Christmas Gift for Babysitter

Updated on December 16, 2006
C. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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My 1 year old son started to go to a home daycare this year, 5 days a week. I am thinking of giving Christmas gift to his sitter, a lady who runs the home daycare.
What will be the appropriate amount to spend on the gift? Also, do you have any ideas for the gift?
I am open to all the suggestions. Thank you in advance.

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You can't go wrong with lotion or a gift certificate. I would say between 10-20 dollars to spend. Remember this lady watches your child. I have been working in childcare and I always like to recieve something. It makes you feel wanted. YOu can always get some lotion and have your one year old make something for his lady. Like card. Make a hand print or so. It makes us Childcare ladies feel loved.... whether store bought or made

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When my children were in an at home daycare we just always gave her a bonus....Who doesn't love getting a bonus from work! The other suggestions are great too.

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I just did some small gifts and I went to Bath & Body Works and got there new Hot Chocolate sent lotion and put it in a coffee mug and filled it w/ chocolates (or could add hot coca packets) I tied a festive ribbon around the costed $9.00 (lotion is $8 and I went to the $ store for the cup). It turned out real cute and would be a gift Id like to recieve myself. Well good luck and happy holidays~!

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