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Updated on December 06, 2010
A.S. asks from New York, NY
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Now that Thanksgiving is over, we can start focusing on Christmas, my good friend just got a new baby, i am thinking about the gift, what should i send to her,do you have some good ideas?

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answers from Albany on

New moms generally don't know this particular thing about what their baby needs - floor time - so I would suggest a Tiny Love Tummy Time Mat. Babies may be safe in a carrier, be it front, backpack, or car/swing, but their bodies need to develop muscles and certain brain development, which happens while on the floor. For example, while on their back, they actually open up the pathways in their brains for memory and attention!

Merry Christmas to you all!

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answers from Rochester on

My daughter in law also just had a baby. The family has decided they are not going to buy her anything for the baby for Christmas. They all want to buy things for her as they normally would if she didn't have a baby (perfume, clothing, household gifts etc). Ever since she announced she was expecting 8 months ago, any gifts she received for birthdays, anniversary, etc., have been for the baby. Nothing actually for her. I like this idea. And I think she will too.

BTW Everyone will also be going overboard buying the baby his own gifts! LOL



answers from St. Cloud on

My suggestion would be that if she had a shower she most likely has all for the baby and when they are little they don't need much so how about a giftcard for a resturant so they can either dine in or order out one night. Then maybe something small for the baby. It is nice to pamper the mom too.



answers from New York on

Honestly, if she recently had a shower the baby has all the "stuff" she needs for now! I would suggest looking at what she may want/need in 6 months or a year. For us, we had enough clothing and baby-gear/ gift cards that we didn't have to purchase "things" until our son was almost 9 months old!

Look a little further down the road... outdoor play toys might be fun. You will probably find a good "deal" right now on spring/summer toys and she will be thankful to have toys to pull-out when the "infant" things are outgrown.

I also loved receiving books for my son when he was little. He has shelves full of books- each one has his name, the name of the giver and the date on the inside. He will go looking for his book "from Aunt Beth". It has helped us keep him connected to the people buying him the gifts.

Diapers are ALWAYS welcome and formula if she's not nursing.



answers from Boston on

I just had a new addition in Sept. and for christmas I'm getting her some toys that I know she will be ready for in the next few months. How about theethers and rattles? Also Santa is bringing sing-a-ma-jigs. I know she can't use it herself yet, but me and her older brother love them, and will be happy to amuse her with them. :D



answers from Chicago on

I know the perfect gift!!! The One Trip Tote!! It's awesome. My favorite thing this year. It's no ordinary tote. Think of it as a large open hoizontal carryALL. She can use it for years to come. Laos everything you need for the day and make only one trip to the car. Great for baby toys, trips, school trips, parties, laundry, pool/beach. Even to organize your trunk. Wouldve paid anything for mine. Have given many as gifts. Perfect for any busy mom. Check them out at



answers from Dallas on

I just saw some gift cards in CVS in the gift card stand. There were some Anne Gedddes ones that made me wish I needed a baby gift. SO cute! I think that they were Visa cards to spend anywhere.


answers from New York on

Well for my son's first Christmas we asked for diapers and/or formula.



answers from New York on

Just saw that the company that makes Babylegs legwarmers now makes a blanket called a Woobie--you can tie it on so that your child can't kick it off--it also has other uses. Google "babylegs" to check it out--I have two kids, and rarely see anything baby-related that I want, but I want that blanket!



answers from Tulsa on

a swaddle wrap for indian wrapping


answers from New York on

You could get her an ornament that says "Baby's 1st Christmas" Some of them have it where you can put the date, weight, height and name. I did that for my nephew this year. I also bought one for my niece when she was born. Try going onto I think I spelled it right. They had alot to choose from.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Pick out a few classic books: Goodnight Moon, Pat The Bunny, Guess How Much I Love You, etc.

However, I would include gift receipts and NOT sign them just in case they are duplicates!



answers from New York on

A book...sign it and date it....a great one is David's Christmas by David is so funny! It is a book that can be read for the next 5 years or more. David is a character in many of Shannon's books. If this is a close friend you can continue to purchase them for birthdays and future each with an inscription...a great keepsake! It is never to early to read aloud to a child and they are never too old to hear you read to them.

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