Christmas Gift for a Nanny?

Updated on November 21, 2008
E.T. asks from Goleta, CA
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We have a wonderfuld nanny and would like to get her a Christmas gift to show our appreciationg for everything that she does for us, but of course I am drawing a blank! I love reading all of the advice the awesome moms in this group give, and I am sure some of you have some great ideas and suggestions for nanny gifts. Looking forward to your answers! :)

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answers from Honolulu on

I used to be a nanny, and for Christmas the family had bought me a nice "pampering basket" filled with lotions, bubble bath, candles, etc.. They told me that since I always took such good care of their family, they wanted me to take care of myself now! I really appreciated it and enjoyed it too!
I also agree with Claudia on the movie gift certificate or something like that!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I have had the same nanny for 4 years. I give her 2 weeks off with pay and a gift card for Target for about $100 and gifts for her 2 daughters. I found that paid time off ( if you can do it) is priceless during the holidays. It gives her more time with her family. I work in the school system so take those 2 weeks off and don't really need her then.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi E.,

Here's a stocking stuffer idea to add to whatever you decide to give her.

~ M. ~



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi E.:
What a thoughtful woman you are.It sounds like you hit the jackpot,when you found this nanny.I like the idea of a certificate for a pedicure, manicure. It would tell her you feel she deserves to be pampered. I have an idea,for a gift from your toddler to her.It would turn out even better, if you have separate pictures of your nanny and your son..Have a picture printed with the two of them,Someone with Adobe photoshop can print a picture of her in the background and your son in front,or vice versa and write a short sweet message on the bottom. (You make life fun) Or (Look...Nanny and me)I'm sure you'll get alot of great ideas from the moms here. Your a very thoughtful person,and I wish you and yours the best xmas ever.


answers from Las Vegas on

Hi E.,

That's a wonderful idea! I would make these considerations: her interests, does she like books, music, scrapbooking. Does she have a favorite hobby? sport? Does she like to be pampered? ie. mani/pedicures, candles, spa-stuff. Is she married, would she appreciate a special night out? ie. Dinner gift certificate or movie gift certificate.

Hope that helps!



answers from San Luis Obispo on

I don't know how old your nanny is, but if you plan on having her around for a long time, consider art. A beautiful piece of art, or a framed photograph can be very thoughtful and it doesn't have to be large. Does she have a particular taste in art, maybe she has commented on some of the art you have up in your home. A piece of pottery, a small beautiful vase, or a sculpture can be very heartfelt. There are up and coming artist that do not cost that much. I hope this helps some.




answers from Los Angeles on

As a daycare provider I get a lot a wonderful items and everyone is precious. You need to see what her hobbies and likes are. If you notice that she gets her hair done find out her salon and get her a gift card. As women we all know it is important to have our hair done everynow and then. If she likes coffee get her a basket full of it. If she wears a specific brand of clothes example Old Navy, get her a gift card.

Good lUck



answers from Los Angeles on

Well I buy candles , victoria secret lotion and make a gift basket of ouf it .

I sell during Holidays : candles & with a platter gift basket for 20.00 & up . I will scan a pix
###-###-#### E.

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