Christmas Gift Ideas for 5 and 4 Year Old Girls

Updated on November 30, 2013
R.B. asks from Frisco, TX
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I must be the lamest mom ever because I often struggle with this. We rarely buy the kids toys but they normally have a lot because of all the grandparents / aunts and uncles. I've gotten rid of so many toys lately and everyone is asking for ideas. A few people are going in on a big ticket item for my 3 kids so I would like to give the remainder ideas of things the kids can unwrap under the tree.

Any good ideas for a 5 year old (Kinder) and 4 year old (quite advanced) girls? They still have plenty of stuffed animals dolls play kitchen stuff and dress up stuff.

Any good craft ideas they can do on their own that aren't too messy? They already have lots of beading stuff.

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much for your recommendations. Usually I'm all for the experience but I really need some ideas of things they could unwrap and enjoy. Before posting I had spent a lot of time looking for cool science stuff but it either had poor reviews or they aren't quite old enough. Anyhow, I went with Melissa and Doug craft stuff, magnet dolls, wood magnet horses (also Melissa and Dough), one barbie from the movie FROZEN, and put games for their leap pads as ideas for grandmas and subscription to National Geographic Kids. Anyhow I appreciate everyone's time and suggestions!

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answers from Detroit on

Will they do board games or card games with each other? Chutes and Ladders, Uno, stuff like that?

For my cousin's daughter (age 6), I got her a pretend veterinarian play set, so she and her little brother (age 3) can play pet doctor. Maybe something like that that lets them play pretend in other ways?

One gift I am getting my daughter this year is a subscription from Kiwi Crate - they ship a box of arts and crafts projects every month and you can get extra materials for siblings so they can share.

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answers from Beaumont on

I vote for "experiences". Memberships to the zoo, museum, roller skating lessons etc. That way they build family memories as well.

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answers from Portland on

How about some packs of Sculpey, a plasticine clay you can bake?
I like art suggestions...
Metallic colored pencils (get some colored card squares for this, so they show up nice and bright)
Book of construction paper or multicolored pack of cardstock.
Scissors which cut in shapes/patterns
Glitter glue (have then do this on placemats or use a dropcloth)
Little 'scrapbooks' they can put pictures and mementos in and decorate (you can even use notebooks and cardstock with 3hole punch)

The Orb Factory makes Sticky Mosaics ... my six year old son LOVES these. They have a load of patterns.

The Scratch-Magic Doodle Pads are also a huge hit with our boy. Just be sure to use a few paper towels/ a tray under them to catch the black coating as they scratch it off to reveal sparkles, rainbow, etc. He did this for about 40 minutes during a long Thanksgiving dinner this year. That book saved us!

We also love the wooden Pattern blocks in our house. We use them with some of the non-skid drawer-liners (that rubbery fabric--I cut it into 10"x12" pieces) so the tiles don't slide and so my son can keep his creations.

Here is a buyer's guide I really like from Growing Child... you can scoot around the pages and see if something pops out at you.

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answers from New York on

the loving family house and people. it's a doll house but the people are in proportion, there are all kinds of accessories (so there are presents for years), adults, little kids, babies, food items, furntiture, etc. My daughter & her friends played with it for years on end, hours at a time. We gave it to the pre-school at church and they LOVE it.

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answers from Austin on

Since we live where the weather is tolerable, I like outdoor active toys,

Tree Swing, An Airpogo that hangs from the tree, Trikes, bikes, skates, helmets, pads..

Maybe even some pop up tents. Children really need to be outside running hopping and skipping as much as possible..

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answers from Los Angeles on

Leap Frog
Kids' Shopping Cart
Cozy flannel sheets for their bed
Cute kid themed fuzzy blankets
Rain boots/kid size cartoon themed umbrellas

foam stickers in cute flower/heart shapes etc
popsicle sticks
little bottles of craft glue
acrylic paint
sm wood plaques to paint/decorate
aprons for kids
sketch pads

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answers from Detroit on

art supplies
boiled wool crafts
wooden toys for pretend play--trains, Plan Toys towns, animals
dance class with leotard to open
basketball or other sports equipment

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answers from Chicago on

Two words Rainbow Loom . If they don't have it yet , they will love it ! It is the bracelet making kit that uses the little rubber bands . They sell them at Learning Express and Michaels.

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answers from Chattanooga on

Books, color wonder stuff... My DD has an aqua doodle that she LOVES.

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answers from Dallas on

A kid shopping cart with pretend food items, plus a cash register. These items lasted for years around our house. Another long lasting toy was a doctor kit.

I really like the suggestions you already received for experience gifts.

kid karaoke set
kit to make garden stepping stone

Anything by Melissa & Doug...I especially love their big floor puzzles.

Check out They have some great items, and there is a store in Dallas.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

magnet tiles



answers from New York on

kids museum passes
a keepsake - like an ornament
a wagon

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