Choking on Drool

Updated on May 20, 2007
S.C. asks from Clarks Summit, PA
4 answers

My 14 week old has been drooling for about 2 weeks now, and today he has been drooling more than I ever seen. So much so that he choked and was unable to get a good breath. It really scared me. Has anyone experienced their babies choking on their drool and any recommendations on how to help a scared to death mom.

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answers from Buffalo on

Hi S.,
That is scary. I would be sure to make an appointment to see the dr. today.
Also, in the mean time don't be afraid to suck up some of the drool with the nasal asprirator. Just do not put it in the back of his little mouth. You may get more with a wash cloth. If he is able to be comfortable sitting/or propped up I would do that, so the drool does not pool into his mouth and back of the throat. Let us know what the dr. says too.



answers from Scranton on

There are only 4 things that can cause excessive drooling in a young child.

1. teething
2. acute stress reaction
3. epiglottitis (would be puss in the drool, caused by
swallowing an object, leads to death if not treated)
4. a swallowed object (which eventually will lead to 3)




answers from Burlington on

Hi S.,
I would definitely just check in with the doctor, but I do think that is something that happened with my little one. The first time is very scary, but I would just check and make sure with the doctor that everything is ok. I'm sure it is. Was it just a one time thing? or has it continued to happen?? Every little thing is really scary when they are so little. I remember I was always on the phone calling the pediatricians office just to be sure. There is nothing wrong with asking questions! Hope everything is ok. Keep us posted !!!



answers from Syracuse on

I would certainly take him to the doctor and have them check his airway. That's not something that is normally checked for just no reason. His airway could be too small. Or it could just be that his drool is extra thick.

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