Christening Favors - Practical Ideas???

Updated on October 07, 2017
L.A. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
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We have some time before its set to happen, but I need help brainstorming on this one. I want to buy/make christening favors for our littleboy's big day. I'll need at least 50 of whatever we decide on. I want the item itself to be a practical one. A small made in china teddy bear candy jar with a ribbon bearing his name and date sounds sweet, but I don't want to have our favors end up in people's junk drawers.

For our wedding, we gave out reusable shopping bags black with silver graphics in keeping with our colors. The pattern could be used by men and women alike.

Any ideas for practical favors?

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answers from New York on

Make it edible and it will not likely end-up in a "junk drawer".... chocolate crosses would be beautiful. You could wrap them in cellophane tied with the ribbon.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

This might sound mean, but it's not meant to. Why do favors at all? I know that your son's Christening is extremely important to you and to his Godparents, but it's probably not that big of a deal to the rest of the family. Well, maybe it is, but I don't know that it requires "favors" for every one. Why not just stick with something extra special for his Godparents and maybe Grandparents? I've been to a lot of Christenings and I've never gotten any type of "favor." Maybe it's just me, but I feel like so many of those things just wind up in the junk drawer or thrown away.
If you really want to hand something out to everyone, I think I would do a nice prayer card. You could have your son's name and the Christening date put on the back. If the cards are small enough, people can tuck them right into their wallets. You could even attach little magnets to the back so people can hang them on their fridge.

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answers from Chicago on

I just did custom M&Ms for Valentines day. You could do white and light blue with pics on some and then some sayings on others - like the date and his name or maybe the name of the godparents. You don't have tons of room, so I would probably do his name on one, the date on the other and then a picture of him or whatever.

The other thing (cuz I didn't know about the custom M&M's when my daughter was baptised) is we gave away taper candles to everyone with the baptismal information 'etched' in the candle. it cost practically nothing - like I think I spend $20 on 50 of them.

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answers from Austin on

How about something edible. Cookie, candy, honey bears.. Or a wonderful photo of your son in his Christening gown with a beautiful prayer.

I just did an estate sale for a woman and there was so much stuff, It really made me stop, take a step back and rethink having to give or receive "things".

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answers from New York on

I agree with the idea of giving something edible - I did white chocolate cross lollipops with personalized ribbons for both my kids' christenings and they were a big hit. There is a good website called that also has some interesting ideas - I especially liked the personalized tea and coffee favors - you might want to check it out. Have fun!

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answers from Las Vegas on

we did candybars with the baptism info on them.. name, date, church.. they were a hit you can do minis or jumbos like we did.. and often, you can catch a sale and get the candy bars for cheap.. check em out..Also, GREAT customer service and favors got here early. I'd def use these folks again..

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answers from Kansas City on

I love the M&M idea...great! I'm for the edible idea. For baptisms we do jordan almonds wrapped up in a piece of toulle with personalized ribbon. It's tradition to do an odd number b/c of the holy trinity and 3 is too few so we usually do 5. You could do the same things with M&Ms, although you might want to do more than 5 of those! ;) Also another tradition we do in the Orthodox church is to give everyone who whitnessed the baptims a small cross with a ribbon or piece of toulle behind it that they can wear for the reception. You could use that as your favor. I will admit this borders on "junk drawer" item, but if you have religious people maybe they would wear it again and they aren't too terribly expensive. You can find them if you google 'Orthodox baptism'. I'm not sure where you live, but if there is a prevelant Orthodox community (Greek or Russian...) you may have stores that sell them and other trinkets. Congratuations!

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answers from New York on

Make choc looy pops or order wrapper to cover cho bars or else it just get trashed trust me



answers from Los Angeles on

My current fav is chocolate suckers, you can buy the chocolate & molds at a cake supply or I have a contact that could make & ship them to you. I like it cause they get eaten and you dont feel like its going to waste.



answers from New York on

My sons Christening was in October and I did cross Christmas ornaments. I also just attended 2 other Christenings and at one we recieved a bottle of wine and another a photo album. All useful!!!


answers from Iowa City on

How about an angel or a cross magnet? Sure some of them might end up in the trash but most people will stick it on their fridge.

Edit: Oh...I just saw that Shaun C said magnets....good idea, Shaun.



answers from New York on

My daughters Christening is this coming Sunday and were doing chocolate lollipops for our 55 guests. In my opinion, everything else is junk. Even wedding favors I get end up in the trash. It's so rare to find a favor that people will actually keep without it getting too expensive. Don't throw your money away. At least just about everyone likes chocolate and if they don't, they can give it to someone else.

For my wedding we gave and oil and vinegar set that no one uses. Not even us. Not worth it.



answers from Denver on

Wow sounds like a big party! Enjoy . Maybe little picture frame (2x1) with his picture in it. They can reuse the fram later...



answers from New York on

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answers from New York on

I thought about the childen mainly. I wanted them to have the gifts more so than the adults. Something they could put in their rooms.I think you may like the second gift more.
I got the cutest on line gifts. I wanted something original and "all american" since we did it overseas. A miniature "The Little Red Wagon" Just search on the internet and there are several stores that carry it for a great deal especially if you buy in bulk.I made chocolate lolly pops and added them on to the wagon.
My second choice was: a small glass piggy bank gumball machine. I think it's under Carousel toys on the internet. You can have it filled up with gumballs, or popcorn and for the little kids I did cheerios. It's a nice decoration in childrens rooms. Hope this helps.

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