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Updated on May 09, 2010
B.W. asks from Canton, OH
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Im looking for help in Chore Charts and allowances.
I have a 13 yr old daughter and 8 yr old son!

i have found very little on things searching the internet.
Just wondering what all u ladies have your kids do and what amounts are good and fair?
How do u deduct points/money? for not doing the chore or how do u work it all out??

Im looking for chores and how much money to give

I have a few small things that include
cleaning your room, dirty clothes in the hamper, picking up toys/your things, feeding/water the dogs, wiping the sink out, cleaning up the bathroom after yourself, emptying the bathroom and your room trash cans, picking up around the house what your asked to help with (cups, dishes, papers)

Some things arent everyday thou! of course so Im looking for somne things to add in and so forth

ALSO!! BIG ONE!! I am trying to find a way to make my son remember to take his pills EVERYDAY. Hes on pepcid ac for his acid reflux and he tends to forget to take them and some days simply refuses them. I know hes tired of taking them every single day 2 times a day but he needs to so his tummy dont hurt. *Were hoping that this is what the actual problem is-but its so hard to tell*
And I will admit theres days I forget and I have them right on the counter in fromt of everything! Ugh! Its such a hassle

Should I reward him when he takes them all week long *both times a day*??? Or is that just a dumb idea??

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answers from Dayton on

Hi B., my 8 year old daughter takes 2 meds every day for allergies and asthma. We have them right with her toothbrush in the medicine cabinet and she automatically knows when she brushes her teeth before bed, she takes her pills. It's worked out great for us.
Also, about the chores, we have tried "Chore sticks". I saw it on tv but can't remember what show. You take jumbo popsicle sticks and write a different chore on each stick with a dollar amount for each one (anything from 25 cents to $1 for big tasks) Make a poster and put the sticks in an envelope at the top. Have each child design their very own envelope however they want to attach near the bottom of the poster. The kids pick out a stick, have to do that chore, then stick it in their envelope. At the end of the week, they add up the different amounts and see how much money they made that week. It's worked out pretty well for us so far. If you didn't want to reward with money, you could always put something else on the stick they would look forward to. You could even do "points" and give them a goal to work toward (when you get 5 points, we go to McDonalds, etc.) Hope I helped some! Good luck

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answers from Toledo on

I have a 12 year old daughter and she does every thing on her chore chart EXCEPT cleaning her room.

Here is what I do.

I get poster board and construction paper. I usually make up daily lists, weekly lists and monthly lists.

I put in her daily chores, her weekly chores and monthly chores on their respected pages.

On a different page I explain rules, benefits, and what happens if a job is not done.

For example.

Daily chores:
After shower, put all dirty clothes into laundry basket in bathroom, wipe out tooth paste, put your hair things away, and pick up towels, close shower curtain.

Bring down all dishes from your room and put into sink.

Eat breakfast.

After School.


Let dogs out
Feed and water all animals
run vacuum
sweep kitchen
Do homework

If I am home

Unload dishwasher
Do Homework
Clean your room

After supper

If I am at work
Unload and reload dishwasher, put away clean ones.
wipe off counters, tables, stove, etc.

If I am home
Wipe down counters, tables, stove, etc.

I then have rewards. She is to put a sticker by completed chores and depending on how many stickers she has, is how much money she receives.

If NOTHING is done, she gets her computer time taken away.

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answers from Columbus on

I liked the response you received about the chore chart. We keep a copy on the fridge, and in each of their bedrooms. You shoudl have a set amount for each day. If my kids do everything for the day, everyday, they get 5$. Otherwise it is a 1$ a day for the days they did do work. Of course, I still buy them things outside of allowance which I should not do, but...sometimes I think 5$ isnt enough when they do extra. So it turns out to be a, my children also have to set the table and they sometimes help with dinner...which I love.

Good Luck



answers from Toledo on

Hi B.. We were told to get a book called The Incredible Years. It is a book on discipline from 2-10ish... There are charts in it and it talks about charting. We were taught in counseling with our very active and itelligent son, that you never DEDUCT! It should only be positive! WE were also encouraged that money NOT be the reward. I see an allowance different than a reward, but maybe that is just me. Although I can see how you wouldn't see it that way. :-)

WE used rewards like spending 10 minutes playing cards with Dad, going on a date for ice cream with Mom, dancing to music with Mom, riding bikes with Dad for 15 minutes....etc.

We were also told to include random acts of kindness into the reward system. Like if we notice both kids sitting and playing well together, that we say "great job playing well together... you just recieved 2 points each." Or something like that. It has to be random and when they aren't trying to impress you.

I don't know if this helps or not. Maybe you can figure out how to incorporate the money into something like that.

Well anyway there are my thoughts. I hope they helped. If not, thanks for reading.




answers from Columbus on

well for the chore chart I use a try erase board and if They do their chores without being told to do them they get more money and if the have to be reminded then they get less for that chore. I started with the basics like dirty clothes put in hamper, clean clothes put away, room picked up, set the table/ clean off table, dishwasher loaded/unloaded,clean room(dust and sweep) wE STARTED OFF 50 CENTS FOR EACH CHORE AND 25 CENTS IF Ii HAD TO REMIND THEM BUT i HAD TO KEEP REMINDING THEM SO i LOWERED IT TO 25 and 10 and it is working.

Now to the medicine thing my son is on a med for headaches that he takes everyday and I to forget often put if you try the medicine holders that have the days of the week on them and stick a small piece of cany in with the med it could help plus its easy for you to check to make sure he took it.

I am a mother of 4 son 11 daughter 10 son 4 and daughter 3
and I've been with my husband for the last 13 years we have been married the last seven years. I love my family even though it gets a little crazy but it's fun.



answers from Cincinnati on

Hi, B.!
I have a friend who is also stuggling with this issue. My son is 3 so I have yet to use it but she makes a chart of what is expected from each child. They receive a certain amount of money for each. If they fail to do the chore and she has to do it, they pay her that amount from their allowance. It works for her three children. I hope this is an idea that will either help your situation or spark a new idea which will work for you. Good Luck!



answers from Cleveland on

Sorry I can't help with the chores, I need help with my 10 year old on that one!! But with the pills, what helped when my daughter had a prescription to take twice a day, I put it with her toothbrush in the bathroom. She has to brush in the morning and at night so when it was brushing time it reminded both of us! As far as you wondering about rewarding him for taking them, I consider that "incentive" and there is nothing wrong with that!! I hope this helps, good luck!!



answers from Columbus on

Ok I'm somewhat of a slave driver in some peoples eyes but I see my role as preparer for the future. My 4 children are 11-15. Boys at each end girls in the middle. They take turns loading and unloading the dishwasher, taking out the trash , plus putting it on curb for pickup. There is yard duty for the dogs and since reaching age 12 the cleaning of their shared bathroom. They've all been responsible for picking up their rooms since they could understand english and walk. If they miss laundry call they do it theirself. This doesn't always work to our satisfaction as to how we would like things done but it teaches them accountability and responsiblity within the famliy. We keep a calendar posted so as each one does a chore they sign off. This helps us track when it was last done and by whom so we know who is next in line for that task.
Our two oldest are on prescription drugs. Son is ADHD,Daughter seasonal allergies. They miss a pill they feel miserable, they take it they have a smooth day that should be reward enough. At 8 that is bit harsh stance but your own verbal praise should be enough. We as mothers give up worldly pursuits for what is most precious: our children. Lets not tell them our decision is foolish by rewarding them with worldly things.
As far as fair pay , I can't advise. My mother taught me she wasn't paid to keep house and that I wouldn't be either. We did these chores out of love and responsibilty to our family. We earned money by helping with chores that weren't ours. My children dust and vaccum the dining and living room for cash.I realize this sounds like a lot but it creates more time together as a family, takes stress off me so that I'm not overloaded with work in and out of house, and they learn life skills so I don't have to worry how many parasites will over take them as adults. I hope you find some of this useful and pray you find success.



answers from Fresno on

Have a strep level (blood test) done for his stomach ache, at 8 years old strep is frequently manifested as a stomach ache. Also, he is to young to remember to take pills.



answers from Toledo on

Hi B.,

I think one thing to remember here is that the kids should not get rich from an allowance. So big bucks is not necessary. It is a responsibility that they should do weekly, daily or when ever needed with some compensation. Make a list of chores want done and let them choose. Pay goes according to the number of chores, frequency, and diffiulty of the chore. I wouldn't pay more then $5-$10 per week per child. I'm sure they'll fuss and crab about it, but added responsibility comes with age. They need to learn sometime.

I feel chores are extra responsiblities such as setting the table, washing & drying the dishes, putting the clean dishes from the dishwasher away, dusting, feeding, watering and picking up after the dog. Cleaning up after themselves in the bathroom,and keeping their rooms picked up are expected responsibilities, which are not part of the allowance.

The chores need to be appropriate for their age. Your older daughter should have more responsibility with maybe a little more compansation. She's at the age that she'll want to start doing things, so her allowance allows her to do that. Have her pay a percentage af what it costs, instead of a 100% handout from mom & dad. Your son may not care about money now, so he should be taught to put most in the bank with some spending $ to use on something he really wants to buy or do.

As far as deducting pay if chores are not done could be different from child to child. If they love the $ then that would hurt, but if they don't care then it wouldn't matter. I feel the best thing would be to take away important things such as the phone conversations, video games, time with friends, or early to bed if the job is not done. This may get their attention a little faster.

It will be important to be consistant in making them do it, if not they will be lax and not follow through.

Good Luck!

K. :)



answers from Cleveland on

Hi B.,
I just wanted to share an idea...I wo uld imagine you drive your son to school everyday. I remember to do the medication thing-I have a little note by the door handle that says medication. We use the same door every day so that just reminds me incase I forget. I also keep some pills in the car so that when I see the medication sign, I don't have to go back in the house to get them I just grab one in the car. Hope that helps a little.

I also wanted to friend of mine with older kids doubles up the price of chores but has the kids keep 1/2 and then they deposit the other 1/2 into thier college savings account-but you could do a car acct. or whatever. Anyway I thought that was a fun way to teach them about saving $.



answers from Dayton on

Hi B.. I've sent you some of what's on my kids charts as well as a discription of how I go about them. But as far as your son's medication, I wouldn't reward him per say, but you could include that as one of his responsibilities that he earns credit for over a weeks time. Remembering medication is sometimes hard to do so putting reminders in easy places should help. Maybe you could keep the meds in easy access locations in day by day pill holders to keep better track, maybe next to his tooth brush since that is used at least twice a day?

As for allowance, I'm not a supporter for it. I don't give my children an allowance and I have strict rules over money they earn, find, or are given. I feel that my children should learn their responsibilities without payment, simply to know the self satisfaction of having done what they should do as responsible people. No one pays me to wash the dishes or take care of the laundry and I don't want them feeling that they should be paid for daily responsibilities. If my children want something they earn it by behaving as they should and keeping up with their responsibilities. They then ask for the item, or what not, and usually get it but when they don't it's explained why they didn't. 50% of all monies they receive is saved in a checking account the other 50% is theirs to spend as they choose. Funny thing is, they both usually opt to save the full 100%. I doubt I'll ever give an allowance. At some point I may have jobs they can earn money for doing, as we already do, but I don't think I'll ever give them a set amount each month.

The best thing I ever did with my kids was to sit down with them in a family meeting. We all had paper and took a few minutes to write down what we felt we were responsibile for or could do in our household to be responsible as well as help around the house. Then we all wrote down what we felt each person other than ourselves should do. We discussed it and narrowed it down to a list of responsibilities for each person. Then we came up with what we felt was fair for each thing if it wasn't done and went from there. That way there were not surprises, everyone agreed on each thing, and we all knew what everyone in the house was expected to do. Family meetings are wonderful things!



answers from Dayton on

Hi B.,

I have a seven year old daughter and I'm trying to keep her on a routine as well. I have just received some great information from a friend how to keep them on track. You take a pape protector that you use for binders and when you create the chore chart you put it in the page protector and hang it on the refrigerator. When the child finishes the chore they can cross it off with a dry erase marker and then when they are finished with that day you switch out days and they can clean off the page protector. I will send you what I have made and you can use it or make the changes that you want. I give my daughter $5 per week, and if she is consistant or does other things without us asking I will give her a bonus! I will send that chore chart to your e-mail and I hope you find it helpful.




answers from Dayton on

Hello. I have a 9 year old daughter who has weekly chores and allowance, and this is what we do. She cleans the bathroom one day a week(which consists of cleaning the sink, faucet, & countertop; emptying the trash and putting in a new can liner; rinsing out the tub and straightening toiletries; and (yes) cleaning the toilet. We also have a Black Lab Mix dog, so she has to clean up the dog poo from the backyard ever other weekend, alternating with my husband. Those she earns an allowance of $3.00 per week. The normal everyday expectations of her are cleaning her room, clothes in the hamper, cleaning up after herself at meals, and dusting. The dusting is something she likes to do. I think too many parents are too relaxed with their children and the responsiblities that should be expected from them. Everyone is a member of the household and should have responsibilities. This includes the children. Too many children are not able to take care of themselves when they get out on their own. The "harder" or "more responsible" chores are the ones they should earn a fair allowance for. As far as the 13 year old is concerned, I would suggest doing dishes (or dishwasher duty) along with vaccuuming, dusting, and starting to do her own laundry, with a weekly allowance of $5-7. Extra money can be earned by babysitting if you feel she's responsible enough to do that.That may seem like alot, but realistically it will only take part of one weekend day, and this is nothing compared to what us Mom's have to do all week. If you have pets, then everyone should be partially responsible for taking care of them. In our home, I take care of the cat litter box all on my own, while the others handle the dog poo, as I stated above. We all feed and water them as needed.

I am a 28 year old mom of one 9 year old daughter. I have been remarried for just over 2 years, and my husband and I work full-time.

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