Christmas Gift Ideas for 7 Y/o By, 5 Y/o Girl

Updated on September 25, 2010
J.K. asks from Austin, TX
5 answers

I am going to start my Christmas shopping for my nieces and nephews early to hopefully get some good deals - looks for ideas for:
7 y/o boy - first grader, likes sports, and motorized things – typical boy

5 1/2 y/o girl – Kindergarten, she is pretty spoiled by her parents so I need something creative

3 ½ y/o girl – she is into Disney princesses

I think I am all set for my 3 and 1 ½ y/o nephew, but any ideas for them would be great too. I am looking to spend around $20/each.

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answers from Sacramento on

The 7-year-old boy -- Legos. My son and all of his friends (all seven years old) love Legos. Another idea is a skateboard & helmet.

The youngest girl -- A Pillow Pet. My daughter is four and a girly-girl and this is on her wish list. I know other parents of girls this age and this is also on their wish lists. Get one now. It made the "Hot Toys" list this year and it's starting to get sold out.

Can't help with the middle girl because I'm not experienced with that age group with girls yet.

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answers from Dallas on

7 yr old boy. Lego's are always great. Also a remote control helicopter is fun. My son loves his.

Michael's has great creative sets for all three. Jewelry making kits, science kits, model car kits, nail kits, craft kits, garden kits and more. I love to buy unique gifts from there. Plus every Sunday there is a coupon in the paper.

For both girls you can hit up the stores after Halloween and buy costumes to create a dress up box? I have many friends who do this every year.

Also the pillow pets idea was great! My friend's daughters went nuts over them,



answers from Austin on

For the girls, do they like to dress up? You would have to check with their parents as some parents would be appalled or offended... My sister was thrilled and my niece even more when I went to some thrift stores and found some fun dresses, hats, gloves, heels, and jewelry for dress up. I put them in a plastic bin.



answers from Chicago on

I get books. Always. go to borders and look at the clearance racks. they have big beautiful picture / story books that run $15 to $20 each for like $5 and $6 dollars. there are books with games connected, cd's etc. I always get books. There is no greater way to work a childs imagination than to give them a book that "takes them away to some where else"



answers from Los Angeles on

Take a look at my Discovery Toys site. There are some really fun things on there for kids of all ages and the products are pretty unique, so it's different than what you would find in regular stores. A couple of my favorites:

For the 7 y/o (since he loves electronics): Star Explorer Kit:
Or, it comes with a really nice astronomy book too:

For the 5 y/o: A to Z Junior:
Money! Money!:

For the 3 y/o girl: Princess & The Dragon book + CD:
Princess & The Dragon game (goes along with the book):

If you want to get something they can all do together (if they are siblings), here are a couple of other fun things:

Marbleworks Deluxe Set (smaller starter set also available):

There are dozens of other great products on my site. I hope you'll check it out!

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