Christmas for 5 Year Old Boy and 2 Year Old Boy on a Tight Budget

Updated on October 24, 2011
J.S. asks from Denton, TX
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Ok so I need christmas ideas, my mommy brain is fried. Here are the ideas I have and what I already plan on doing. I sew so I'm making my boys both super hero capes and masks, making my youngest a crayon roll up and doodle book and a personalized pillow, and I'm painting them both wall art to go above their new beds.

List for my oldest:
Baseball Helmet
TAG Reader and Books

List for my youngest:
Bike Helmet
Music CD's

My oldest wants a drum set for our art/music room but they are crazy expensive for a good quality one.

Any ideas?

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So What Happened?

I have found a good drum set on Toys R Us website for $79 it has gotten good reviews. I think I might just get this as a gift for both of them. They love love love music and no I dont think I have the next Justin Beiber but do want them to both be able to express themselves in a manner that they like. We love dancing around and listening to music so this just might be right up our alley.

Thanks for the ideas on Play it Again Sports for the helmets, my only concern is you really dont know whos head as been in that helmet. LOL

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answers from Richmond on

Everything you listed sounds like more than enough! My kids get 1 big present to share, than maybe 2 or 3 things for themselves (like books or little things like that), and then their stocking. I bet this year, including the BUNK BEDS I have to buy, I spend less than $300 on 5 people :)

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answers from Denver on

Buy a bunch of superhero costumes when halloween is over.....they are usually 75% off. These are my 4 year-olds favorite toy.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Look on Craigslist. My fault, but I will never be able to top last christmas for my kids. Luckily they were only 1 and 2 1/2 and won't remember it. I got my daughter a wooden easel ($5) , L. wooden table and chairs set ($20), rocking horse ($15) and some other things that we bought from toys r us. I got my son one of those fisher price doors that are $90 for $10!!! A L. tikes cozy coupe-like truck that is around $80 for $10! I got more stuff but I won't list them all. When they are that young, they don't realize that you are getting them used stuff and it doesn't matter, they love it. There are some things like baby dolls and stuffed animals that I want new but if you want to save, craigslist is the way to go.

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answers from Chicago on

Try Craigs list for the drum set.

It does not matter how much you get them or how much you spend.. just try to make it even.. Ie $50 for each.. etc. even if you spent $200 last year.. it does not matter.

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answers from Chicago on

at 2 and 5 your better off going to someplace like toys r us for the music stuff. if they show an aptitude for it and you decide they are going to pursue it then you can go for the more expensive stuff. we bought my 7 year old son a toy guitar from toys r us for $29 he messed with it a little bit then just left it laying around. my older son a junior in highschool said hey can I play this. I said sure. he loved it. went and bought himself a real one. turned out he had the love and desire for it but the 8 year old not at all. I wouldn't waste big bucks on musical instruments at that age.

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answers from Minneapolis on

As a mom of older kids, I hate to tell you, but Christmas morning when they are 2 & 4 is more for you! They will not remember it. Make a bigger purchase for your 4 year old if you want (ie a drum set), but I sure would get a cheap kids one for about $25. You can get them even cheaper on Craigs List. Your 2 year old would be happy with a box.... I would not spend too much, just simple dollar toys they will use and toss is fime in addition to what you are giving them. Unless you havr the 4 year old that is on Oprah or You Tube as the next Justin B.; I would never invest in a QUALITY drum set for a 4 year old. 10 maybe, 4 NO WAY! I think most 4 year olds go through the drum set request; just like they want to be a police officer or fireman.... I think YOU are holding yourself to espectations YOU need to let go. The kids have none! Enjoy your Holiday just being together with a roof over your head.


answers from Austin on

Since you mentioned sewing projects- one year I made a matching hat & scarf set for my son and his teddy bear.
You could try Freecycle, craiglist, or goodwill for things like puzzles or board games.



answers from Los Angeles on

It sounds like you have a lot of really great ideas already. I'm not sure how much more you actually need. Just a few smaller stocking stuffers, or things like books, clothes, pajamas will put more presents under the tree without breaking the budget.

I sell Discovery Toys and we have some really nice, fun, educational toys that will last forever. They all come with a lifetime warranty so you know you're getting a quality gift. Check them out at and let me know if you want specific recommendations or more info (p.s. you can host a party and get your toys for FREE)


answers from Washington DC on

We got the big gift for all 3 kids last year off of Craigslist. It's a 7ft air hockey table that lights up and keeps score and's really nice and was only $200! To buy it new was over $700. They still play it too, so it was well worth it. I was a fooseball table, but we have their big gifts this year, so that might wait for next year. I think your ideas are GREAT! The boys will love it all!



answers from Chattanooga on

The dollar store & big lots are your friend.. Also may sound odd but check yard sales / pawn stores for some of those. Though if there is a program to get help for your kids i would say sign up for that..Nice ideas



answers from Detroit on

Train set they can both play with, ikea has a cheap one also saw a nicer one at Costco last year. Drum machine rather than drum set. Put together some craft or art kits or cookie cutters, rolling pin, and make aprons if they like to help you bake. Books are always good. So are fun pjs - lots of superhero ones for boys.



answers from Washington DC on

I don't know if your boys are like my girls, but at that age it was all about quantity. I could've bought them 20 things from the dollar section at Target, wrapped them all individually, and they would've been delighted! I'm being a little facetious obviously (who wants 20, I mean 40, things from the dollar section??) But I think you know what I mean. If you really want to get them drum sets and that sort of thing look on Craigslist. That's the kind of thing that people eventually want to get rid of, and you may find a bargain!



answers from St. Louis on

books, blocks, coloring books, paints, board games-ants n the pants, memory,



answers from Savannah on

Maybe you can try a place like play it again sports for the helmets.

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