bath stuff. I got the baskets at Dollar Tree, along with some nail files, nail clippers, a bath mit, and a candle holder. Then, I threw in a couple travel size Arbonne products. All together, the basket cost me about $25. I can take a pic of it and email it to you if you want to see it, or you are welcome to come check it out at the Holiday Party we are having tomorrow night in Keller. Send me an email if you are interested and I will give you more details.

Always check out the clearance endcaps at Target (and maybe Walmart?). They always have great things there for cheap!

And, be creative...go down the kitchen isle and use bowls or fruit baskets as the basket to hold the goodies. Target has a 3-pack of metal baskets for $9.99. Or buy a big soup mug, or coffee mug and fill it with soup making kits, or different kinds of teas or coffees. And, maybe a candle or scented oils.

Another idea is picture frames or scrapbooks. I just picked up 6 picture frames at Target for $20! Put in a pic of the family or baby, and instant present!! Especially if you are a photographer! You can get really creative with that!!

Good luck!
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