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Updated on April 04, 2012
C.M. asks from Cincinnati, OH
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My husband and I both have a bad habit of putting off chores around the house until we can't put it off any longer. One example being, not doing laundry until we are out of underwear, socks or something. I am thinking about making a chore chart and assigning jobs to everyone, with the rule being no playing-no toys, no tv, no computer, no games, etc., until chores are done. This is in the hopes of keeping the house a little bit cleaner and the household running a bit smoother.

1) Do you have any tips for setting up a chore chart? What has worked/not worked for you when it comes to chores?

2) What kinds chores does your 5 yo do? Right now, in addition to putting his toys away, he sets/clears the table, helps with the dirty dishes, puts his clean clothes away, and bringing in the empty garbage can on pick-up day.

I appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks!

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answers from Kansas City on

i tried the chore chart - didn't do a dang thing. ugh. i'm as bad as they are so i can't even complain about it.

our son does a lot when he's motivated - he has vacuumed, of course cleans his room, he can wash things (depending on what it needs as a cleanser, but i let him use like windex and things - and he has used a magic eraser- but not ajax or bleach). he also empties the dishwasher and feeds the dog.

what works for us (procrastinators extraordinaire!) is "family cleaning time" if we ALL do it, it gets done. if mom just is left on her own, or nags dad and son to do it, no dice. we all work together as a family. saturdays usually. also we do quick clean-ups throughout the week. the trick is to get everyone doing it at the same time. then no one can complain because it's fair. good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

I just answered the question above yours. Check it out, it's the 2nd answer :o)
Our chore chart has worked well for years. So much so the kids tell each other who is on what chore and chastise me for making a mess in the kitchen or garage, or wherever.



answers from Cleveland on

wow, I'd say he is doing great for a 5 yo, especially if mom and dad procrastinate abit. The only thing i would add would be my kids at that age could help match socks and fold the kitchen towels when i folded the laundry. Oh and they would empty the garbage cans in their room and replace the bags.

I'm pretty visual so having a list of what i need to do that day in front of me like hanging on the fridge would be helpful. Maybe pick a day that works for you to do laundry like every saturday morning. and piggybacking one chore on to the next, like when you load the dishwasher you also sweep the kitchen floor and wipe down the counters all one after the other.

have you tried, I enjoy bit and pieces of her system, especialy setting a time for 15 mins for doing a chore and then setting it for 15 for something fun, then repeat.

good luck


answers from Seattle on

I think your son does a lot for 5.
I get how you feel about doing things when you HAVE to... but if I tried to set up a chore chart for my husband there would be mutiny.



answers from Las Vegas on

Sort laundry
Take out the trash
Replace trash liners
Clean room
Put away clothes
Food prep
Scrub sinks & tub

They can do just about anything!



answers from Cleveland on

We have a chore chart for my boys - they are a little older - 10 and 7, but we've had a chore chart for them for a couple years. I used excel to set it up, and they each have 4 chores they have to do each day before they can play electronics, play with friends, etc. Their chores range from wiping down the kitchen table to sweeping/mopping the floor to cleaning the toilet/tub - out of the 4 each day, there are usually 2 easy ones (wipe down the front of the stove, dust the piano) and 2 harder ones (clean up your room, sweep the floor). We require them to fold and put away their own laundry, which is not part of the chore chart, but is required as part of their daily chores when their laundry comes up from the dryer. They complain about it the normal amount, but they know the drill and get their stuff done if they want to have their electronics privileges or play with friends. On weekends its great - when they get up, they do their chores, and by the time we are up, the chores are done and they are playing nicely either on the wii or the computer. My 2 year old does "chores" too - she loves to help empty the dishwasher or "sweep" the floor (not that she's good at it) - they set a great example for her. We also have outside chores that we pay them to do - mow the yard (they have to be 10 for that type of responsibility), weed the garden etc.

My theory is there are 5 of us in the house, and it is just not possible for me to do everything for everyone and keep the entire house clean - everyone makes the messes, so everyone helps keep the house clean. It also teaches them a great deal of responsibility, and the ability to keep their space clean will help them when they grow up and eventually leave the house.

Hope this wasn't too long (too late!) Good luck to you :)

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